B&B Friday Update 7/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/13/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke continues to rant that they are her children and Stephanie and Ms. Bascomb have no right to take them from her. She will not calm down. They took them without her permission and that is kidnapping. She cries there is no neglect, she loves them with all her heart. They both try to point out that she left the kids there with Nick and her daughter almost burned down the house. And now Stephanie is saying Brooke is acting like she did once before when she had a breakdown so she wants her to calm down before she has another one.

Nick gets word by phone about the fire. Ridge brings Hope and R.J. back to his place and they are greeted warmly by Ashley. She has peanut butter/jelly sandwiches ready for them. She asks about Brooke who knows nothing about where the kids are. Child Protective Service did this.

Brooke doesn’t want their phony sympathy. She knows Stephanie is behind this and only trying to get back at her. It wasn’t enough that she could take Ridge away; now she has to take the kids too. Dorothy explains that sometimes parents find themselves overwhelmed by stress to the point of exhaustion. While she is working through this, wouldn’t it be better if the kids were in a home with their father where they are loved? Brooke still feels Stephanie is manipulating this whole ordeal. She even faked a heart attack to keep Ridge from her, she’s the threat here, not Brooke. She insinuates that Stephanie and Dorothy are in cahoots although Stephanie tries to tell her there is no conspiracy. Brooke keeps explaining this was all an accident….parents are not perfect….Stephanie is certainly not perfect either. Stephanie quips that at least CPS never has shown up on her doorstep.

Ms. Bascomb states that the children are safe for tonight. They are with their father and tomorrow there will be a hearing. Brooke is livid. The children belong with her and he will never let Stephanie take them from her. Ridge will never go along with this, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

Ridge tells Ashley that CPS wants the kids to stay with him temporarily. He doesn’t want them separated from their mother, but for now he has no choice. She says the best thing they can do is just focus on the children which is exactly what he is doing. He just hopes Brooke will understand this. He thanks Ashley for being there before he goes up to check on the kids.

Nick barges in looking for Brooke and the kids. He’s aghast when he finds the kids have been taken out of the home. Brooke rushes in to Ridge’s confronting Ashley instead. She knows Ashley will side with Stephanie, but she also knows that Ridge will never go along with that. He knows the kids are her life. They will fight Stephanie and this CPS woman together. Ridge walks in and she rushes into his arms….thank God he is here. She vows they will fight this together and she pleads with him to help.

Stephanie advises Nick to just go home. These are not his kids so they are not his concern. He tells her how much he does love them. She snides yes to the point of almost drowning Hope and he obviously didn’t learn his lesson from that. Now it was his lighter that started the fire. Go home, he’s caused enough damage. He asks where the children are? Stephanie wouldn’t do this to Brooke, would she?

Ridge tells Brooke that he is sorry. He never wanted it to come to this. She says she doesn’t either and it would be so easy to blame Stephanie. But, she is responsible too. Her emotions have been all over the place lately, especially when she realized he wasn’t coming back to her. And Nick isn’t coming back. This hurts deeply. She realizes now her focus has to be on her kids. They need her and she needs them, so she came to pick them up and take them home and tuck them in their beds. Stoically he says they are already in bed, they shouldn’t wake them. Brooke insists that it will be alright, she will explain to them and they will understand. Ridge says she is not going to take them tonight; they will stay there.

Stephanie tells Nick that he’s the one that has it wrong. But, he doesn’t think so. If they think they can take Brooke’s kids away, they are the ones who are wrong! Donna was the one who left the kids alone, not Brooke. Dorothy states and yet it happened and the fire started. He points to Stephanie that this has her name written all over it. Stephanie replies that if he will just stop and take a minute he would see that Brooke is heading for a free-fall. She’s desperate…..she’s acting bizarrely even for her. She needs professional help. And he agrees, that is why she is with Taylor now. She knows her life is off-track and she is doing something about it. He says he is concerned, but he’s more concerned why Dorothy is even there. This is about one thing, not the kid’s welfare but about this woman’s hatred for Brooke Logan! He challenges Stephanie to look Dorothy in the eye and be honest. Tell her right now she would do anything to get Brooke away from her family including stealing the kids right from under Brooke’s nose.

Brooke continues to bicker with Ridge that she wants the kids tonight while he tries to convince her she needs a break to concentrate on getting her life back together. When she makes a start to go upstairs and he stops her, she realizes he is in on this. He’s on their side! Patiently he tells her this is not about sides. This is about taking care of two kids who had the wits scared out of them tonight and last night. She wonders if he is calling her a crazy, raving, lunatic that can’t be trusted? Well he is not helping. She is not going to stand there and say yes Ridge, yes Stephanie, whatever you say. She is not going to do that. She is NOT going to let them take her kids away from her. He simply states that CPS gave him temporary custody so that even if he wanted her to have them, he couldn’t let them go now. This is not up to him. She begs, she implores him to let her have her children.

He repeats again, this is not up to him. She realizes that even if it were, he wouldn’t. She calls him a son of a bitch. How could he do this to her? She would expect this of his mother, but “not you, never you!”

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