B&B Tuesday Update 6/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/19/07


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Bridget stands face to face with Carl, the man who has been keeping Bridget close by taunting her with the truth about Taylor’s baby, in the lab. Carl flitters about keeping his information to himself and claiming that the doctors and lab techs have threatened him for talking to her. Bridget doesn’t care but isn’t cold about her lack of concern and tries to pry Carl’s knowledge from him. Carl insists they will talk more at dinner, Café Ruse, but not at the hospital. Bridget would prefer to meet in the parking lot. Carl gushes over Bridget and wants to take her to dinner to talk. Bridget agrees ,against her preferred desire, to have dinner at Café Russe, but she wants to go now. Carl wants him and her to change and spruce up before dinner. Bridget agrees once again, believing she will finally learn the truth.

At dinner, Bridget asks Carl directly what he knows about the fertilized eggs. Carl breezes through a caviar appetizer as if he is on a date with Bridget and ignores her persistent questioning. Carl finally reveals enough information to let her know he doesn’t know the certain truth but can find out if given a little time. He now wants to dance. Bridget dances with the nerd janitor knowing she will have to befriend him and keep him happy just a little longer. Carl is awful and tacky on the dance floor embarrassing Bridget.

Stephanie, Christine, Taylor and Brooke discuss what they have to find or discover to get Ridge off and the best way to make the jury believe Ridge didn’t shoot Grant with malice and he didn’t shoot Grant all those years ago. They need something concrete to prove that Shane intended to commit suicide rather than being murdered in a confrontation. And lastly they need Rick to remember and be willing to come forward with his memories about shooting Grant Chambers. Whistling and enveloped in his work Rick interrupts the strategy session. Feeling as he is being ambushed Rick immediately becomes defensive, claiming Ridge of lying about the entire thing.

Rick feeling confidant, claims that not a single person including everyone in the room could testify they witnessed Rick shooting Grant. Brooke steps forward and corrects her son. Brooke knows and has known for many years that Rick shot Grant. Taylor too , has known. Rick is hurt that his mother would defend Ridge before she would her own son. He adds, Ridge or Stephanie probably paid Grant off to say that Rick shot him. Stephanie takes offence and pipes up accusing Rick’s issues of being Brooke’s fault because of the constant parade of men and husbands in and out of Rick’s childhood. Brooke begs Rick to stand up and do the right thing, the honorable thing for Ridge who did what he had to, to protect Rick when he was just a young boy.

Rick will not give in to their wishes for him to admit to something he has no memory of and personally doesn’t believe to be remotely true, he storms out of the office. Angry that everyone in his life is pressuring him to remember or to simply lie, as he doesn’t know the truth in himself yet, Rick returns to the jail to ask Ridge to call his fan club off.

Ridge tells Phoebe everything. The truth about Shane, Grant, and Rick. Phoebe is in disbelief but believes her incarcerated father. Ridge advises Phoebe that it would be best if she did not pressure Rick to remember or come forward. Phoebe agrees.

Ridge is surprised to see Rick again considering their last conversation did not end on a good note. Rick wants ridge to drop the absurd allegations that he shot Grant as a child and for Ridge to face what he has done then and now. Ridge is calm and points out a startling point, if the allegations weren’t true why would Ridge come to Rick of all people for help.

Stephanie remembers that they have Shane's cell phone, so Chris and Taylor take a look at it.  They see a text message to Phoebe that sounds like goodbye.  He never sent it, and he never explicitly mentions suicide, so they wonder if it will be enough to help show that Shane was suicidal.

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