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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/20/07


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Going against everything her father asked of her, Phoebe immediately begged Rick to remember shooting Grant Chambers to save Ridge. Rick is sympathetic to Phoebe’s desire to save her father but cannot remember what it is everyone thinks should come so easily. Rick doesn’t explain that he doesn’t believe that he shot Grant. Phoebe excepts that he cannot remember but now asks him to lie and tell the courts that he shot Grant Chambers. Rick tells his young love that he cannot risk telling such a tale and the court not buying it and he will be in a jail cell next to Ridge. Phoebe is in complete tears and walks out after realizing that the trial has begun. Rick hates himself for hurting phoebe and would do anything he could to ease her pain.

Brooke drops by Bridget and Rick’s house before the trial but she is too late, Rick has already left for work. Brooke takes the time to talk with Bridget about the self-realization Brooke has discovered about herself. Brooke explains, she has always been called controlling but the reason she has acted the way she has in the past when it comes to men is because she is not in control of her life. Bridget is pleased to hear Brooke could possibly be seeing the error of her ways. Brooke goes on, she has determined the only way to change, and she does want to change, is to take control and stop the self-destructive behavior that has led her to chasing men that do not want her. This long over due realization has come to light as a result of the trials and tribulations Ridge is experiencing now. Bridget is encouraging in Brooke’s new found approach to her life.

Settled into work with phoebe at the courthouse, Rick is filled with dread but not surprise when Brooke walks in to his office. Brooke tries once again to pity Rick into remembering and doing whatever he must do to save Ridge as Ridge had done for Rick years earlier. Rick exclaims he would help if he could but he is not going to be the sacrificial lamb for Ridge or tell the courts something that is not true. Seeing that her influence isn’t working Brooke turns the tables on her son. She asks if you will not do it for me, do it for Phoebe. Brooke leaves to attend the trial. Rick looks at a photo of Phoebe that sits on Ridge’s desk. Rick tells himself calmly and factually over and over “I shot Grant Chambers.”

Christine explains to Stephanie and Taylor that she will ask for a continuance to prepare her defense but if she doesn’t get it she will ask the court to exclude the previous conviction. Christine is not confidant that either motion will be accepted by the court but she will do her best to fight for Ridge. Inside the court the ADA fights every motion and pushes the judge to bring in the jury and move forward with the trial. Ridge keeps an eye on the door mumbling to himself for Rick to please show up. Stephanie causes a disruption when a continuance is not granted but settles a bit when the judge agrees to hear Christine’s reasons for not wanting the jury to hear about the previous conviction in the Grant Chambers case. Christine puts Taylor on the stand but her testimony as a professional is not enough to keep the conviction out.

Phoebe arrives to her father’s side as they await the judge’s ruling on the prior conviction. The judge returns and decides there is not enough evidence to keep the conviction out and asks for the jury to be brought in for the trial to begin. Phoebe breaks down into hysterics begging the court not to “do this to her father” . Before she can be subdued by the court officers Rick enters the court room to everyone’s surprise and bellows from the back of the room “I don’t know who shot Shane McGrath but I know I shot grant Chambers.” Rick moves to the front of the courtroom with all eyes on him, saving Ridge.

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