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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/19/07


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The judge asks more questions of Taylor on the stand and gets her to admit that Brooke said she was a bad mother and didn’t deserve her kids, and they would be better off with Ridge. The judge then recalls Brooke to the stand. She recounts that yes she did seek help from Taylor and said some things people say when they are upset or down on themselves. But, she feels very responsible. She is perfectly capable of taking care of her kids and not pose a danger to them. Ms. Bascomb takes a few swipes at her testimony before Nick jumps up and wants to say a few words. It was his lighter that started the fire and he takes full responsibility of what happened at that house. He says he also was married to Brooke at one time and she is one of the best mothers he has ever seen. Brooke continues her testimony that she has problems but deals with them. That’s what she does and will continue to do when R.J. and Hope come home with her, end of story. The judge calls recess and says he will make his rulings.

Stephanie gets Taylor to meet her in the hallway. She knows if it weren’t for the summons that she wouldn’t have come. Taylor does tell her that she doesn’t like being caught in the middle like this. Stephanie laments that the truth came out, that is what is important. And Taylor came through for them. Ridge adds that he just wants Brooke to get the time she needs to get her life back together. Taylor warns them that she doubts anything dire will happen. He might tell her to get some mandatory counseling or supervision, but she would be shocked if he didn’t send the kids home with her tonight.

After all is said and done, C.J. and Felicia declare the sing-in a tie. Some are on the side of the classic’s, like Lawrence Welk and the other for the rock and roll look. Constantine is swamped with autograph seekers. Rick doesn’t seem the least bit worried that Phoebe will run away with Constantine and he shows her with a kiss. Why doesn’t she lose those clothes and the make-up and the whole rock star attitude and they can concentrate on themselves and get out of here? He has a surprise for her. Felicia settles in with Constantine who didn’t think she liked him. She affirms it wasn’t him, she just didn’t think he was right for her eighteen-year old niece. He asks and Rick is so much better? Besides his interest in Phoebe is strictly professional. And if Rick would stop smothering her talent, he could do something with her. Felicia grins and says she knows another Forrester who’d like to make music with him. He asks what does she play? She grabs him, pushes his hair back and lands a liplock on him.

Rick brings Phoebe back to the beach house, decorated with dimly lit candles, romantic dinner before the fireplace. She muses that he must have thought they were going to win. He says they did, because he still has her. Even though it was a tie, she declares there is reason to celebrate. She initiates a kiss which leads to more. Finally he says maybe they should have some dinner. She coos maybe they shouldn’t…..it’s okay because she wants to......

The judge states that there is no credible evidence that Ms. Logan is of bad morals and she can not be held responsible for other people’s carelessness. The issue is to protect the children from harm in the future. Based on the testimony of Dr. Marone about Ms. Logan’s recent emotional state, he does not believe at the present time that it is in the best interest of the children to remain in custody of their mother. So he is setting aside the divorce decree of joint custody and giving Ridge Forrester sole custody of their son. Brooke lashes out that he can’t do that; he can’t take her children. The judge strongly urges her to seek counseling to better cope with life’s stresses and disappointments. She understands, she is going to have to pass some tests before she sees her kids again? He advises she will be given generous supervised visits. He starts to address Hope when Ridge stands and says they are brother and sister and should not be separated. He will also take Hope if it is okay with the judge. The judge says so ordered.

Brooke asks of Storm how long is this going to go on – temporary? He suggests she do just as the court says – find a therapist and they will petition the court to reinstate the original custody terms. He is sorry; he’ll file some papers and be right back and take her home and talk some more. She’s alone when Nick comes in and remarks how sorry he is.

Then Nick goes out and greets Stephanie, calling her Grandma and how she is all smiles as she got her way. She replies yes she did. The kids are in a home that they won’t die in a fire or drown in a hot tub. He tells Ridge not a word out of him. What he did today to Brooke, he won’t forget. Ridge tells him that his stupidly almost killed a couple of his kids and he won’t forget that either. They walk away and Eric tells Nick not to ever speak to his wife like that again.

Taylor goes back into the courtroom and tells a crying Brooke that she is sorry. She never expected the judge to rule that way. Brooke asks why – when she pounded the last nail in her coffin? She offers that she told her those things in confidence. She never dreamed she’d be sitting in a courtroom and hearing those words used against her. Taylor reminds her she was subpoenaed, that is why she didn’t want to testify for Brooke. Brooke accuses her of stabbing her in the back. Taylor declares she didn’t mean to. She wishes she had never come to her for help. Brooke cries that she also wishes that. Now, thanks to her the children won’t be with their mother every night in their own beds, she’s going to miss out months and months of their childhood, time that she can’t get back. So why doesn’t Taylor take her lame excuses and get the hell out of her sight?

Taylor laments that maybe she really does need this time alone. She hopes she makes the most of it and gets some help. Brooke lashes that my God, Taylor is a mother and pregnant too. She thought she would get some compassion out of her. She hopes Taylor never has to feel what she does. Having her children “ripped” from her. She wouldn’t wish that on her worst enemy.

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