B&B Wednesday Update 7/18/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/18/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke stands in court and proclaims that this hearing is because Stephanie Forrester hates her. She can accept that, but what she can’t accept is the fact that she brought in CPS and fabricated the story that she is an unfit mother. She rails she is one thousand times a better mother than Stephanie is.

At Insomnia, C. J. is readying the place for the sing-in. Constantine and Phoebe are having a quick practice over part of their song. Rick walks up and tells Phoebe that she was great. But he tells Constantine that he was a little rough and he could save himself the embarrassment and just drop out now. When all is said and done, he and Phoebe will be announced the winner and they can all go home. Constantine scoffs that he’s not dropping out of anything. He vows he and Phoebe are going to own this competition and it’s going to be especially impressive because they did it here on his home turf. This is Forrester territory, but it doesn’t matter, he and Phoebe are going to win anyway…”and I can warn you, pal, it’s not going to be pretty.”

Brooke takes the stand after being calmed down. The judge asks some questions. She answers that she’d had a very emotional week and she didn’t want the children to see her like that so she pulled over to the side of the road to pull herself together. She didn’t realize she was so tired and she fell asleep. She explains how Donna was in charge, but there was a misunderstanding and she left early. The judge asks about the next day with the fire and Brooke answers that Nick is like a father to her two children and he was playing with them, not smoking in front of them and he left his lighter there accidentally.

C.J. introduces Phoebe and Rick and they sing their tune. The judge wants to hear from Ridge. He starts off by saying no one wants to see Brooke’s kids taken from her, least of all him. He admits they have been put in some precarious situations lately and he was upset when he found out they’d been left alone all night and then finding the house in flames. Storm puts that testimony in jeopardy when he brings up he was arrested for convicted for obstruction of justice in the death of Shane McGrath. What kind of role model is that? Better qualified than Ms. Logan? Suddenly Ridge is silent. As he leaves the stand, Brooke snipes at him that he knows his mother is doing this, using Hope and R.J. to get her out of his life. Can’t he see that?

With Stephanie on the stand, she wants to set the record straight that she did not call CPS. They were called as a result of two minors being left alone all night. And whether there is a vendetta or not is not the issue. It’s whether she is a fit or unfit mother. She goes in detail how Brooke has been married to three men in the Forrester family and had Hope out of wedlock. Yes, this has affected how she feels about Ms. Logan. She thinks she is a very unstable woman who has had a breakdown before and she thinks she is on the verge of another. And there are two innocent little children who would suffer as a result. Storm wants her testimony to be stricken as biased. Taylor joins the court and is immediately called to the stand. As she passes before Brooke, Brooke thanks her for doing everything she can to help her keep her children.

Constantine and Phoebe are introduced on stage and Phoebe has changed into a hipper outfit and they sing a more upbeat song. C.J. asks the audience to applaud for the winner and it looks pretty even, but Felicia and C.J. think they have a winner.

Taylor laments that she has known Ms. Logan for years, but she never treated her professionally. And frankly she doesn’t know how she can shed any light on this. Brooke challenges her, go ahead and tell the judge exactly what kind of mother she is. Taylor has a hard time answering the questions as she remembers what Brooke had told her about being pathetic and not being fit to raise her children. It’s just when something goes wrong romantically, that’s all she can think about. She becomes obsessed with it and everything else takes a back seat. She does say that Brooke knows she has made mistakes and is trying to do better. The judge asks if she has children of her own? She replies yes, three grown children and expecting one right now. He asks in Ms. Logan’s present state, would Mrs. Marone let Ms. Logan take care of her baby? Taylor hesitates, but finally says no, she wouldn’t.

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