B&B Monday Update 7/23/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/23/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Before work Rick and Bridget wait at the foot of the stairs at Brooke’s house. Both worry about her mental and emotional state and make a pact to get her through this rough patch. To their surprise Brooke makes a grand entrance into the day well rested, looking good, and happy. Brooke knows what her kids were expecting from her and give them an explanation before they can ask. Brooke has decided that first thing on her agenda to win her kids back is to get a job. Brooke is meeting with Nick at Forrester Creations to ask for her old job back. Brooke has a positive outlook on her future. She has realized in the recent events that Bridget, Rick, and Nick( of course) are the only people she can trust. The dysfunctional Logan-Forrester family is off, each in their own direction. Rick to work at Forrester original. He walks right into an argument already in progress. The argument began before Rick’s arrival between Eric and Stephanie about Eric’s resistance to let Brooke get away from the company. Felicia recognizes the good Brooke has brought in the past to the business but agrees with Stephanie who is more than happy to see Brooke make her final exit from the Forrester business. Eric fears with the start up of the new company that they simply can’t afford to lose Brooke right now. Stephanie is confidant that the Forrester name will carry itself, the way it had for years before Brooke slept her way into the family and company. Rick immediately sided with his father in the battle for Brooke that neither men were about to win. Eric and Rick wanted to bring Ridge into the discussion but Stephanie and Felicia insisted Ridge be left alone to deal with the unrest that has recently occurred in his life and with his children, especially when the subject matter is Brooke.

Taylor arrives alone and upset for her scheduled doctor’s appointment. While she waits for Bridget Taylor remembers the fight she had the night before with Nick about her testimony that was not in Brooke’s favor. Taylor is worried she may have critically hurt her marriage when she envisions Nick walking out the door and he did not return until the early morning hours. Unable to let it go Taylor phones Nick expecting the worse. Nick is glad she called though he is distant, preoccupied. Nick assures Taylor they are okay and then asks if they can set aside time for just them later. Taylor agrees relaxes for her appointment.

Nick hangs up with Taylor and remembers the events that happened the night before between he and Brooke on the Shady Marlin II. Nick’s memory of the night before is interrupted by Brooke who marches in assured of her self and makes a valid and convincing case for Nick to reinstate her at Forrester Creations. Nick doesn’t feel after last night he can do that any more and turns her down. Brooke takes a completely different approach than her usual tactic to get what she wants. Brooke tells him a job is what she needs to get her children back and to show those who took the kids that she is not a force to be reckoned with. Brooke wants to learn to love herself before she can love another man or can be loved by another man. Nick is still hesitant, he did just hear very similar plea not too long ago but gives in and agrees, Brooke can have her job back.

Bridget is course with Taylor but keeps her anger in check and remains professional throughout the examination. Taylor picks up on Bridget’s attitude and apologizes for her testimony. Taylor tells Brooke’s oldest daughter that she did not mean for it to come out that way but she did not have a choice. Plus, Taylor adds, lately Brooke has not been the best mom focused on her children. Brooke is going through a very tough time right now and needs time to get herself together. Bridget does recognize this as the truth and forgives Taylor. On another note Taylor asks about the probability of the baby being born with blue eyes. Bridget tells Taylor typically blue eyes are a regressed gene. Taylor jumps to another subject catching Bridget off guard. Taylor asks about Brooke’s fertility work up that she had about the same time she and Nick were trying to conceive. Bridget stammers unable to form any kind of an answer. To stall until she could come up with something Bridget grabs her coffee cup and tries to take a gulp. Taylor stops her “I think there has been a mix up.” Bridget turns pale and appears to be sick, thinking Taylor knows what happened. Taylor corrects Bridget pointing out the cup in her hand contained hot tea not coffee as Bridget had been drinking. They had simply mixed their cups up.

Brooke and Nick vow to make Forrester Creations better and more profitable than it ever was in the hands of the Forresters, “We’ll make it our baby.” Brooke proudly and confidently proclaims.

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