B&B Thursday Update 6/28/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/28/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Stephanie asks Ashley to please don’t let Brooke drive her out of town. “Save him from her” she begs of Ashley “What if he doesn’t want to be saved” Ashley retorts.

“Men don’t know what they want” Stephanie fires back persistently pushing Ashley into Ridge’s arms so to speak. Ashley contradicts herself first claiming she doesn’t want to come between two people that are meant to be together. Stephanie belittles ridge and Brooke’s destined souls as Brooke claims and tells Ashley all they share is a child that doesn’t mean they are meant to be together. Ashley all too well knows that to be true as she is currently struggling with Abbey returning to Genoa City to be with her father Brad.

Ashley does admit as she did with Felicia that she could see herself falling for Ridge and very much getting involved with Ridge. Ashley has fond memories of the little time they spent together working and on a personal level getting to know each other before his arrest. They clicked, she smiles. See, that just proves it there is something there because Stephanie knows Ridge feels the same way. Ashley confides that she came to LA looking for something that she just hasn’t found and she has decided that it is time and best for her to return to Genoa City. This is the last thing Stephanie wants to hear feeling she has gotten so close to uniting Ashley and Ridge. Stephanie asks Ashley to please take a little more time in LA and see if what she is looking for can be found. Ashley also points out on a personal level she left Genoa City to escape inner-family arguing and coming between Stephanie, Ridge, and Brooke would just be putting her in the middle of the Forrester’s continual feud.

Unknown to Felicia and Ridge, Stephanie is trying to sell Ridge to Ashley to save him from the seductive clutches of Brooke once more, but Felicia is busy with the same argument with Ridge. Just before an excited Felicia arrives in Ridge’s office, he is invited out for a “not so G-rated” celebration at a new club. Ridge declines to spend time with his son. Felicia’s point blank manner and spunky personality gets her point across but not as diplomatic as Stephanie’s pretty point blank approach. Felicia doesn’t have much convincing to do because Ridge doesn’t put up an argument once Felicia confirms that she just talked to Ashley and she is interested. Felicia picks up the phone holding it out “Call her, you know you want to….” Ridge calls Ashley.

Ashley is surprised to hear from Ridge, but is she really. Ridge asks about her plans for later. After Ashley reveals she doesn’t have any plans he tells her you do now, “I’m going to take you out to dinner.” Ashley is glad that he called but still feels down. She tells him that she doesn’t feel like going out but why don’t he come over. Sure, he’ll pick up something for dinner he tells her. No his company will be good enough she will take care of dinner. Stephanie yells out in the background after she gets the jest of their conversation “Tell him I will pick up RJ” Ashley confesses that she’s glad she made plans with Ridge and with a sly smile she doesn’t know if she could have said no to him. Stephanie leaves to pick up RJ.

Brooke and Bridget talk. Brooke tells Bridget how she looking forward to being back to work, thanks to Ridge who set Stephanie straight at work. Brooke anticipates the typical fight for Ridge out of Stephanie. Brooke jokes that she wishes Stephanie would fall off a cliff. That would be some good news for Brooke in light of Bridget’s good news. Brooke asks how Bridget’s problem at the hospital was going. Bridget smiles everything has been sorted out and it was just a big misunderstanding that could have turned out disastrous. With Bridget’s problems out of the way Brooke turns the focus back to her. She complains that Stephanie is making no secret that she would like nothing more than to see Ridge with Ashley. Brooke uses RJ as her excuse this time to want to be with Ridge. Brooke tells Bridget that she feels bad that none of her kids grew up with their father in the house and maybe that hurt her kids somehow. Bridget is not opposed to a reunion with ridge but isn’t for it either. Bridget can’t help but feel a little sting over Nick. After all Brooke swore her destiny and heart was with Nick and Bridget gave up her marriage to Nick so Brooke could have him. Where is Nick now, married to Taylor expecting a baby. Bridget doesn’t buy into Brooke’s belief in love and fate anymore, reason seems to be a better thought base. Brooke sees where Bridget’s thoughts and feelings are coming from but she still believes she and Ridge and RJ can be a family. She’s telling Bridget as she lights candles to set a seductive mood for Ridge when he arrives any minute to pick up RJ. Bridget knows Brooke is going to do whatever she wants to do anyway so she wishes her well. When the doorbell rings Bridget lets herself out the back.

Brooke answers the door happy and full of hope but her hope and happiness is doused when it is Stephanie on the other side of the door. Stephanie knows it is going to kill Brooke that Ridge will not be picking up RJ or have give Brooke the opportunity to make her move. Stephanie lets herself in telling Brooke to gather RJ’s things she is there to pick him up for Ridge. Brooke is upset and will not let Stephanie take RJ. They begin to argue at once as Stephanie gloats and Brooke learns that Ridge is on a date. Stephanie of course revisits all of Brooke’s flip-flopping between men over the last two decades. All Brooke can come back with is she and Ridge need to be together for RJ’s sake. Stephanie gets the last word even though she doesn’t get to leave with RJ, “My son is smart enough not to accept scraps.”

Ridge arrives. Both he and Ashley are hoping for an “interesting” evening. Ashley serves salad first and Ridge is full of compliments about how delicious it looks. Ashley doesn’t let the conversation get too far before telling Ridge of her plans to return to Genoa City. Ridge is taken a back he thought they really clicked when they were working together before his arrest. They did, she tells him she felt that click too. They talk about how rare it is to just “click” the way they did and how each had hoped that what ever they were working on before his arrest would have turned into more. Ridge sees that Ashley is into him just as Felicia had said and he is caught up in the moment. Ridge stands and gently pulls Ashley to her feet, face to face with him. Ridge tells her when she came to LA he was a train wrecked. He had just been dumped by Brooke and then Shane’s shooting, he was just not himself. Ridge wholeheartedly asks that Ashley not leave LA until she gets to know the real Ridge and waits to see what could happen between them. He pulls her into a passionate kiss, Ashley pulls her lips away after a long kiss but decides against turning Ridge away and gives in to his kiss once again.

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