B&B Friday Update 7/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/20/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke tries to be quiet and tuck Hope in, but Hope awakens. Brooke assures her that Hope is not going anywhere, she will stay there nice and cozy. And she is lucky in that Ridge will let her spend a lot of time with her.

Taylor laments that she still can’t believe the judge took Brooke’s kids away from her. Nick is not feeling terribly generous and blames Taylor for her part. What she said didn’t help the kids. She adds that she knew he’d be there for Brooke when she falls. They exchange words and he more or less storms off heading for The Marlin. Although it is already very late, she asks should she wait up? He snarls if she gets sleepy, go to bed!

Although the setting is perfect, Phoebe tells Rick that she can’t go through with their lovemaking. He doesn’t understand it if she loves him and had just told him she wanted to. That’s the next step with two people in love. If they keep the walls up and don’t connect, then their love might just die. She asks is he afraid of that?

Brooke continues to berate Ridge about his words on the stand and wanting to help her by taking the kids. Stephanie has a moment alone with her and says her goodbye’s to Brooke. Stephanie states it is long overdue, but maybe this will be the time she needs to face her past issues. That sexual power is fading away and she didn’t see it coming. She reminds her that Brooke has made some really foolish choices. And of course, if she didn’t have two small children, and those children are Stephanie’s grandchildren, then she wouldn’t care a flying fig. But, there are priorities. Stephanie’s is family and Brooke’s is sex. Brooke sees no reason to apologize for that. She wants to feel alive and likes being cared for. Stephanie ends by stating that she will make sure the kids grow up with the right morals.

Phoebe continues to explain to Rick that when she makes love the first time, she wants to have no regrets, she wants the man to respect her and more importantly for her to respect herself. She hopes he won’t give up on them, but if he does, she will find some way to deal with it.

On the boat, Rick thinks back to the moments with the kids and the lighter. Brooke comes aboard. She apologizes as she didn’t expect to find him there. It was just a place she found safe for solace. She laments she doesn’t understand what happened or how she can go on. She cries and Nick takes her in his arms for comfort and tells her how sorry he is. He vows she is not alone, there are plenty of people there for her, he’ll always be there for her. Arms wrapped around each other, they stand looking at each other. Almost like old times and instantly so right they move closer and their lips lightly touch. Before they continue though, she quickly jerks back. It shocks him back to reality too. Nick pulls away and backs off. He must know he has crossed the line, this could get dangerous and he quickly leaves the cabin.

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