B&B Monday Update 7/2/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/2/07


Written By Wanda

Ridge puts the brakes on Brooke’s little red sexy dress seduction number. He doesn’t think it is a very good idea despite that she knows he enjoyed it. She wants him to stay the night; it’ll be the way it used to be. They’ll fall asleep in each other’s arms and wake up with R.J. there in the morning, how more perfect can it be?

Phoebe rushes into the studio late and apologizes, but tells Constantine it isn’t Rick’s fault. It had to do with a promo meeting about the fragrance and she lost track of time. Constantine tries to buy her excuse and even her explanation that he won’t have to worry about Rick anymore. He knows how important this is to her. She even wants Constantine to get rid of the woman’s voicemail. They were broken up when Rick ‘cheated’ on her. They are over that now and she doesn’t want the voicemail lying around. He says fine, he doesn’t want to argue abut Rick; he just doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Ashley tells Stephanie that she feels so stupid. She knew she should not get in the middle of Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie wants her to have a little more faith in her son; Ridge may not be spending the night with Brooke. Ashley recounts the fact that they have a child together so they have to do what is best for him. And she would never stand in that way and be able to live with herself. Stephanie respects that, but advises why doesn’t she let her worry about her grandson and even Brooke, and Ashley just concentrate on Ridge.

While Brooke comes on strong to get Ridge to remember the good times, he tells her all memories weren’t so wonderful. Sure he thinks about R.J. every time he walks into this house. She remarks they need to really concentrate on that, getting that back together, make sure they get things right this time. She points out he is practically there all the time anyway, so silly for him to have to drive back and forth to both houses. They have shared a lot and she doesn’t want him to walk out that door. That little boy down the hall deserves both parents, and doesn’t he think they should provide him the best life possible? He does have to wonder where was her concern for that son when she previously left Ridge? She humbly admits she had made a huge mistake, in only thinking about Rick. He tells her they have both made mistakes, and he can forgive her for walking out on him, but it’s the way she just ran back to Nick, and he can’t get past that. He says he is sorry and walks out.

Ashley restates again that she is not going to get into the middle of this….even if it means losing to Brooke, according to Stephanie. If that is what he wants, then Ashley is fine with it. Stephanie laments that she is not. She is sick of seeing that woman destroy her son’s life. She prefers him to be with a nice woman, a woman who respects him for who he is, a woman like Ashley! She thinks that is flattering, but she has to do what is right for her and her daughter and she still plans to go back to Genoa City. Maybe she would have stayed if things worked out with Ridge, but obviously they aren’t going to.

Interruption by knock at the door which turns out to be Ridge. Stephanie makes herself scarce. He tells Ashley he was with Brooke, but he’s okay with leaving her as he is right where he wants to be.

Constantine is delighted, tells Phoebe they don’t need to re-do the song, they have recorded their first hit. She gives him a big hug, then spies Rick watching them. She comes out of the booth and asks his opinion. He thinks it was good. Constantine thinks he could at least try to be a little more enthusiastic for Phoebe’s sake. Rick points out that he is trying to change her and not for the better, to someone she is not. And no she can not think for herself when she has this big hot-shot record producer giving her lousy advice. He knows a bad idea when he sees it. This act has disaster written all over it.

Someone is walking into Brooke’s bedroom; she thinks it is Ridge returning? But she sees it is Stephanie who just waltzes on in. Brooke asks her to get out. Stephanie looks her up and down in disapproval. Even Brooke’s threatening to call the police doesn’t move Stephanie. She knows Brooke had quite the evening planned, going to try to sweet talk Ridge into bed. Fortunately, he wanted no part of that, did he? And she knows, it’s always about sex with Brooke! Brooke scoffs not that it is any of Stephanie’s business, but Ridge decided to spend the night alone. Stephanie delights in letting her know she just saw him at Ashley’s.

Ridge hands Ashley a bag – since they didn’t have dessert, he brought ice cream – rum raisin which she says is her favorite, how did he know? Well, she just seemed like a rum raisin kind of girl, what does that say about her? He’s even brought the spoons, so they settle on the couch sharing their yummy concoction. They talk about his mother and why she was there. Ashley says she has become her new best friend. Ridge thinks that is kind of scary. What did they talk about? Nonchalantly, Ashley says she told her that he was with Brooke tonight. He replies he was, in fact she asked him to spend the night. But, he knew if he did, he would lose Ashley……and he doesn’t even have her yet!

Constantine and Rick continue to jaw at each other. Rick accusing him of using Phoebe’s fame already to make in-roads to her music. He says he will use small, simple words so Constantine can follow. Phoebe already has an audience, one that likes her, likes her look, her natural beauty, pillar of class and elegance. They are not going to buy into this Goth, pop diva thing. Constantine thinks he is wrong. Rick remarks of course since he doesn’t know her like Rick does.

Rick suggests a nice little contest, a challenge. He and Phoebe will perform a duet at Insomnia and see who the audience likes better. If Constantine and Phoebe, then Rick will back off and not interfere in her singing career. If she and Rick, then this new dynamic duo will end and she will come back to Forrester Originals. Phoebe is apprehensive, but agrees to it. Rick and Constantine shake, may the best man win.

Ashley breaks her plastic spoon and starts to get another. Ridge tells her whoa, they can share. So she dips in and takes a bite and spoon-feeds Ridge as well. He asks if her plans to move to GC are still happening? Suddenly she’s not so sure. Wisconsin will always be her home, but L.A. has a lot to offer. He quips oh yeah, they have major smog, great earthquakes and horrendous traffic all the time. She thinks he’s making a terrific sales pitch here. He even suggests Brad can move here. She doesn’t think that is likely to happen. He tells her then he might just have to tell her if she moves he might have to chase her. She finds that amusing…..and he relays that it won’t be pretty as he might have to wear cheese on his head and he won’t like that. She thinks he is safe there, as you have to live in the state a year to qualify as a cheese-head. And he knows Victor Newman and Brad didn’t appreciate her very much so he wouldn’t want to run into them. She fishes, would he appreciate her? He answers he’s just waiting for the chance to show her how much. Over a carton of ice cream, they kiss.

Stephanie continues to badger Brooke that she used her son to get Ridge over here to get him in bed. But he went to see Ashley; does that bother Brooke? After he rejected her? He knows what he wants and he wants to be free of her. He wants to get off this merry-go-round that the two of them have been on for years. And tonight was the last straw….trying to come between him and his son. He feels sorry for her so he offered her a job, but do herself a favor and don’t even show up for work tomorrow. Brooke refuses to believe it is over between them, but Stephanie says she is going to see more and more of them, then maybe she will believe. She states one more time that she thinks Ridge is through with her, he is DONE with her and she will be left alone. She will have her children and she can concentrate on them, but she is never going to have Ridge again. She thinks he will end up with Ashley, and Brooke will be alone. Later, as Brooke takes a bedside photo of Ridge and cuddles it close to her face in bed, the potential lovers are covering each other with kisses.

Brooke is kissing ridge in her red satin nighty. Ridge stops her and pulls away. “we can’t do this, it isn’t a good idea” he says Brooke has no comprehension as to why ridge would be hesitant or even consider not spending the night. Brooke points out the physical enjoyment of it and as a final sell and second thought how great it would be for RJ to awake in the morning to see Ridge and Brooke together. Brooke begs Ridge to stay and wake tomorrow to be a family for RJ. “Please stay her tonight” she asks. Brooke goes as far as to ask Ridge to just stop all of this silliness and move back in. she is ready to get back to what they used to be only better, for RJ’s sake. Ridge asks the obvious question, where was all of Brooke’s concern for RJ when she walked out on ridge? Trying to downplay, again the obvious, Brooke answers her concerns and mind was focused on Rick but she has moved past that now. Brooke moves closer ready to pounce and Ridge pulls away again to tell her his true beef with her. Ridge tells her with truth and kindness, it’s not that she walked away from him right before their wedding that he can’t understand and get past. It is the fact that she ran straight to Nick that he can’t move past. Ridge walks out, leaving Brooke with her mouth hanging open and squinting at the space where the second man that walked out on her in a month once stood.

Stephanie defends and believes in ridge and his desire to move past Brooke to move on with Ashley. Ashley doesn’t want to hear about and she doesn’t want to be forced to think about it. This, Ashley points out, is all the proof she needs and reason to move back to Genoa City. Stephanie pleads “You let me worry about Brooke and my grandson and you concentrate on Ridge.” Ashley is frustrated first at Stephanie’s insistent that Ashley give Ridge a chance and second that Ridge could run to Brooke before his lips were dry from kissing her. A knock at the door brings an end to the increasingly irritating conversation. Though Ashley sighs in dread of who this visitor could be, to her surprise it is Ridge.

Ashley slips out leaving Stephanie on the other side of the door to see what Ridge wants. “Change of plans.” Ridge states producing a paper bag that contains something for Ashley. Ashley almost giggles and smiles flirtatiously unable to hide her pleasure that he has come back. Ridge gives her a brief explanation telling her Brooke wanted more so the evening’s plans were scratched. Ashley invites him in, to Ridge’s surprise Stephanie is standing in Ashley’s living room. “Mother?!” Stephanie makes a quick exit pleased with herself in calling Ridge’s feelings correctly. Pleased with Ridge’s “good taste”. And pleased that Ashley seems happy and obviously welcomed Ridge back.

Ridge tells Ashley he is where he wants to be when she asks why he did didn’t stay with Brooke. Ashley accepts that for now and they move on to the ice cream in the sack. Ridge and Ashley sit on the couch sharing the pint of rum raisin ice cream and talking. Ashley pries a little more about ridge and his ongoing to relationship with Brooke. Ridge seems to make it pretty clear that he is through with Brooke personally, granted they will always share RJ and she is brilliant in business but they just have too much past to move forward. On a serious note Ridge confesses he knows if he spent the night with Brooke he would lose Ashley, and he doesn’t even have her to lose yet. Ridge is more curious about where Ashley is about moving back to Genoa City. Ashley explains she worries that Brad’s divorce is going to get nastier than it already is and it would be the best thing to do for Abbey. Ridge jokes that if she moves back to Genoa City he will have to chase after her. Ashley thinks his “chasing” is cute and flirty. Ridge goes on to playfully warn that it wouldn’t be a good thing for him to go to Genoa City and run into Brad or Victor Newman. Ashley is curious why? Because neither of them appreciated Ashley for the woman that she is he explains like the suave playboy he is. Ashley falls for it hook, line, and sinker. They kiss and make out.

Brooke turns down her bed to turn in for the evening. Brooke looks at ridge’s photo by her bed longing for him to be tearing away the covers and sheets with her. She hears movement in the hall and runs for the bedroom door calling ridge’s name believing he returned. To Brooke’s surprise and disdain it is Stephanie. “Get out!” Brooke demands without hearing why Stephanie has visited. Brooke threatens to call the police but Stephanie walks right into the middle of the bedroom to boas about Ridge choosing to turn down Brooke all to obvious and pathetic advances. Brooke squints at Stephanie and attempts to set her straight “Ridge, just wanted to spend the night alone.” thinking she got the last word. Stephanie looks at her with a curious yet knowing look on her face, smug. When Brooke is finished justifying why Ridge didn’t stay, or making excuses is more like it Stephanie asks “Then why is he at Ashley’s?”

Brooke’s air has been deflated. Stephanie adds insult to injury going on with her anti-Brooke ravings. Stephanie declares independence for Ridge and her gratitude that he has finally seen Brooke for the trash that she is and found a sophisticated, intelligent woman that is worth Ridge’s attention. Ridge is over you and way past you Stephanie tells Brooke with complete confidence in her son’s decision. Brooke reminds Stephanie for the one millionth time that “they share a child together” Stephanie is too happy to let that get in her way. RJ they may share but love and life is all they will ever share from here on out. Brooke tries to use Ridge’s invitation to return to the company. Stephanie’s advise is bow out like the bigger woman and don’t even bother to show up for work. Stephanie goes on to tell Brooke or remind her of sorts that she has four children. For once in Brooke’s life she should concentrate on her children rather than her sex life. Face it she Stephanie predicts, Ridge is past you and moved on, you are going to be alone.

After Stephanie leaves Brooke lays down in bed to sleep with a photo of Ridge that she is staring at longingly.

Phoebe arrives late for her scheduled time with Constantine. He gives her a hard time about Rick being the reason she is late. Phoebe defends her relationship and the progress she and Rick have made. Constantine pushes further making Phoebe upset and yelling at him that she has had enough and furthermore not only does she want him to back off of Rick’s case she wants him to dispose of the recording he has of the other woman on Rick’s voicemail. After seeing how upset phoebe had become Constantine drops the issue of Rick to get to work. Phoebe and Constantine sing their duet and nail it! Constantine tells Phoebe when they finish that it was so good that they just recorded their first single. Phoebe is happy and jumps into an embrace with Constantine to celebrate. Rick is watching. He walked in and watched from about mid-song. They were good. Phoebe catches him out of the corner of her eye and runs into his arms asking his opinion. Rick say it was good but doesn’t give anymore praise. Constantine takes issue with Rick’s lack of support. Rick turns his issues back to business claiming he is an expert in marketing, international marketing at that. What does Constantine know? He tries to make a point. Constantine is confidant in his knowledge and expertise in the music industry and Phoebe’s raw talent. They disagree but it doesn’t turn into a full blown argument over Phoebe’s image. Rick has a proposal for Constantine. They each record and perform a single or song with Phoebe and perform it at Insomnia. If Constantine and Phoebe’s song is preferred then Rick will back off and support their project completely. If the audience likes Rick and Phoebe’s song better, Phoebe will give up on Constantine and come back to work for Forrester full-time. Constantine agrees and they shake on it, making the deal final. Phoebe had no say in the “completion” or decision to do such a thing.

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