B&B Friday Update 7/6/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/6/07


Written By Wanda

Ridge confides in his dad that he can’t go down that road again with Brooke, at least not now. Stephanie hopes never again. Eric only reminds him that she has been a big part of this family and company for a very long time, so don’t forget that. Sarcastically, Stephanie says she couldn’t if she tried. She’s happy for him; she thinks he made the right decision. She’s proud of him and thinks he has finally figured out exactly who Brooke is.

A handsome stranger watches Brooke order a sparking water at the Café Russe. She remembers her latest conversation with Ridge. The stranger eventually approaches and tries to buy her a drink and she politely declines. He tries to determine if she has plans but she takes a phone call from Donna. Donna reminds her that she has a flight to catch so for Brooke to please come home to be with the kids. The stranger leaves a note in her purse, while she tells Donna she will be right home. He spills some Scotch on her dress.

Rick is still waiting for Ashley in the lab when she returns. He wants to know if she has told Ridge yet? No, but she’s going to despite his protests. She understands he is worried about Phoebe so do the right thing and tell her. He knows she will have to hear it from him, but it will kill her and he doesn’t think she can handle it. Of course, she hears that and walks in wondering what it is she can’t handle? Oh, perhaps it is the publicity tour for the soaps and he thinks she has too much going on right now. She loves how he is so protective of her. She feels so lucky and asks whatever they were discussing can it wait? Rick is more than relieved when Ashley says yes, she has a meeting to go to anyway.

C.J. fills Bridget in on the karaoke contest for Phoebe, Constantine and Rick. He doesn’t care who wins as long as he gets some good publicity out of it. Carl comes bouncing in wanting to discuss their little ‘matter’. She makes him get down to brass tacks – Dr. Mills is going to retire in a month instead of next year. Perhaps because he doesn’t want to be in the middle of a scandal when baby Marone is born. Nick spies Bridget and joins in asking about her mother? She about jumps out of her skin when he tells her that Taylor is fine but craving scrambled eggs so he’s picking up some with decafe. She laments that he has the fairy tale, and she thought it was going to be with her mother. But she was wrong and so was Brooke.

Stephanie offers that the company can find a suitable replacement for Brooke just fine. Even Ashley, she thinks she would like to be involved in the business end of things. And in her opinion, she is capable of filling Brooke’s shoes in more ways than one. And she knows Ridge likes her. He does, but isn’t sure of any future. Well who the hell knows? All Stephanie knows is she is better for him than Brooke ever was.

Phoebe is flirtatious and romantic with Rick and doesn’t care who knows now, it’s alright. And tells him he has nothing to make up for. She has forgotten and forgiven him for the other woman.

Stephanie sends a box to Brooke via messenger. She’s extra cheerful when Ashley sees her. That is because Brooke no longer works there. She quit and Stephanie thinks she has Ashley to thank more or less for that. She showed Ridge there is life after Brooke and she will forever be in her debt. Ridge walks in, Stephanie walks out to give them time alone and they touch upon Brooke not being there anymore.

Bridget tells Nick she is a little worried about her mom. She’s a little lost right now. She was thinking of going back to Ridge. Nick sees red, she can’t do that, go back to the drama queen? If she hooks up with him, things are going to get much worse. Bridget admits she is worried about her too going back and forth between him and Ridge. She thinks she might need to be by herself for a while, but something about this being down is really different this time.

In the car, with rain and thunder about, Brooke tells Donna she is almost there. However, she pulls over to the side of the road, she doesn’t want her kids to see her this way. What is happening to her? She feels like she is falling apart.

Ridge assures Ashley he is through with Brooke. He will always care for her, but he can’t see a future going back to her again. This time is different because of “you”. When she told him she was going back to Genoa City, he realized he did not want her to go. They kiss.

Donna hears screeching tires in the driveway so she gets her things and tells the kids goodbye, she will slip out the back way where her car is. The messenger pounds on the door, and the kids hide. They’ll wait there until Mommy comes in. Mommy is in the car but looks passed out.

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