B&B Wednesday Update 6/27/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/27/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Felicia knocks at Ashley’s door while Ashley is speaking to Abbey. Felicia claims to be checking on Ashley because she called out of work for the day. Ashley explains she is fine physically she just doesn’t feel centered otherwise. Felicia blindsides Ashley and asks if it is because of Rick. Ashley denies her feelings are the cause of her funk but does admit they had a fling at one time and he is the reason she came to LA. Ashley makes it clear she does not plan on trying to come between Rick and Phoebe.

Well, what about Ridge, Felicia jumps topics. Felicia lights up as they talk together about her big brother as girlfriends. Ashley doesn’t become as emotional about the subject as Felicia does who is really trying to sell Ridge’s qualities to Ashley. Ashley’s take is she needs to provide a stable environment for Abbey because her father is divorcing his wife, so she must have one man around that is solid not many men around. Felicia pushes on, so what about Ridge she wonders. Ashley doesn’t really want to answer one way or another but does tell Felicia she could see herself falling in love with Ridge but right now she doesn’t want to be in love and she doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. Ashley is confidant in herself and acts as if she doesn’t want to be involved with someone right now but her actions and mood seem to say otherwise. Ashley has an air of sadness and loneliness about her, though she is optimistic about her future. Ashley is left with her thoughts but not for long, Stephanie drops by. Stephanie claims to need a favor from Ashley. Ashley listens as Stephanie gives a brief run down of Brooke’s flip-flopping past with Ridge and Stephanie tells Ashley she doesn’t want to see Ridge being lured back in to Brooke’s web again. Ashley grins in a matured, wise amusement listening and knowing where Stephanie is going with her train of thought. Stephanie asks that Ashley make an effort to keep Ridge’s attention off of Brooke.

Carl apologizes and begs Bridget to not be mad at him. He tells her he truly meant to help her and had no idea the cryo-lab had gotten a new printer. Bridget holds her head as if in agony as Carl blabs on pathetically. Bridget gets up to leave telling Carl there is only one thing she can do, go to Taylor and tell her about the possible mix-up. The Chief of Staff catches before Bridget can stir up trouble when it isn’t necessary. First the senior doctor scolds Carl for neglecting his duties to place himself in the middle of something that doesn’t concern him. Carl is sternly advised to stick to his job and only his job. Carl is dismissed, Dr. Foster turns his lecturing to Bridget in hopes to preventing her creating a possible PR disaster. First Dr. Foster addresses Bridget seeking help from the custodial staff rather than him. Bridget apologizes and takes anything he has to say to her.

With Bridget’s snafu involving Carl in her investigation aside Dr. Foster sets Bridget’s curiosity to rest for good, he hopes. Dr. Foster tells her he has done some looking into the mix-up on his own and he knows the truth. Bridget listens as he tells what he learned. Brooke’s eggs were removed from storage and thawed in the cryo-lab at 7:36 pm, the donor eggs were fertilized at 7:40 pm. It was physically impossible for the Brooke’s eggs to be thawed and transported to the fertilization lab in four minutes. The eggs implanted in Taylor were the donor eggs. Bridget’s recent emotional worry and roller coaster ride over the subject leaves her speechless. The Chief of Staff gives Bridget a veiled warning, to let the subject rest now that he has told her what really happened.

Brooke glows as Eric and Thorne tell her how happy they are to have her back, where she belongs. Stephanie enters the office killing the welcoming mood. Stephanie blurts out without regard for anyone else that she isn’t happy Brooke is back. She doesn’t think Brooke belongs there and she certainly doesn’t want Brooke there. Stephanie tells of her hope that Brooke would have stayed gone and she is so disappointed that Brooke has found a way to turn up in their lives again. Eric tries to hush Stephanie but he hasn’t quieted about anything, especially Brooke in decades and today didn’t prove any different. Eric wants to keep the air light and happy so he suggests a celebration. Eric reserves a table at Café Russe. Stephanie will not attend dinner and thinks it is absurd that they are going to so much trouble for Brooke.

Eric and Thorne get back to work leaving Stephanie and Brooke alone. Stephanie knows Brooke is back in the company, but tells her that she will not let Brooke worm her way back into Ridge’s life. Brooke turns squinting her look of disbelief, reminding Stephanie that she and Ridge share a child. Stephanie doesn’t miss a beat telling her, “just because you share a child doesn’t mean you have to share a life” Ridge walks in .

"Let me guess", he asks, half joking and half serious, "she doesn’t want you here". Brooke confirms Ridge’s notion but more importantly Brooke asks “Do you want me here?” Ridge doesn’t answer directly he tells her how he has always admired her work at Forrester. Brooke makes her move and she hasn’t been to work on her first day 15 minutes, she asks Ridge to dinner, to go over work issues. Ridge turns to her “I don’t think dinner is a good idea.”

Rick and Phoebe are back to work after their disagreement over Phoebe’s make-over by Constantine. Rick doesn’t acknowledge the day before until Phoebe pushes his buttons putting Constantine before her work at Forrester. Rick gives Phoebe a stack of papers and schedules pertaining to her National tour to promote the launch of “Phoebe” Oh! Phoebe notices that one of the dates conflicts with a studio date, she tells him he will have to change it. Rick is a little frustrated telling her it isn’t possible. Phoebe asks one more time but Rick is certain it is not possible to move things around to free up that day. The disagreement over date brings their real issues back to the table, they argue over Phoebe choosing carriers, her new look, her fragrance image, her dedication to either project. Ridge sounds off from the doorway “I don’t think now is a good time for a make over either.” Ridge asks without waiting for any response if Rick feels so strongly about Phoebe’s image because he really cares or because he is out to get Constantine because Constantine sees Rick for the man he really is. Rick is stunned at the allegation. Again Ridge doesn’t wait for a response, he asks about the “other woman” Phoebe knows this is going south quickly and jumps in defending Rick and moving to his side to show her support. Phoebe does all of the talking. Nothing is accomplished before Ridge leaves.

Phoebe is working later and Rick knocks at her office door. Phoebe is happy to see him but doesn’t want to rehash his feelings on Phoebe’s new look. Rick apologizes and agrees to support her and her singing because he knows how important it is to her. Phoebe tells Rick that she just wants the experiences that he had but she doesn’t want any of it if she doesn’t have him to share it with. Rick tells her he wants her to have all that and more and he will always be here for her and support her because he loves her. Phoebe is so relieved, she makes him promise no matter how far apart they are he must always be faithful. Rick promises and holds her close. Phoebe promises she will not make him wait forever but she is just not ready yet but she will be.

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