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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/25/07


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The results are in…according to Carl. Unfortunately Bridget doesn’t look at it like that, she is willing as a doctor to accept the certainty of the janitor. Carl examines the labels he printed off the printer in the fertilization lab. Bridget waits holding her breathe. Carl gives her a huge nerdy and dirty toothed grin then reveals the labels are identical, that means the eggs fertilized and implanted in Taylor are the donor’s eggs. Bridget bounces around in joy and relief. Carl decides to cash in on Bridget’s excitement that he made happen, he invites her to go celebrate with him when he gets off work. The suggestion of a celebration made Bridget remember ridge’s party that she slipped out on. A bit concerned she rushes out to rejoin the party. Carl had hoped for an invite to the family party but it didn’t happen for him. What did happen was a kiss on the cheek out of gratitude from Bridget. That was enough for the will-be stalker.

Carl polishes and dusts away at the equipment in the fertilization lab very proud of himself for solving Bridget’s mystery. A lab tech from the cryo-lab arrives with a delivery of test tubes. Still full of himself Carl signs for the tubes, though he was not suppose to. Before taking delivery of the test tubes Carl corrects the tech “these can’t be from the cryo-lab, the label is wrong.” The tech is proud to gloat that the cryo-lab finally got a brand new printer, just like the one in the fertilization lab. After the tech confirms that they have had their new printer for a few weeks Carl finds breathing to be a task and appears to be physically sick. Carl realizes he will lose Bridget’s admiration and grateful demeanor if she learns he was mistaken. Bridget returns to the party in a much better mood than when she left. Bridget wastes no time to let Rick know all is well. Taylor’s baby is not Brooke’s baby.

Constantine spills his guts like a little girl to Ridge who is all too interested in what Constantine has to say as fact and opinion. Ridge is appalled that Phoebe does not have enough respect for herself to send Rick packing after learning of “another woman” Constantine is not shy about expressing his feeling about Phoebe professionally and personally and his very low opinion of Rick. After chatting it up with Ridge Constantine takes in the view from the patio and is confronted by Rick. Rick orders Constantine to leave now that he has made an appearance per Phoebe’s request. That’s right, Constantine reminds Rick Phoebe invited him and wants him to be at the party. Rick begins to belittle Constantine’s career and his involvement with Phoebe’s desire to “be a rock star” Phoebe interjects when the words begin to get heated. Phoebe asks Rick not to start anything and to leave Constantine be. Constantine calls Rick out about his lack of support for the very talented Phoebe. Rick makes a poor effort to defend himself against the allegations of not supporting Phoebe. To prove his point Constantine challenges Rick, sing something, with Phoebe, now. Rick scoffs at the thought of Constantine “trying to make Rick a rock star too…” and storms off. Constantine invites Phoebe back to the studio to do some work.

Phoebe is excited to ask permission from Rick to go work on something that is important to her, yes I said ask permission…. Rick, unhappy about her request, does want to make her happy and tells her to go, but reminds her they have work to do and that is more important. Phoebe promises to not forget about work and disappoint the family. Ashley watches from the side lines as Phoebe happily walks away from the pool side with Constantine and Rick is left standing alone, as the adults are inside per Ridge’s request.

Ashley moves in and asks what he told Phoebe about their time in Mexico. Rick tells her he admitted to being with another woman but never told Phoebe who or where they were. Ashley sits close as she listens. Constantine is waiting out of sight for Phoebe to change out of her swimsuit before leaving and spies Rick and Ashley speaking intimately and sitting close.

Brooke has missed the bulk of Ridge’s homecoming party arguing and justifying her decision to return to Ridge and Forrester Originals. Nick tries to convince her but Brooke explains she has made up her mind (just like she made up her mind a month ago that she could never-ever be with Ridge again) and she knows now where she was meant to be (no she is REALLY meant to be this time she stresses) with Ridge personally and professionally. Brooke asks for Nick to please just tear up their contract, after all they will never be together because she has too much respect for family. Nick tears up the contract, though he has put up too much of a fight for him not to want her. Brooke hugs him in thanks and as a good-bye. Taylor walks in. Taylor is really surprised to learn Brooke will not be coming back to work with the company. Taylor encourages Brooke to reconsider but, again, her mind is made up. I guess Taylor takes Brooke’s mind as seriously as I do. She points out they have made great progress in their relationship but accepts Brooke is back where she always ends up. Brooke passes on a few last minute well wishes for Taylor’s pregnancy (like they aren’t going to see each other again during the pregnancy) and heads back to the Forrester house for Ridge’s party.

Ridge breaks the news to the family just as Brooke walks through the door that he and Brooke intend on resuming their relationship in every way, professionally and personally. Everyone, except Stephanie of course, is excited to hear that Brooke will join their team again and most excited “Brooke’s Bedroom” line will not be reinvented at Forrester Creations. Stephanie stands and makes her feelings known, “I will not allow this to happen.” she states without mincing and any words. Ridge tries to reason with Stephanie, but not to over due the phrase as this storyline has been over done, her mind is made up.

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