B&B Thursday Update 6/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/21/07


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Ridge Forrester is free! But, first let’s go back and see how the eldest Forrester sibling earned his freedom. Rick walks into the courtroom proclaiming that he shot grant Chambers. After verbal wrangling by both sides of lawyers the judge determined Ridge could receive a bench trial and he would hear Rick’s testimony. Rick took the stand, telling the court how he remembered ,after much prodding from Phoebe and his mother, that he was the person who shot Grant Chambers. Rick goes into his intense hatred for Grant but also explains there isn’t any love lost between he and Ridge. Rick gives convincing testimony, even after the ADA tries to lead the court to believe Rick is only coming forward because of his close connection and ties to Ridge Forrester.

Ridge testifies next, explaining in great detail what was said and done and his feelings the night Shane died. With only Rick and Ridge’s testimony the judge is ready to hand down his judgment. Ridge’s guilty plea for obstruction is accepted by the court and he must pay $50,000 as far as the murder in the first degree the judge does not feel that the charge had been proven so Ridge was found not guilty.

The Forrester clan go home to prepare a celebration for Ridge. While in processing awaiting his release Rick visits. Ridge is filled with gratitude and thanks Rick for “remembering” Rick tells Ridge point blank he didn’t remember anything he lied. Rick goes on to tell Ridge he perjured himself for Phoebe, he loves her that much that he saw how much Ridge’s incarceration was hurting her. Rick asks if that is enough for ridge to see how much Rick cares for Phoebe that he would risk everything to make her happy. He also asks that Ridge back off and let Phoebe and Rick be together. Ridge agrees as long as Rick respects Phoebe and does not run around on Phoebe.

After Rick, Ridge is visited by Brooke who wants to drive him home. Ridge is surprised but happy to see her. Brooke tells Ridge she has realized that she came so close to losing him and can’t bare the idea. Brooke forgives Ridge for hitting Rick in Sydney. Ridge promises never to do anything to make her doubt him again, Brooke is counting on him keeping that promise now that he has the rest of his life to.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne and Felicia rush around to prepare ridge’s favorite meal. Eric is worried about his youngest son, Rick. Eric feels, unaware Rick lied, that Rick will have some personal demons to battle now that the traumatic memories of his past have been made aware in his mind. Stephanie ignores Eric’s concerns to vocalize her own. At first, Stephanie simply seems unhappy about Brooke being back in their lives, forgetting Brooke was instrumental to Ridge’s not guilty verdict. As Eric worries more for Rick Stephanie begins to obsess about forbidding a reunion for Ridge and Brooke. Eric asks Stephanie to please just let Ridge and Brooke be for once but Stephanie refuses. Stephanie vows that no matter what, she will not allow Brooke back into Ridge’s life.

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