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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/29/07


Written By Wanda

Stephanie laments to Brooke that she just hopes and prays that Ridge will hear what she has said to him. There are wonderful women out there in the world who can make him happy. She hopes Brooke has lost her hold on him with someone as nice as Ashley Abbott.

Rick and Bridget enjoy some ice cream and she informs him there is no way Brooke’s eggs could have had time to be used in Taylor’s IVF, so all is fine there. She changes the subject and asks about him and Phoebe. He confides that she has forgiven him about the other woman, but this make-over thing with Constantine is driving him nuts. Bridget asks how’s it working out with Ashley since they returned from Mexico? He remarks it’s fine, she’s a mature, grown women – she’s got it together. He hopes she can be honest with him and if he and Phoebe weren’t together, he and Ashley would probably connect. He admits it will probably drive him crazy to see her with another man, and there is no one out there worthy of her.

Ridge is at the moment putting the old squeeze on Ashley, asking her to please not leave L.A. She’s flattered, she finds him charming….he hopes irresistible. But then there is Stephanie with her own agenda and Ashley reminds him even Brooke wants him back. He claims things do change and he’s always going to care deeply for Brooke. Everything that has happened they can forgive, but they can not undo.

Brooke tells Stephanie that Ashley is her fantasy, not her son’s. Stephanie snides that she hears some fantasies do come true; maybe this one will. Brooke wants her to leave. Stephanie vows that Ridge will never come back and live there with her, not after what she did. She reminds her that he is out right now with Ashley and she’d like to just take R.J. and leave. Brooke won’t let her have him. Ridge will have to come there to get him.

Rick says be prefers the ‘before’ version of Phoebe before Constantine’s make-over. That’s not the image they want to project for Phoebe Perfume and the girl had more makeup on her face than clothes on her body. Phoebe is so beautiful and talented; she doesn’t need to be packaged like every other pop diva on the planet. He insists he is not jealous of Constantine, it was music that brought him and Phoebe together in the first place. A light bulb goes off – that’s it. Their singing, that’s what can keep Constantine from changing Phoebe into something she isn’t.

Ridge knows Ashley invited him over to tell him she was leaving town, but he hopes she reconsiders. He knows what it is like to want something comfortable and familiar. Which brings up Brooke again, was it really a breakup? He admits he is always going to have feelings for her. Just how strong a feeling is Ashley’s question? She’s unnerved and avoids his attempted closeness and kisses. He asks her to stick around town and help him find out. Maybe they will find something very special and extraordinary….something very, very special. Ridge gets a cell call but it’s Brooke and he will take it later. He returns to convince Ashley. Brooke and Stephanie continue to spar while she points out Ashley’s finer points and she will tell Ridge about this and he won’t like it. And she mocks that Ridge might be very late after his date with Ashley. Brooke says she will explain it to him and he will understand. Brooke wonders if she is that heartless, to want Ridge to spend time with a woman he barely knows than his own son? Stephanie gloats that he IS going to spend time with R.J. He’s just not going to spend time with Brooke, not like this again, ever.

Ridge hands Ashley a glass of wine and thanks her for dinner. He hasn’t had a home-cooked meal in no telling how long. She offers that it wasn’t exactly meat-loaf and apple pie, but she did cook it herself. Maybe, he suggests, it was the company he found so satisfying. Coyly, she says he doesn’t have to charm her, she is not immune to that. He wonders if he will be staying for dessert? Unfortunately not, she forgot the ice cream when shopping. Okay, he wants to tuck R.J. in anyway, that is the highlight of his day, but this dinner was close second. They both tell each other they enjoyed it, and he wonders enough for her to stay in L.A? She indicates the jury is still out on that one, but it gives her a whole lot to think about. Au revoir. They give a little peck at the door and she smiles with a certain satisfaction to herself.

Rick thinks Bridget needs to be serious about this; he will find out a way to get music to get him and Phoebe really back together. Bridget tells him his mother needs that too; she has her heart set on Ridge again.

Eric lights into Stephanie when she badmouths Brooke for not letting her have R.J. She nags that Brooke is using that child. You should have seen the house. The lights were so low you practically bumped into the furniture. She had candles up the ying-yang. She wants Eric to call and get the boy. He says no, the boy is with his mother, he’s okay. She disagrees – his mother? That woman who has slept with both of her daughter’s husbands. “That child would be better off raised by a pack of wolves.” Ridge comes in and Stephanie reiterates that Brooke is waiting for him to come over so she can get him in bed again. Why would she let a little self-respect stand in the way? She advises against him going. This is the woman who left him standing at the altar, got on a plane and came and jumped in bed with Nick.

Then Stephanie shows up one more time at Ashley’s and she is surprised to hear Stephanie say that Ridge is on his way over to Brooke’s right now. And Brooke couldn’t have been more obvious than if she had a rose between her teeth. Ashley says she knew that Ridge wanted to tuck R.J. in. Stephanie chides that she is worried that Ridge himself might get tucked in. Ashley rails that is exactly why she didn’t want to get sucked into the middle of this with Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke looks up and Ridge is entering her bedroom, asking if R.J. is asleep? She replies yes, she thought he was out with Ashley. And she wasn’t about to let him go with Stephanie the way she was acting. She knew he would come. Even though Stephanie was baiting her. She knows Ashley is beautiful, intelligent and smart and he enjoys spending time with her. But, does he want her? She knows that is what Stephanie wants. She is direct, she knows she has made mistakes, but they have forgiven each other. They have explained and been forgiven, nothing more to be said. He ducks by saying he really came to see R.J. She reminds him he does not have to take him tonight. He can spend all the time he wants with him. Just stay here, stay with his family. The kids miss him just as much as she does. His cell phone rings and she begs him not to answer it, it will be his mother and she will start turning him against her. And he knows where he belongs, there with her, Hope and R.J. She pleads they can do it, they can start over and be a family. Give the kids the future they deserve. They need to take the first step. With hopeful eyes, she asks him to stay there with her, in their bed.

Ashley tells Stephanie that she is not getting involved in this. If Ridge ends up spending the night with Brooke, that is all the information she needs. She cares about Ridge, they are good together, but not if they can have the evening they just had and then he ends up in Brooke’s bed. They go back and forth, she knows that, but not this time. If he ends up sleeping with her, that is all she needs to know.

Brooke turns the charm on and begs Ridge to give in, give in to her, “to our life. To our family. Stay with me tonight, forever.”

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