B&B Thursday Update 6/14/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/14/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor tells Rick she realizes this is a shock. In deep denial and digging further, he scoffs that this is crazy! Ridge shot Grant Chambers, not him, and everybody knows that. He doesn’t buy her excuse that she wishes they’d had more time to prepare him; what just to brainwash him too? Why do women always fall for his whopper of a lie?

Constantine tells Phoebe she is the girl that every man dreams of and every girl wants to be. And he says he believes in her, she inspires him. She already is a star, but he’s going to make sure the whole world knows.

Brooke comes home frantically looking for Rick. She calls Taylor to alert her that Rick knows, Ridge let it slip out. If she happens to come across him, please be careful around her boy. Rick understands that Ridge is trying to blame him so he won’t have a prior offense, the charges will be reduced and he will just get a slap on the wrist. But that won’t work as Rick knows the truth. Then he switches, not Ridge, this has Stephanie written all over it. He storms out saying if he really did shot somebody, he’d remember it. Brooke checks back in and does catch Taylor, very concerned how Rick feels, how angry he is. Taylor says he may shut down for good, see what kind of mountain she has to climb? Brooke is frantic, she must find Rick now.

Constantine reminds Phoebe it takes a lot of hard work, polished work and dance classes, all-consuming to make it big. She asks about Rick. Glumly, Constantine points out that she is eighteen years old, yet she is letting some guy map out her entire life. He doesn’t want to upset her, but he just has this hunch that this boyfriend isn’t as committed as she thinks he is. She argues and he says he is not trying to start trouble, but look at the messages she has left him and he is never there for her. Is that who she wants to spend the rest of her life yet? She checks her messages – nothing.

Brooke speaks with Catherine on the phone and descends the stairs to find Rick coming in. She glances and he has a gun in his hands. She asks what is he doing? With a snarl, he asks what does it look like? She remarks that Stephanie never should have brought that over, it was locked in the safe. He agrees, good place for it as you wouldn’t want it to fall in the hands of a child. Patiently she asks him to put the gun down. He answers that he is not Stephanie or Ridge, he is not going to shoot anyone. Then what is he doing with it? He replies he just wanted to feel it in his hands. He comments he’s never held one before, he’s never pointed it at anyone, certainly never fired one at anybody. He would have remembered that, don’t you think? Wouldn’t the gun seem familiar with him? And it doesn’t. Which proves he’s not capable of something like that. Brooke says she is not nervous, but humor her, put the gun down. He doesn’t comply. He looks her in the eye and tells her he did NOT shoot Grant Chambers. That is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. She reminds him that he despised Grant. No, he doesn’t remember that. Okay, maybe he despised him, but not to the point that he’d pick up a gun and shoot him!

Phoebe doesn’t like Constantine’s look – like he knows something that she doesn’t. Maybe he doesn’t like Rick, but that doesn’t gives him the right to say Rick doesn’t love her or isn’t good enough for her. He says he only knows how he would treat her, and he would never treat her this way. She wants to call Rick one more time. Perturbed by now, he answers rudely, snapping at her and she realizes he is with someone and he tells her he can’t talk right now and hangs up. All the more ammunition for Constantine to shake his head over how she is being treated by Rick.

Rick walks around with the gun, stating that he could never aim that at anyone, pull the trigger and shoot someone. He lays the gun down on the table. Says he doesn’t want Phoebe’s father to go to jail, he really doesn’t, but the lies have GOT to stop! Taylor has got to get down to that jail. Ridge needs some sort of intervention. She insists no, he does not. He did not shoot Grant Chambers. He only said he did to cover the truth up and protect Rick. THAT is the truth!

Phoebe goes on and on about Rick, how she will take him out to eat and let him relax, everything will be all right. Constantine tells her to stop, Rick is not deserving of all this devotion. He tells her he had no right to but when Rick left his PDA behind, he listened to a message to know whose it was. He recorded it, and this Rick Forrester isn’t the guy she thinks he is. She listens in amazement, she’s hurt, confused, Rick is seeing someone else? With her little chin quivering, he tells her he is so sorry.

Rick barks at his mother. Why is she telling him this? She tells him he was so young, so filled with rage and resentment. And the gun, that was her fault for having it around the house. He says stop it, he did not shoot Grant Chambers. She tells him Grant told her himself. Then he lied, Rick laments. She says they found Rick’s golf tee right where he was shot, so how could he lie about that? (that seems pretty flimsy evidence). A private investigator figured it all out. Rick was traumatized, so Ridge took the blame and pleaded guilty and got probation (how? if he confessed). Just so Rick would never have to know what he had done. So he smirks, now it’s just awfully convenient for Ridge to remind people now what really happened and get out of jail and come between him and Phoebe again…..which is his plan. But, never mind, there is no proof of this. She offers she would never tell him something so devastating if it weren’t true. It really happened. But, it doesn’t mean he is a bad person. Ridge helped him out once, now let them help Ridge out. She will be there for Rick, help him out, take the time.

He turns his back, shakes his head and says no. This is nothing but Ridge brainwashing her and just pure hearsay. Do NOT tell him this and don’t tell him she is taking their side over her own son’s? She walks closer to him, tears streaming, while he says no, he did not shoot Grant.

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