B&B Tuesday Update 7/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/10/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie recounts to Eric and Ridge how embarrassed she was when Ms. Bascomb from Child Protective Services came in and found out it was her grandchildren that had been left alone all night while their mother was off boozing with some stranger in some hotel room. Ridge starts to defend and Stephanie holds him off, she knows she’s in a tailspin, but it’s of her own doings. He wants to go over and she talks him out of this as he will be sending her mixed messages which is what he always does. She offers to go instead.

Nick visits the kids and Brooke. They want to play Pirates so he sends them off to get their gear on. He grumbles that he’s old and corny, but is he still cute when he is old and corny? He asks Brooke how she is and he hears she is trying to get back with the dressmaker. She states it is too late, he’s making it with Ashley. Nick laughs that he wouldn’t count on that lasting. She says it doesn’t matter, he also doesn’t want to take another chance on her. “He still thinks I am in love with you…..and he’s not wrong.” She remarks she can not believe last night happened, she had to face a lot of truths because of that. And this time Stephanie is not the enemy, she is. She was so torn up about him and Ridge that she forgot what was really important to her. So she ha made an appointment with Taylor. Nick is shocked that she wants her to be her shrink! He sends her off to get her head in a better place while he watches the little people. She starts to say something about her feelings for him and he reminds her that sometimes it is better to leave things unsaid.

Abby proudly gives Ridge a ceramic cup she made at camp. It is thanks for the fun she had at his pool party. He gives her a thank you hug and tells Ashley that she is a remarkable little girl. Eric wants Stephanie to leave the situation alone now. But, she’s not about to let what happened to Bridget and Rick also happen to these children. Brooke has turned her own daughter into a doormat, and Rick has had more than his share of emotional problems. He reminds her those are his children too. All the more reason, she says, to stay in touch as grandparents…..as good role models since Brooke is incapable of it, especially now.

Taylor is blindsided and refuses to treat Brooke as a patient. Brooke doesn’t want a referral with a complete stranger to try to explain what happened to her. She feels Taylor is the only one she can trust. She’s in a crisis and just wants Taylor to talk to her as a friend then. She begs her so Taylor agrees to that. Then she wonders if Ridge is right? Is Brooke still in love with her husband? Brooke feels like her life is spinning out of control and she can’t stop it. She has no excuse, she just fell asleep because she was empty inside, felt drained. She states she is pathetic and emotionally unstable. And now the two men that she loved have walked out on her. Every crossroad, every one is wrong and every decision she makes is bad. Not just for her but for her children too. She’s so weak and irresponsible. And maybe Ms. Bascomb is right, maybe the kids would be better off without her.

Ridge confides in Ashley that he is going to help Brooke by spending more time with R.J. like he did when Taylor was away and he practically raised Thomas and the girls by himself. He gives her water and says now that she is hydrated, it’s time he makes her sweat.

Nick kids with the children playing a Pirate captain and he will mutiny by taking the treasure. In so doing, he brings out a cigarette lighter to burn the map. Stephanie interrupts and tells them “aarg yourself, mateys.”

Ashley and Ridge find themselves in the steam room. He declares it helps clear the mind and frees the creative juices. She wonders what is the protocol? Just sit and wait for the creative muse to hit you? He does and starts kissing up and down her arm. She feels it working already. He kisses her shoulders, her neck, her ear and she will have to get back to him on that since she is in deep consultation on her muse. It’s a closed door session, by invitation only. He coos how can a guy get invited? She answers to submit a proposal. Decent or indecent? She tells him to use his imagination. He is glad she came into his life. Is it something she would like to try, could get used to? She remarks he can twist her arm. He smothers her in kisses instead.

Brooke continues to cry. She is a horrible mother; she doesn’t deserve to have her kids. Taylor tries to convince her that everyone has feelings like that, like they can’t go on one more day, have no confidence. But those are feelings, not facts. In reality, she is a very strong woman and very resilient. But, Brooke is not feeling that now. She only feels very weak and selfish. All she does is neglect her family and friends, and her children. She bemoans that she even thought she could get Nick back, that he would walk away from Taylor, but he showed her. Ridge has come back to her many times, but not this time. He finally wised up and got sick of her because all she does is cause people pain. “Every rotten thing Stephanie has said about me is true.” She cries she has to change…..for Hope and R.J. ….before something happens to them.

Stephanie is surprised that Brooke is out and only Nick watching the kids. He doesn’t like her tone of voice and tells her she can go. She thinks the better idea is for him to go and she will watch HER grandkids. Asking him to help is just another example of Brooke’s bad judgment the last few days. Stephanie offers that she is genuinely concerned for these children. He didn’t see Brooke when she came strolling in this morning reeking of alcohol or know where she was or with whom. He accuses Stephanie of licking her chops, nothing more she would like than kick Brooke while she is down. But, that is not going to happen, not on his watch!

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