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Written By Wanda
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Stephanie asks what does “not on my watch means?” Nick advises her to leave Brooke be. Stephanie offers that she thought it might refer to his wife and child that she’s carrying. Instead she finds him on his white horse, saving, or trying to save the damsel that she thought he had sense to dump.

Things are steaming hot in the steam room, many baby kisses for Ridge and Ashley as he tells her that her scent is driving him wild. She replies she is sure the perfume is all gone and she has sweated it all off by now. He conveys he knows; it’s just the natural scent of her skin. He says he wanted to wait until everything was perfect, but she’s making him crazy. He takes his towel off and drops it to the floor; hers follows.

Brooke continues to tell Taylor her problems. She made so many mistakes with Bridget and Rick. She was always so focused on herself and the next man she was pursuing. She always put her needs in front of theirs. And here she is doing the same thing; what’s wrong with her? Why hasn’t she figured this out before now? She knows she could be a good mother, but when something goes wrong romantically, that is all she can think about. Everything else takes a back seat. She keeps bashing herself and asks Taylor what is wrong with her?

Taylor still urges her to get a good therapist. Brooke just wants to stay there and talk to Taylor so she can fix these mistakes. Taylor says there is such a thing as love addiction, not really different than alcohol or drugs, it’s just the state of being in love is the fix. Brooke reveals she has heard of sex addiction but not love. Taylor confides that it usually stems from childhood….like maybe when her father abandoned her. Perhaps she felt she was unlovable. So when she is without a man, she doesn’t feel needed. She feels worthless. You can go find a relationship but if that man threatens to leave, she panics. You manipulate, you do whatever you can to make him stay. And the pain is unbearable, and the cycle starts all over again. You go get into another relationship, you start to feel better, you feel in love and you get your fix. It’s the same exact pattern in every addiction. Fine, Brooke accepts that, but what does she do about it to make sure Hope and R.J. aren’t affected by it? Self-awareness, Taylor says, that’s the first step. And she knows she needs to change, that’s the most important thing she can do right now. Brooke says she understands, but she can not do that by herself. Taylor advises not to count on any man to bail her out. What she needs to learn is not to count on anyone but herself, or she will be right back where she started.

Stephanie asks Nick what about his wife and the baby she is carrying? She believes that if Taylor wasn’t pregnant he would have been out that door a long time ago. He heads for the front door and opens it. “Out the door”, what a great idea. This is Brooke’s house, her children, it’s time for Stephanie to go. Stephanie says that Brooke isn’t stable right now, and if he’s smart, he’ll stay away from her. The problem is, the children can’t. And she is genuinely concerned about the damage she can inflict on them. He warns her not to criticize Brooke as a mother considering the kind of mother Stephanie has been. And don’t force him to list the casualties. The kids gather around with Grandma leaving. She gives each a kiss and says she will be back.

Ashley asks Ridge to wait. Not because she doesn’t want him, really she does. Think how much better it will be if they take their time. He quips, “you mean a hot, sweaty guy in a wooden box isn’t your ultimate turn-on?” She admits actually, it is now. He tells her she is right. They should wait. Not here; wait until everything is perfect. If there ever was a woman worth waiting for, it was her. And he wasn’t kidding, his exquisite friend, when he said the smell of her skin is just absolutely driving him crazy.

Brooke laments that she has been blessed with so much, but she feels so many of her decisions have been misguided. She’s hurt so many people. And to tell the truth, she envies Taylor. At her age, she has burned her bridges, she’s all alone. Taylor has Nick and she’s pregnant….a baby on the way. What she wouldn’t give to have what Taylor has. Taylor tells her good, that gives her something to work for…. a goal for stability. She needs that in her life and her emotions. Brooke cries no, she is way past that. She’s a bad mother and can not raise those children on her own. Taylor boosts her confidence by saying she can reach out for help and learn what a healthy relationship looks like….before she gets into a relationship…..but those things don’t just happen…you have to do every single one of them. Brooke agrees, she has to. Her children deserve to have a mother who won’t fall apart like she did. She really loves her children, so it’s time she started acting like it.

Stephanie ushers Dorothy Bascomb into her office, telling her of visiting Brooke and that she had left the kids alone with a man named Nick Marone, an adult but not competent. She doesn’t mean to be an alarmist, but she’s worried about Brooke’s state of mind. She’s hoping they can get some counseling for Brooke. She would feel so much better if Dorothy got involved before someone got hurt. Ridge catches his mom alone and she tells him Ashley is putting together a goodie bag for Dorothy to take home. He’s a little suspicious with Child Protective Services. Is Stephanie trying to make trouble for Brooke again? She says actually she is trying to prevent trouble. It seems Brooke is hell bent on self destruction and she thinks they should watch out for the children, and perhaps Dorothy can help. Ridge says he thinks he will swing by and look on her instead.

Nick continues to play with the kids, this time hide and seek as Brooke comes in. She affirms she had a good conversation with Taylor, but she realizes she is not even close to being the kind of mother that she wants to be. He tells her about Stephanie coming by and not to ever let her guard down. He lets Hope wear his silly pirate hat and tells Brooke that he thinks he finally got this kid thing down. She smiles and tells him he does. She wouldn’t trust anybody as much as she does him to watch the kids. She can’t imagine a better father than him. She tells the kids that Nick needs to go home to Taylor and reluctantly they let him leave.

R.J. wants pizza. Brooke offers something a little more nutritious like turkey sandwich and fruit salad. And it’s such a beautiful night, they’ll have a picnic on the terrace. Nick finds Taylor bending over a file and he likes it – the view! She confides how Brooke came over and they talked and talked and talked. Yeah he knows, he watched the kids. And whatever they said, she was a lot calmer when she got back home. Taylor admits that Brooke has issues but she is proud of her as she is trying to face them. Nick knows she found peace and thanks Taylor. She chides him to take that cigar out on the roof or hang off the side of the building. Because he is NOT doing it in here. And she definitely hopes he’s going to give up that nasty, disgusting habit as they are going to have a baby. He comments it might be sooner than she thinks; he can’t find his lighter. The last place he remembers it is at Brooke’s with the kids.

Hope and R.J. have found the lighter and warn each other they aren’t supposed to play with fire. Hope suggests they light a candle for the picnic. She does but when she tries to budge the locked terrace door, the candle falls to the carpet starting a fire that spreads quickly to the entire living room. They cry out to their mother for help. She comes in and sees the fire and drops the tray.

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