B&B Monday Update 7/16/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/16/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke rails at Ridge. She is not going to calm down. He and his mother are trying to take the kids away from her. She wants him to talk to CPS and tell them this is a mistake; she is a good mother. He agrees that she is, but the kids are sleeping now and she is not going to take them. He advises her to go home and get some sleep. It will all look better in the morning. She knows things will look better if he’d just stand up for her and stop being his mother’s puppet.

Likewise Nick tells Ms. Bascomb that she is being manipulated. This woman, Stephanie, would do anything to get revenge on Brooke Logan. Dorothy states that Stephanie did not call her, the police did. Stephanie admits she does not like Brooke. And she would not be the first mother-in-law to say that. Nick adds to that, she HATES her and she knows she would do anything to get her away from her family, including stealing her children. Dorothy reinforces that nobody is stealing anyone’s family. The kids have been temporarily placed with Mr. Forrester until Brooke can have her parental fitness re-assessed. As the women leave, Nick stares at Stephanie and tells her to keep her mouth shut and let the woman make up her own mind. Don’t take Brooke’s children! She stops and faces him and says if Brooke loses her children, it won’t be her fault. She slaps the lighter in his hand and says it will be his fault.

Brooke keeps spouting that this is Stephanie’s revenge until Ridge finally tells her to stop this, it’s only temporary. She knows better, his mother has gotten to him. He tells her she is talking crazy, she’s getting paranoid.

Taylor is talking to Nick on the phone when Stephanie comes on in at the office. She wonders if Nick told her not to trust her? Taylor replies he only told her that Stephanie was trying to take the kids away from Brooke. Stephanie knows Brooke came to Taylor for treatment and she doesn’t think she has helped. Taylor reminds her she is not her therapist, just friends talking in confidence. This confirms what Stephanie already knows, that Brooke is desperate, in a real emotional crisis and the kids are at risk. She tells her there is a hearing tomorrow and she thinks Taylor should be there. If Brooke told her anything about her ability to take care of her kids, then Taylor needs to tell that to the judge.

Ridge tells Ashley that Brooke is a good mother, even to Thomas and the girls, but she’s not herself. She hasn’t been in a while. It scares him because if she goes into court like she burst in here now, she’s going to hurt herself more than anyone else could.

Feeling guilty and dejected and fingering the lighter, Nick waits at Brooke’s. Brooke comes in and he slowly strides toward her taking her in his arms to comfort her. He tells her they will not take the kids away and if there is a hearing tomorrow he will be the first one on the stand to explain it to the judge. That it was his fault leaving the lighter and he is sorry. Brooke is afraid it is not just that, not just the fire, but Stephanie pointing out every single mistake Brooke has ever made. She’ll do everything she possibly can to make sure Brooke never sees her children again.

Taylor concedes Brooke may be going through something right now but even she would not advocate her children be taken away except in very extreme circumstances. Stephanie still thinks there is a pattern here and it could get worse. Taylor is against it. You can’t take kids away from a mother. That would make Brooke spiral down even faster. Stephanie says, “is it worth the risk of letting the kids go down with her?” Taylor is on to her and thinks this is not totally about the kids. Seeing Brooke suffer a little bit would be icing on the cake. Stephanie offers that Brooke is the problem and one they need to solve. Taylor replies no, it is up to CPS, let them handle it. Stephanie reminds her that is what the hearing is about tomorrow. They need witnesses so if Taylor has something to say, she needs to be there and say it. Taylor tells her to drop it, she is not going to get involved.

Ashley tells Ridge he is doing the right thing and he just has to keep focusing on what is important. The kids are okay now. He tells her that she actually has helped him keep it in perspective, he needs that, he needs her.

Nick assures Brooke that as long as he is around, no one is going to take her kids from her. He can make anything Stephanie says to that judge suspect. Whether she testifies or not, he will let everybody in that court know this is just a vendetta against Brooke. And don’t forget who they are taking about here. The Forrester’s! They have a hell of a lot more skeletons in their closet than she does. So don’t let them intimidate her and let them think she is a bad mother. If anybody has that title locked up, it’s Stephanie. She points out but now she has Ridge on her side. Nick says well Brooke has him. And he’s the closest thing to a father that Hope has ever had. Maybe that would sound bad coming out of Stephanie’s mouth, but he says it with pride. Brooke knows how precious Hope is to him. And Brooke could have stopped him from seeing her when they split up, but she didn’t. She put Hope’s feelings first. And if that is not the definition of a good mother, then he doesn’t know what is. She points out that she has four children by three different fathers….there’s a definition for that too…..bad choices. And if Stephanie has her way, she will make her defend every single one of them in court. He tells her just to go into court tomorrow very confident because she did not do anything wrong and the judge will see that. Mrs. Bascomb calls at that moment to give her the hearing time of 11 o’clock tomorrow, will she have representation? She tells her yes, her brother.

Stephanie drops in on Ridge. She saw Ashley leave and she knows Brooke has been there. Ridge doesn’t want to talk about it and declares he needs some time alone. They all want the children to be safe and they will be, this is only temporary until the hearing tomorrow. He does not want full custody. She affirms that is up to CPS, but he will be okay. Whatever happens, if he or the children need her, she will be there for him.

Nick and Taylor discuss it also; how devastated and alone Brooke is and Ridge wouldn’t let her see the kids. He asks why is Stephanie dragging Taylor into it? She remarks because HE told her that Taylor was helping Brooke and now she wants her to go to court and testify. He hopes she told Stephanie that she wouldn’t. What’s best for those kids is to be with their mother. So you bet, Taylor will go. He says they both are going to be there. And they are going to speak on Brooke’s behalf. They will get her kids back with her where they belong.

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