B&B Friday Update 6/15/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/15/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Rick makes a quick phone call, but leaves only voicemail to Phoebe. He apologizes for the way he has been acting; going through some things he doesn’t understand, but adds that he loves her. He wants her to call him back. Then he remembers what Brooke just said. Ridge did not shoot Grant Chambers. He only said he did to cover it up and protect Rick. Brooke calls. He’s in no mood, as he’s expecting Phoebe to call him back. She tells him she is worried about him. He scoffs – he’s not going on another shooting spree. And emphasizes again that he did NOT shoot Grant Chambers and he is not going to say he did just to get the charges reduced against Ridge. He thinks Ridge is manipulating the situation again and she and Taylor are buying it, hook, line, and sinker. Hastily he tells her he has no time to talk and has to go. He’s surprised when Bridget comes in and remarks that she has been walking on the beach, she’s taking the day off, if that is alright? She quickly agrees she should have given the hospital more of a chance to investigate the situation, and she shouldn’t have jumped to the worst case scenario. She has more of a perspective now. He says great, he just wishes he had known that before he stopped by Taylor’s office yesterday. She’s aghast, please tell her that he didn’t say anything to Taylor about this.

Brooke admires a photo of her and Rick. The doorbell rings, but she is slow to answer and Nick walks on in announcing himself. He notices her lingering on the photo and asks why? She doesn’t want to get into it with him. He says okay, he came over for business anyway. Has she thought any more about Brooke's Bedroom Line? Taylor walks in and Nick asks what is she doing here? She relents to Brooke. Maybe she should fill him in. Brooke starts that it’s about Ridge and Rick and another man that was shot many, many years ago. By her son Rick, but Ridge took the blame.

Pacing around in Ashley’s lab, Phoebe remembers the phone message to Rick that Constantine played for her. Who is she? What does she mean to Rick or him to her? Ashley comes in and jokes about being late for work. She says she was on the phone with her daughter all morning. Her dad is going through a divorce and some bad times. She asks Phoebe if she is still worried about her dad? Phoebe says yes, but he isn’t the only thing she is worried about. This is about Rick….she thinks he is seeing someone else. She doesn’t want to doubt him, she loves him. Ashley comments that he loves her too, so what’s the problem? Phoebe offers that she is not making this up, she has proof. Guilty, Ashley slyly asked – she has proof? She doesn’t know who it is, does she? Phoebe states that she knows she’s a slut. She could be a model and maybe French since she said au revoir in the voicemail. It could be anyone around here, that’s why Phoebe had come to Ashley. Would she have any idea who it might be?

Bridget is relieved when Rick says he didn’t say anything to Taylor. He realizes the Chief of Staff is reassuring her, but is she sure he’s not just telling her what she needs to hear? Dr. Caron calls at that moment to tell Bridget that she is glad she took the day off, it will do her the world of good. And in fact take a couple more off if she needs it. Bridget tells her she will be back in tomorrow. Rick confides in her what Ridge is attempting – to get the charges reduced by claiming Rick shot Grant. No, he knows he didn’t do it or he would have remembered pumping a bullet into someone. But, he’s got his mom and Taylor convinced he did and he will never forgive them for that.

Brooke tells Nick that no one wanted this to come out like this, especially Ridge. And now Rick thinks Ridge concocted this whole story to reduce his sentence. Nick asks just what does Brooke want to happen. Does she want Forrester out of jail and her son potentially in? Or does she want things left as they are?

Rick and Bridget argue. She wants him to calm down and let her talk to their mom. He insists that she not, he’s already talked to her……if she wants to believe Ridge over her own son……so just forget it, he’s sick and tired of this whole situation. He just wants to be with Phoebe, to spend time with her. She seems to be the only one that still believes in him. Bridget says well of course she believes in him. He’s never given her any reason not to. She glances at him….and then adds, “have you, Rick?” Okay, confession time. He tells her it’s not what she thinks. She guesses it is Ashley Abbot because she told her about Paris. Is this more than just Paris? Are the two of them seeing each other? He states that they aren’t seeing each other, but admits something did happen when he and Phoebe were briefly broken up. She asks if he got back with Phoebe because he felt obligated? He denies it, not at all. He loves Phoebe so much and doesn’t want to lose her. Which is why he had a talk with Ashley and they decided to end it. Bridget says she knows he will want to be honest with Phoebe and she respects him for that, but she’s so young……and she doesn’t know how she will take it. To know he was with a more sophisticated woman…..so if it’s really over with Ashley. He swears it is. She advises him just to focus on him and Phoebe for the time being. He grabs his shirt and heads out, thanking her, he knows she is right.

Brooke tells Taylor she wishes Rick never had to know, but now that he does, all she can do is rely on Taylor’s professional instinct. Does she know how grateful she is? She was the first person she came to because she needed her professional opinion, but also because she is a mother. ….fiercely protective and loving of her children just as Brooke is. And Rick is in good hands. And working with him, perhaps the two of them can put their mistrust behind them. Does Taylor think that is possible?

Ashley tries to be helpful without revealing too much. She reminds Phoebe that Rick works with beautiful women all the time, but that doesn’t affect the way he feels about her. He loves her and the one that he wants to spend his life with. Phoebe agrees that is what she thought, but things are different……it hasn’t been the same since they broke up and got back together. And the problem is she hasn’t seen that much of Rick since then. She laments that it is like he is avoiding her or too preoccupied to answer her calls. Obviously something is going on and she thinks it’s another woman, and she just has to find out either way.

Rick walks in and asks her what does she need to find out? Soon they are into it about all the messages she has been leaving and he’s avoiding. Okay, other things come first, or other people, one in particular. Right? Ashley thinks they need some privacy and says she is going to leave, but she’d like Rick to sign off on this order. She writes a note on pad “Rick, Phoebe knows there is another woman.” Unbeknownst what it really is, he tells her important or not, it’ll have to wait, he needs to speak with Phoebe right now. Ashley puts the note down on the counter. Phoebe can’t even look at Rick, but asks how does he expect her to feel when he keeps brushing her off? She is his girlfriend yet he’s treating her like there is someone else…..she wants him to be honest with her. Is there someone else…..who is she?

Nick suggests they put the Ridge and Rick aside for right now, concentrate on Forrester Creations. They are all adults and have discussed it and Taylor does not have a problem with Brooke coming back to work. Taylor affirms that. She’s never felt this secure. She knows Nick is committed to her and loves her as much as he does the baby she is carrying. And just because the two of them will be working together doesn’t mean their marriage will go down the tubes.

At the hospital, Dr. Caron’s beeper goes off and she leaves. A nerdy lab technician takes the quick opportunity to go dial a number on the phone. Bridget is on the couch, soaking her feet, lolling back with cucumber patches on her eyes. She answers her phone. It’s Carl….Carl Ferrot, brown hair, glasses, tidy’s up the lab, does grunt work. Ring a bell? She wonders what he wants. He has some information for her. Concerning? “The eggs that were used to implant Mrs. Marone”. He knows what really happened that day.

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