B&B Thursday Update 7/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/12/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

The fire alarm is loudly going off and Brooke is getting a blanket to throw over the fire, but it takes Ridge walking in to come to the rescue. He grabs the kids and get them to safety and then a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. He questions Brooke about how the fire started. She doesn’t much like his tone or near accusation that she left the kids alone again. It must have been an accident and she doesn’t know how it happened. Ridge goes to meet the oncoming fireman to tell them all is okay now.

Thorne hugs and says goodbye to Aly as she goes off with Felicia to spend the night with her and Dominick. Thorne pours over old newspaper articles; it’s the one year anniversary of his beloved wife, Darla’s, death. He wallows in self-pity with booze and pills. He picks up her picture and cradles it as his body heaves in sobs. He begs her to forgive him.

Stephanie fills in Dorothy Bascomb about lowlife Deacon and the fact that Brooke made some terrible mistakes concerning him when he was still married to her daughter, Bridget. Brooke has no real moral compass and her judgment is impaired. She also shares that Brooke once had a breakdown, but before she can say more Stephanie gets a phone call about a 911 dispatched to Brooke’s.

Ridge is trying to determine how the fire started when Grandma and Ms. Bascomb rush in. Brooke is none too happy that either of them showed up and assures them the kids are fine, everything is fine. Immediately she and Stephanie are at it with Stephanie hurling accusations at her and telling her to open her eyes before it is too late. Brooke spits that this is private property and she doesn’t want her or Ms. Bascomb here. Dorothy says for the sake of the children and their safety that she is not going to leave until she finds out exactly how it happened. Brooke threatens again for them to leave or she will call the police. She closes the door in their faces while they stand outside.

Nick is still concerned about his lighter and the kids not finding it so he calls and leaves a voicemail for Brooke. He’d like to come over to look for the lighter. Ridge offers the kids a snack. The fireman want to talk to Brooke, they think they have found the source of the fire. They show her the lighter and ask if either of them smoke? Ridge recognizes it as Nick’s and Brooke confirms he was here watching the kids. He questions her why she would let him light up in front of the kids? And Nick is irresponsible for leaving his lighter. Hope fills in how they found the lighter and that her brother warned her not to touch it. One of the firemen praises Brooke for having more than one fire extinguisher as all homes should have. And they should be checked once a month to make sure they don’t need recharging or aren’t damaged. Brooke vows that she always checks them so she doesn’t know what happened. Hope promises she won’t play with lighters again.

Ms. Bascomb repeats that she isn’t going to leave the premises until she finds out what happened. Nick happened, sayeth Ridge. It was his lighter that was found. Apparently he left it behind and Hope found it. Given the trauma that Brooke seems to be going through and her past history, Ms. Bascomb sees no alternative except to remove the kids from this home. She’s placing them with Ridge. He’s shocked, it’s like Brooke is one step away from the booby hatch instead of just going through a rough patch. She reminds him this is not forever – just until Brooke can pull herself together. He still thinks it is sort of drastic. Ms. Bascomb realizes he is not Hope’s bio dad but they can’t locate Mr. Sharpe so she is hoping Hope can stay with him too. He agrees, of course, since she is R.J.’s sister and they shouldn’t be separated. And he loves her as much as his own.

One of the firemen lead the children out as they want to see the fire truck. Stephanie suggests to Ridge that he take them now, directly to his home and they will tell Brooke. Ms. Bascomb tells Ridge she wants his family to heal and she doesn’t want them separated, but her first priority is the children, which she hopes is his also. Brooke tells the firemen that she will have the extinguishers replaced first thing in the morning. They state not to beat up on herself, it was purely an accident, nothing more. Stephanie walks back in lamenting that Ridge said one of the extinguishers was defective. Brooke lashes and wonders what part of leave didn’t Stephanie understand? Stephanie tells her not to be so defensive. No one is accusing her of anything. Brooke knows Stephanie wants to give her a lecture, but she can save her breath. It WAS an accident. So just get off her back as she doesn’t need her to make the day any worse. Brooke even gets on Ms. Bascomb’s case when she says she has been working on Child Services for over twenty years and she has seen accidents turn into tragic consequences when children are left unsupervised. And if circumstances dictate, she has to go in and remove the children. Brooke gets suspicious and asks where her kids are? The firemen return and Brooke sees they are not with them. She turns on Stephanie and Ms. Bascomb and demands to know where the kids are? She is NOT going to stay calm. She needs her kids. Where did they take them? They are all she has. She pleads, she loves them. She needs them, they need her.

She cries and the firemen have to pull her off and restrain her from Ms. Bascomb as Brooke keeps repeating for them to please tell her where are her children? Please, please tell her!

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