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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/17/07


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Brooke tells Storm she just wants to get this hearing out of the way and get her children back home where they belong. Taylor tells Stephanie that she doesn’t think the little kids should go to the hearing and she herself can not do what Stephanie expects her to do. She reminds Taylor this is not about what she is expecting her to do, but the children need protecting. They have an obligation to do that, so she thinks she needs to testify.

Ridge has breakfast with Hope and R.J. Hope is unusually quiet, but asks how long are they going to stay with him? And is their mommy going to come stay also while the house is being cleaned up? He says no Brooke is not coming, but Bridget and Rick are coming by to stay with them today. Eric and Stephanie stop in and Eric quips they are playing hooky today. Stephanie reminds Ridge that he can’t play hooky, as he has to testify as witness to the fire. He knows she wants him to get full custody. She echoes again that Brooke is in a tailspin right now and doesn’t think the kids should go down with her.

Taylor points out to Nick that it is unlikely Brooke will lose her children. He compares it to just as unlikely as him getting thrown in jail for murder. This is the Forrester’s and they manipulate everything. Someone has to speak on Brooke’s behalf. Taylor thinks he can speak to the judge and tell him that he left his lighter there by mistake. He reminds her that Brooke came to her for help and she can tell the court that Brooke is not crazy or out of control. She’s just trying to do the best thing for herself and her family.

Storm tells Brooke just to stay focused and calm…..no tears and no outbursts. She offers that she needs to defend herself. He says that is HIS job. She’s just to sit there unless someone asks her a question. Then answer directly, short answers, don’t volunteer any information. And don’t mention any of Stephanie’s alleged involvement, it’s unimportant. She declares she is being railroaded and the judge needs to know that. He warns her that she will just make herself look paranoid delusional. So far it’s all been by the book and that’s the way he’d like to keep it….no shifting blame, no pointing fingers. He remarks that she is an amazing mother, fully capable, they are not in any danger. That’s their case because it is the truth. So be strong, he has to get to court.

Bridget and Rick come in as Storm leaves. They both give their mother a big hug and say they are sorry. Rick gets in his digs that Ridge has let her down, just like he always has. Brooke comments that Stephanie got to him and she should have seen it coming. The way he broke it off with Brooke and then his interest in Ashley. Stephanie’s influence gets stronger and stronger, but she never thought they’d try to take the kids away. Rick doesn’t think that side has a chance, but if there is then they should be in court telling them what a great mom she really is. Brooke says no, she’d rather them be their with the kids so they won’t be upset by this. They both declare they are in her corner and will stay with the kids until she picks them up. They also know Nick is going to speak on her behalf, perhaps even Taylor.

Ridge tells Stephanie if it were up to him, he’d give the kids to Brooke right now. Stephanie says but it is now up to CPS. They had to do what they did as they got two 911 calls in a 24 hour period, so it’s up to the judge. She opines that she has never particularly thought Brooke was a good parent, but now there is a judge and he’ll base his decision on what he hears.

Nick tries to convince Taylor that she needs to testify. What if someone was trying to take away their kid? She knows Brooke is a good mother. Taylor nods but says she is not perfect, no parent is. Brooke walks in and says she is okay, but probably more nervous than she ought to be…..which is why she has both of them on her side. He tells her that Taylor is having second thoughts about being there. Brooke pleads with her as Stephanie has Ridge and the CPS woman on her side. She really can not go up against them alone, she needs Taylor’s help. She doesn’t care if the chances are one in a million…if there is any chance, she needs to try and stop it. Stephanie sees this as an opportunity to get Brooke out of the family once and for all. If she can take R.J. away, that will break the tie with Ridge…and they know how badly Stephanie wants that.

Taylor keeps reminding her that Nick will be there. He will be able to testify and refute any claims that Stephanie has. Brooke wonders if Taylor is reluctant because of what she told her that she was still in love with Nick? Because she is not a threat. She knows that now more than ever. She knows how much it hurts to tear a family apart. She wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Taylor says no, she realizes that. Taylor touches her tummy and Brooke realizes for the first time that Taylor is showing. She apologizes for embroiling her in this at this time, she understands. Taylor thinks she will be okay without her. Nick vows that no one is going to take her kids away. He will do everything to make sure that doesn’t happen. He tells Brooke he will be right behind her in leaving. He tells Taylor that if she changes her mind, she knows where they will be.

Playing with the kids, Rick takes a phone call from Phoebe from Insomnia. She understands and wonders if he needs to cancel the duo contest? Or have C.J. reschedule. He says no, he just doesn’t know how long this court proceeding will last, but he will be there.

Ms. Bascomb and Storm exchange a few words before court. He just hopes she will be able to hear what Brooke says over the sounds of Stephanie Forrester whispering in her ear. And that she doesn’t already have her mind made up. Ridge and Nick also confront each other. Nick states they all know what he and his mommy are trying to pull here. Stephanie adds that she thinks Brooke is in a very bad state right now. And not a fit mother right now and she believe the judge will agree with her. Ridge comments he just wants Brooke to get the help she needs. Brooke says he can’t keep the kids forever…she is going to get them back……today.

The bailiff calls the court to attention with the Judge Hillard Friedman presiding. Rick laments that he wishes he were there, but he hopes Taylor can counter anything Stephanie has to say. Taylor’s thoughts are interrupted and she is served with a summons.

Dorothy lays out the case that the kids were left alone……some miscommunication according to Brooke with her sister. When she did come in, Brooke smelled of alcohol. Storm objects since no tests were given to prove Brooke had been drinking, which she had not. And the cocktail napkin with a man’s name and phone number on it proved nothing either except he had spilled his drink on Brooke. Ms. Bascomb states that two horrifying 911 phone calls asking for emergency assistance caused her to place the children elsewhere.

Despite Storm’s advice not to, Brooke stands and tells the judge she does have something to say. She appreciates his wanting to protect the children, but they aren’t in any danger. The judge warns her that if she wants to testify her counsel can call her. She continues anyway that she is sorry to take any more of his time with her mother-in-law’s vendetta against her. She tells how she already has two grown children, one being a doctor, the other a fashion executive. She doesn’t abuse her children or neglect them. If anything, she is the one being abused by that woman. She is the one who thinks Brooke can not take care of her children. And she admits she doesn’t take care of them the way Stephanie does her……she doesn’t tell them what to do and how to do it….who they can see and who deserves to raise their children. She’s just out for revenge. The judge tells Mr. Logan to control his client. He does, but Brooke still continues that the judge has to understand where these accusations are coming from. Stephanie is trying to take the children and poison them against her. The same way she poisoned her son. She pleads with him, “please, Your Honor, don’t let her do this! Don’t let her take my children!”

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