B&B Wednesday Update 7/4/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/4/07


Written By Wanda

At Forrester poolside, with festivities in red, white and blue, the siblings and little ones are excited about Ashley and Abby coming to the party. Even Thorne says he is happy and life is good right now. The elder Forrester’s are even getting along. Eric flips burgers while Stephanie flips her lips. Ridge brings in a tray of margaritas which everyone pounces on. Stephanie asks about the rest of his date last night with Ashley – the datis interruptus. Eric teases of how much she wants to know about his sex life (so true) and when Ridge says the date went well, Stephanie remarks that he surely doesn’t think that little bit will satisfy her. She’s doubly delighted when she finds he has invited her and Abby over for the day.

Ashley makes it inside the house and sends Abby on off to the pool while she takes a phone call from Rick. He still wants her to remain quiet about their past relationship with her being on opposite side of thinking it will come out, so better come clean now. He asks her not to do anything today until they get a chance to talk. She joins the others and is warmly welcomed. Ashley gives Stephanie a gift and she gushes she is so happy that Ridge brought her today.

Ridge goes back to the house to get some gin for Ashley’s drink and he runs into Brooke coming in. He remarks she should have checked her e-mails first as he had thought they might not have to have this conversation – Ashley is here today. She’s shocked, so he didn’t want her to cramp his style. She thinks it is very important that R.J. sees them, that they can work good together, and they have always been together each year on the 4th, that was their tradition. He says yes when they were together, but after last night, he thought she understood things had changed. She’s hurt, but tells Ridge not to let her keep him, go back to Ashley.

Constantine works at the studio. Rick and Phoebe are not going to the party and that’s okay with her if it means spending the whole day alone with him. He reminds her they are going to record a duet tomorrow and they don’t have one, but a duet is about two people connecting, and they do, and she and Constantine don’t. He thinks there is a market out there for classy and elegant music just like there is for clothing. He imparts that she is one of a kind, kind of like a young Grace Kelly. She’s flattered. He asks her not to change for Constantine or for anybody. Just be her own self, someone people can look up to.

All are chatting but wondering what is taking Ridge so long. Before he heads back, he spies Brooke standing on the edge of the balcony looking down forlornly on the festivities. When he starts to interrupt, she tells him just don’t say a thing. Ashley says she will just drink a lemonade until Ridge returns. Then Stephanie spots Brooke and they all look up, as she darts backwards. Ridge tells her he should have called; he never meant for her to be hurt. She offers, “I should be here, Ridge. I should be part of this. Instead there is some other woman with another child playing with our son.” She storms off.

Rick and Phoebe listen to some songs and select one to record. Constantine calls and tells Phoebe their song sounds awesome. Rick takes the phone and tells him theirs will too, it will blow him out of the water. Have a good day, and he hangs up. He is sick of him, going on and on about his music and how Rick cheated on Phoebe. She admits she doesn’t like that either, that he was the one to tell her. Rick seems surprised, he hadn’t realized Constantine went to such lengths to record the voice and then tell Phoebe.

Stephanie makes a move as if to go confront Brooke and Eric tells her chill, let Ridge handle this. Felicia advises Ashley not to let this get to her. Ashley says ex-lovers just come with the territory. Felicia regales that whatever happened between her and Rick, she is sure it was wild. No offense to Rick, but Ridge has a lot to offer too. Ashley remarks that she is going to tell Ridge the truth, she can’t take the secrecy. Felicia answers, “little friendly advice – keep it in the vault.” Ashley says she is not comfortable with that. Felicia tells more, their family motto is when in doubt, blow it out……of proportion….things are good and the family likes her. She even passed the Stephanie test, so why rock the boat?

Ashley asks Stephanie not to bother with Brooke, it’s alright. Stephanie just thinks she shouldn’t be there when she’s not wanted and she wants her to leave. Ashley reveals she had words with Brooke last night, and just think she needs to get her head on straight. If her plan was to intimidate her, it didn’t work and it was a conversation they needed to have.

Ridge catches up with Brooke before she leaves, but she asks him to let her go while she still has a shred of dignity. He admits he does care, he will always care. Sarcastically she figures that is why she is so welcome here with his family – because he cares! He points out they both know if Nick were here, she wouldn’t even be here right now, nor would she have begged him to stay last night. And in the past, he would have taken her back, no questions asked, but now….given how ambivalent she has been toward him, can she really blame him for being so protective? He realizes she is hurting and very confused. Brooke laments, “you’re damn right I’m confused. I don’t know what happened to us. And I can’t even know where to begin to fix it.” She wants him to tell her what to do. What does he want? He doesn’t know, he isn’t in any position to make promises right now. He thinks they both need a little space, a little time. She asks if he wants to start a life with Ashley? He hasn’t even thought that far ahead. But he does know that if she has any feelings for Nick still, it doesn’t leave any room for them to have a future together. He’s going back to the party, tells her to drive home safely.

Rick is moody; he thinks Constantine is out to get him and wonders if he still has that tape. Phoebe tells him it was erased, but just forget it. She doesn’t want to even think about him and another woman. He tells her he loves her with all his heart and Constantine is just going to be poison and do everything in his power to make her believe that he doesn’t love her.

With Brooke still looking on and the fireworks going off, Felicia tells Ashley it’s not like Ridge ran off with Brooke, he hasn’t abandoned her and Abby. Ashley sighs yeah, but it’s obvious Brooke is not going down without a fight. She thinks maybe she and Abby should be going. Ridge steps up and says not a chance, not before the grand finale. He plops down beside her and cuddles her closer. Stephanie notices that he kisses her too. And she’s not the only one to notice. Definitely hurt and jealous, Brooke’s one tear falls down her cheek.

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