B&B Tuesday Update 7/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/24/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Today on bold and the Beautiful two brothers lives really began to begin to spiral in very different directions, the question we have to ask now is can one be happy for the other and can help and support be found and given for the troubled brother.

Last we saw Thorne he dropped Alley off at Felicia’s for a sleep over to go on a date, Felicia assumed. Rather he sat in the dark looking at old letters, cards, and photos of Darla; drinking and swallowing prescription pills.

Stephanie and Felicia listen as Eric expresses his concerns about the company’s future if Brooke has gone to work for Nick. Stephanie is still pleased to pronounce the Forrester independence from Brooke. Eric not only hates to lose Brooke’s talent but things are not looking good for last quarter’s financial reports. Speaking of, Stephanie asks if anyone has seen Thorne. Thorne was suppose to compile the latest reports and get them to Stephanie days ago, but she hasn’t seen him. Come to think of it no one has and Felicia has been keeping alley for a couple of days now. Stephanie jokes in hope that his personal life must be picking up and she is glad, he deserves to be happy. Thorne enters the room in a great mood asking “what do you mean I am happy.” Stephanie, Eric, and Felicia were all surprised by Thorne’s attire. Thorne told them he had a date with one of the new models. Thorne was excited, happy, and very affectionate to his family. When his date arrived and Thorne whisked her off to a hot beach club for a night of partying Stephanie thought his behavior to be odd.

At the club drinks were being served free of charge, the music was kicking, and Thorne was ready to have a good time. His date, the model, excused herself to powder her nose in the restroom. While alone Thorne drank down two glasses of Champagne and a fist full of the pills he has been taking lately after he caught a glimpse of a photo of Darla in his wallet.

Ridge has secretly arranged for Stephanie to pick up all of the kids, to include Abbey Ashley’s daughter, for a night at Stephanie’s house and to give Ridge and Ashley some time to be alone. Before Stephanie arrive to pick up the kids Ridge and Ashley play card games with the kids. Everyone is getting along wonderfully and very happy. Ridge and Ashley steal away kisses every chance they get and tell the other how grateful and content they are with finding one another. Ridge is glad Ashley decided not to go back to Genoa City. Ashley feels she has found a second family in the foresters and what she has been looking for, for a long time in a man and is also glad she stayed in LA.

Stephanie arrives and doesn’t stick around for small talk she rushes the kids out of the house and off to a night at grandma’s.

Ridge and Ashley sip wine, make out and continue to tell each other just how great the other is. Ridge reiterates what he had said earlier about how glad he was to have her in his life and reaches behind his back pulling out a ring box. Leaving the box closed he places it on Ashley’s knee. Ashley is surprised and stares at it then asks “what is this?”

“Open it and find out.” ridge answers, pleased with himself.

Now that Brooke is back on board at Forrester Creations she and Nick waste no time getting to work. Nick goes over all the latest reports from finances to marketing. Brooke doesn’t see they will have too much trouble staying on top and possibly surpassing Forrester Originals. Nick’s biggest concern and Brooke agrees, is that they need a dynamic head designer. Forrester Creations and the times have outdated Clark and the truth be know Ridge and Eric are good at what they do. Brooke knows exactly what kind of designer Nick needs and he agrees as she describes the perfect person for the job. Finally she drops it on him, she wants to be his head designer. Brooke tells him it has been an idea she has been tossing around for a long time. Nick knows she has never designed before and their future rests on the next collection. The entire future of Forrester Creation’s would be in her inexperienced hands but he is willing to take that gamble and names Brooke the head designer of the new Forrester Creations. Brooke is thrilled filled with hope that her future is looking up.

On that note Nick is going home to his wife to tell her about the latest developments at Forrester Creations and check on her after her doctor’s appointment. Before Nick gets out of the door, Brooke stops him. She asks him not to tell Taylor about what happened on the Marlin because it will never happen again. Brooke is anxious to get to work designing. She digs around looking for a sketch pad and is making herself at home when Taylor drops by to visit with her husband. Taylor is surprised to see Brooke so cozy in her husband’s office and even more surprised that Brooke isn’t harboring any hard feelings about Taylor’s testimony. Brooke asks how Taylor and the baby are and seems genuinely concerned. Taylor cuts to the chase and asks what Brooke is doing there.

Brooke gives Taylor the say story she has given Nick and her oldest children. To get the younger children back the first and most important thing she needed was a job, so that’s what she is doing, working. Taylor is obviously upset and not very happy about this turn of events. Brooke tells her Nick is on his way home to tell Taylor right now. Taylor is ready to rush home just yet. Taylor doesn’t hold back and tells Brooke this isn’t a good idea at this juncture in time and it will be volatile. Brooke doesn’t see or understand the problem and Taylor points out the obvious, it was just 48 hours ago or less that Brooke confessed to still being in love with Nick. Brooke assures Taylor in only a way Brooke would that her mind is in a different place Taylor has nothing to worry about because Brooke respects that Taylor and Nick are married and expecting a baby. What Brooke is most concerned about is getting her children back, her flesh and blood and she will no matter what fight to keep her children.

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