B&B Monday Update 7/9/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/9/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Hope calls 911 to report her mommy lost; she hasn’t seen her since yesterday. Meanwhile Brooke seems to be sleeping at the wheel of her car.

Stephanie raps to Ashley she is not happy with the way the kids are being raised. Way back Rick was so starved for attention that he even shot one of Brooke’s husbands to get it. She doesn’t want to see Hope and R.J. raised that same way. Then she is shocked when Lt. Baker drops in and informs her that Hope called and told police that her mommy had not come home last night. Stephanie rushes to the kids and compliments Hope on being a big girl and taking care of her little brother. She assures her Brooke will be alright. Child Protective Services shows up next and then Brooke rushes in wondering what happened? She can’t believe that Aunt Donna didn’t stay until she got home. Stephanie finds a note that fell out of Brookes’ purse. Stephanie admonishes her, the kids might have spent the night alone, but looks like Brooke didn’t.

Brooke tries to explain that she did call to check in and has no idea why Donna left before she got there. And she won’t answer their questions about ‘her gentlemen friend’. She reeks of liquor and they don’t buy her story about the friend spilling his drink on her. She refuses Stephanie’s offer to take the children for the day. Stephanie doesn’t want this to ever happen to them again. She will do whatever it takes to protect them. Later she tells Ashley that if Brooke doesn’t have a man of her own, she will grab the closest one. And then goes into some detail about Hope’s father – no, not one of Brooke’s ex-husbands but her daughter’s, Bridget’s husband. Ashley asks if Ridge knows about this, he needs to be told. Stephanie comments that if Brooke doesn’t get herself under control and take better care of those children, then someone else will have to. She’ll see to it.

At Insomnia, Rick and Constantine are a little contentious. Constantine wants to look out for Phoebe and tries to elicit information from Felicia about this other woman.

Hope wants to call Ridge or even Nick. Brooke says they can, but it’s not necessary, they don’t need to. They’ll always be together, always be a family.

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