B&B Monday Update 6/18/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/18/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Carl, the lab nerd tells Bridget by phone that nobody knows he’s even there, but he sees everything, like the night of the IV for Mrs. Marone…..the donor’s eggs, her mother’s eggs, nothing gets past him.

Phoebe blasts into Rick. She knew things were different since they broke up. He’d been avoiding her, and now she knows why. He stammers that he was going through something he couldn’t talk to her about. But, she persists that he tell her the truth. Is there someone else or not? Just tell her! Finally he relents, yes there was. There WAS someone else. Her first question, is he in love with her? He pleads with her that they broke up and he thought they were over. He declares that he loves her and please, please forgive him.

Taylor tells Brooke that if she is not comfortable working with Nick, then she should not take the job. But, she is telling her that she is not the one standing in the way. Brooke believes her and states that she really wants them to get along. Taylor can’t promise there won’t be some little bumps in the road, but she thinks she is okay with it. Suddenly she doesn’t feel so well and Brooke helps out with some old breathing techniques.

Bridget inquires more, but Carl talks in circles that Bridget has been talking to the wrong people…. the doctors and lab technicians are just trying to protect themselves. He’s not accusing them of lying, but memory’s tricky, they are not always objective. He has nothing to lose, just sees what he sees. She asks whose eggs got fertilized, the donor’s or her mother’s? But the lab technicians interrupt and he has to hang up.

Hurt, Phoebe asks why didn’t Rick say anything? He laments that he just got back in town and she was going through so much. Her father had just confessed to Shane’s murder. He needed her….hell Rick needed her. She wonders if he was ever going to say anything? He’s not sure. He just made a decision that she needed protecting. He’s not trying to be noble as none of this is noble, but he was so happy they were back together and he didn’t want to mess that up. He didn’t want to risk losing her again. He vows he will do anything…..anything to regain her trust. He pleads that she knows him. She knows how much he loves her. He made an awful, stupid mistake when they were broken up, but he doesn’t want it to be over between them. She simpers she doesn’t want that either. Phoebe makes Rick promise this will never happen again. Pinky swear they both agree and vow they love each other.

Taylor feels calmer and they joke about whether this will be a boy or a girl as Nick is convinced it will be a boy – blue skies, blue seas, blue eyes. Brooke reminds them that almost all men think they are going to have a boy, but there is something really cute about the connection between a little girl and her father. Taylor thanks Brooke and says perhaps she will come in handy around here. So why don’t they get that business deal signed? It has nothing to do with their marriage.

The lab technicians are leaning pretty heavily on Carl and giving him the business when Bridget rushes in. They say they are sorry about all the confusion with the IV and it sounds like she was very upset by this. But, they run a pretty tight ship and would never make a mistake like that. They leave and Carl tells her she shouldn’t have come; he told her he would call her back. She’s beside herself and tells them that this could not wait. He HAS to tell her what he knows about the eggs that they implanted in Taylor Marone.

Brooke knows that she would be 100% asset, but would she be torturing herself by working along side Nick and knowing that Taylor is pregnant? He points out that he will be going through the same thing. Every time she walks into the room, he feels something…feelings, memories, stuff. They can’t avoid it and they can’t ignore it. Shouldn’t they deal with it and work past it? She asks – and just be friends? He answers yes, chart a new course. She reminds him they’ve already done that when they discovered Taylor was pregnant. And as much as she wished it weren’t true, they aren’t going to be able to change that direction.

Carl goes on and on that the hospital couldn’t function without people like him and yet the technicians treat him like he’s an idiot. If it weren’t for the custodial workers and maintenance, the doctors would be like practicing in the dark ages. He blames all of this on the records department. If they had only put her mother’s name on her file, there wouldn’t be two Petri dishes in the fertility lab. Bridget jumps at this – is he SURE? There were two dishes, did he see them with his own eyes? Dr. Caron isn’t likely to say she forgot to put Brooke’s name on the file. Bridget panics and says the administration has already told her they investigated and have assured her it was the donor’s eggs used. So who is she going to believe, the suits upstairs or the guy down in the trenches every single day?

Brooke tells Nick he’s having a baby, and she just can’t get past that. Everything is going to be different, he’s going to be different, he already is and the baby isn’t even born yet. Nick shares that he’s been the head of two different corporations, in charge of thousands of employees, doesn’t she think he can handle an infant? Yes, she does, she is just not sure she wants to witness it. He was always the man she could turn to, and she loved him being that man. She talks about the memories, the song that he wrote for her….she’ll never forget it. That song made her feel there was always hope for them. We see a series of clips of Brooke and Nick together, while he song plays.  Back in the present, Nick remarks there is hope, for all of them, just not the future they had planned. She comments that she will always respect his relationship with the mother of his baby…and she doesn’t know why….and for him not to take it the wrong way….”something is telling me in my heart, that you and I are not over.”

Bridget pleads with Carl. If there is the slightest chance that her mother’s eggs were used in Taylor’s IV, she needs to know. He says the place was nuts that night…you know what they say about too many cooks stirring the soup? Bridget starts to take the blame and he nixes that. No, no, he’d rather blame himself. Because he prides himself on being observant and speaking up if he saw something wrong. She wants to know how it ran that night? Were all the fail-safes in place? Please, can he help her? Does he have anything to tell her or not? Almost gloating, Carl tells her he can tell her who’s the mother of the baby inside Taylor Marone.

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