B&B Friday Update 6/22/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/22/07


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Ridge is free! We are still excited and celebrating Ridge Forrester’s sudden unexpected freedom. Thank you Brooke and Rick for doing your part to free Ridge from a life behind bars, even though you each pitched in for your own reasons. Forrester family and friends gather around the pool to party and relax with cool drinks and probably some really good food. When Brooke and ridge arrive at the now pool party Eric throws his glass up in a toast to not only Ridge but also Rick. When Eric gets to Rick in his toast ridge cuts in and toasts Rick himself. Ridge’s words about Rick move phoebe and reminds her that she loves Rick so very much.

Ashley is sitting in earshot as Phoebe proclaims her undying love for Rick. Phoebe’s love aside Rick is compelled to pick Bridget’s brain about what se has learned about the fertilized eggs Taylor is carrying. Bridget informs him that she is awaiting word from a source at the hospital. Until she hears from her source Rick believes she should sit Taylor and Brooke down and simply explain what happened. Bridget would prefer to wait until she knows something more solid. That won’t be long after hanging around Ridge’s “welcome home” party in a less than party mood Bridget gets a call from Carl. He tells her she must come to the label right away, he can’t tell her what he has to say over the phone. Bridget leaves the party right away, causing Eric to become suspicious about her distant behavior.

Constantine sees the headlines on the front page of the newspaper and calls Phoebe to offer his congratulations. Constantine is disappointed to hear Rick is present at the celebration and things have been worked through for the couple. Phoebe invites Constantine to the party. She cannot wait to introduce him to everyone especially her father. Constantine agrees to drop in.

Nick also reads the front page and is angry he is the last one to hear the news of Ridge’s release. Taylor is present but doesn’t offer any excuse or comment until Nick determines that Brooke has not shown up for her first day of work because she is with ridge. Nick is furious Brooke has fallen under the spell of Ridge once again and has ignored her job as a new life for her. Taylor comments possibly Brooke isn’t through with her former life, Nick denies this fact completely and makes his feeling s all to known to his wife.

Ridge and Brooke speak over RJ who naps on the couch. They remember all the times they each hurt the other. They determine their futures are unknown to anyone the best they can do is to live each day as it is it’s own. Brooke and ridge have found each other and their feelings for one another once again and are ready to embrace a fresh start. Brooke is curious about Ridge’s feelings for Ashley. Ridge doesn’t answer directly rather he jokes “Logan” about being jealous. They have found their way back to each other personally but ridge wants more, Ridge wants Brooke’s creativity back at the company. Brooke remembers, she has signed a contract with Nick but speaking to herself and justifying her decisions to herself not an argumentative Ridge decides to join Ridge at Forrester originals rather than her commitment at Forrester Creations. Brooke leaves right away to break the news to Nick.

Constantine arrives and is welcomed by Ridge. Rick however walks up behind the record producer and asks “Who the hell invited you.” Rick leaves to confront Phoebe obviously upset that Constantine is present. Ridge notice the tension and asks Constantine about what is wrong between the two men. Phoebe asks Rick to please just get along. Constantine admits in his opinion, Phoebe can do better and does not understand what Phoebe see in the “two-timer” . Ridge’s interest in piqued, “two-timer”? he asks.

Brooke marches into nick’s office resigning immediately. Nick tries to make a fair argument but Brooke breaks it down to she wants it all. If she can’t have the man, the company, and the child she doesn’t want any of it. She made this clear in not so many words but that was her point. After Taylor got pregnant any thing that could have or should have been disappeared for Nick and Brooke.

Bridget arrives anxious to finally learn the truth. Carl shows her a lid from the dish that contained the fertilized eggs. Bridget becomes angry accusing Carl of “pulling something” but he points out quickly what is significant about the lid. The different eggs went to different labs. The different labs have different printers, therefore the label on the lid would indicate the destinations of the eggs. Carl types into a computer the information on the lid and immediately prints out the path the eggs have taken from the time the eggs came into the hospital until their final destination. Carl looks at the report in awe.

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