B&B Tuesday Update 6/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/26/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Bridget arrives home tuckered out from the stresses she has been under as of late and the celebration welcoming Ridge home. Bridget sighs in relief, she can finally get a good nights sleep. Rick leaves Bridget to rest and heads for Forrester Originals to meet with Ashley about the launch of the Phoebe fragrance. Bridget makes one phone call before drifting off to sleep. Bridget reassures herself that everything is now okay by calling Taylor and checking on her.

Taylor doesn’t have much time to talk because she is frolicking naked with Nick. Taylor gives a positive report on how she has been feeling. Carl agonizes over his mistake and panics scared of what Bridget will think of him. Carl tries to call Bridget but she will not answer her phone placing rest above speaking with Carl. Desperate to break the new to Bridget Carl goes to her home. Bridget is awakened by a persistent banging on her front door. Bridget is still groggy from her sleep and irritated carl presumed he could come to her house. Carl bursts in telling Bridget the news of the new printer. Bridget is speechless when she puts what Carl is saying together in her mind. Taylor could possibly be carrying Brooke’s baby.

Rick is long in the face when he arrives at the lab for his meeting. Ashley suggests they cancel when she sees Rick’s mind isn’t on work. Rick assures her he is there to work. Rick looks over some print ads of Phoebe and is saddened and angry that Phoebe blew off the meeting to work with Constantine. Rick complains that Constantine accused him of not supporting Phoebe. Ashley advises if things are back on track for the couple maybe they should postpone the meeting and Rick should go to the studio and show Phoebe, Constantine, and himself that Rick is truly in support of Phoebe’s singing. Knowing that Ashley is right, Rick agrees and leaves for Constantine’s studio. Felicia is watching Rick confide in Ashley as more than a colleague.

Phoebe belts out the lyrics for Constantine in the studio. Constantine commends her for the great vocals and assures her that she will be great in the studio or as a back up singer…. But a pop star, after hesitating for dramatic effect he reveals he just doesn’t think her image is that of a rock star. Phoebe is reluctant to change who she is but agrees after it is explained that she isn’t changing her, she is changing her looks. Constantine adds on how much fun it will be and he will be glad to help. Constantine introduces Phoebe to a stylist who gets to work. Phoebe is transformed into a black leather clad edgy pop star. With almost black lipstick and dark eye make up and a leather halter top Phoebe is shocked but accepts the look for professional reasons. Phoebe poses for a photographer as Rick arrives and asks himself at first glance of his girlfriend, “What the hell have they done to you?” Phoebe spots Rick and runs into his arms for approval. All she receives is his adamant disapproval.

Rick tries to explain how beautiful and natural she is and she doesn’t need to dress like she is. Phoebe’s feelings are hurt that Rick doesn’t like the new look. Rick explains from a business point of view she cannot ever dress as she is dressed right now for the sake of the “Phoebe” launch that is based on natural beauty. Rick lays his thoughts on the table that he believes Constantine is taking too much control and she is neglecting what was at one time so important to her, Forrester Originals. Phoebe whines that she can juggle both she believes it and so does Constantine. Phoebe backs away refusing to chose between her job at Forrester Originals and her singing. Rick asks her to walk out of there with him and bring an end to all of it. Phoebe is crushed and does not want Rick to leave. She begs him, crying to stay but rick walks out. Phoebe sobs but she does not go after him. Constantine moves in to be close if she needs comforting.

Joking that she thought Nick may be disappointed that Brooke will not be roaming the halls of Forrester Creations in her lingerie designs, she thought she would give him a fashion show of her own. Nick is surprised and very turned on as Taylor models a black nighty. They have wild, fun sex rolling around in their satin sheets after sex talking about their baby. Taylor tells Nick how worried she is the biological mother will return one day and want the baby. Nick almost laughs at what an absurd thought that is. He promises her with certainty that will never happen. That is their baby that they are going to raise as a happy family.

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