B&B Wednesday Update 6/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/13/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Visiting in jail, Rick jumps up and tells Ridge that this is a very sick joke or he has gone off the deep end this time. Ridge admits it’s a very sad truth, and he wishes he hadn’t said it.

Constantine plays one more time the message from sexy voice to Rick. Phoebe arrives and wants to apologize for the way Rick behaved. He didn’t really mean to insult him. Constantine says Rick huffed and puffed about him, warning her about the big, bad, record producer. It amazes him how lousy men treat their women and get away with it, all in the name of love. She begs him to just think of Rick as overly protective, but he’s really an amazing guy.

Taylor has flashbacks of Ridge telling her years ago that the real shooter of Grant Chambers was Rick. Taylor confides in Brooke that getting Rick to come forward and remembering could have irreparable damage.

Rick smacks at Ridge, is this his defense now, he’s going for insanity? Blaming a little kid, what did he use, a squirt gun? Ridge vows he never meant to get into this. Rick attacks – just when he thought Ridge couldn’t sink any lower, now he wants to pin a little kid for something he did. What else – global warming? Before leaving, he states that of all the despicable things he’d done to his mom and tried to do to Nick, he ought to shoot him…..but again that is the difference in the two of them.

Taylor and Brooke fill in Ms. Blair on the shooting, and Grant would have left no notes. The whole idea is that it be kept secret. They both wish there was some way to keep Rick from being traumatized all over again. Ms. Blair states that Rick is the key to all of this, but it has to come from him voluntarily.

Constantine really doesn’t see what Phoebe sees in Rick. She laments to Constantine that it’s like she didn’t have much of a choice. She fell for Rick the minute he got back from France. He wonders if she really fell in love with Rick or just the idea, the fantasy of being in love? Sometimes people fall in love with the idea before they get to know someone. He understands that Rick has been a part of her life like forever, but not as her boyfriend. How well does she know him, really?

Lt. Baker drops in on Ridge, saying he has another visitor – his lawyer, a really big gun. He taunts him that Ridge had more freedom that the rest of them slobs put together and what did he do? He threw it all away. Ridge tries to explain that Shane was going to kill himself and he tried to stop it. Baker tells him the problem is that people like Ridge think they are above the law. He might have gotten away with murder way back then, but no jury in the world will let him off now. Now he guesses he is going to say he didn’t shoot Chambers either?

Taylor invites Rick into her office. He’s curious, but his first concern is that Taylor has talked to Bridget and everything is straightened out there. He’s nervous but tells her she can ask him anything, he’ll try to clear it up, but just don’t call him a murderer; Ridge just did that. According to Ridge, Rick shot Grant Chambers.

Phoebe wants to change the subject. Constantine wants her to answer his question. She says she knows Rick as well as anyone. He has the biggest heart. They argue when Constantine points out how insensitive he is and can’t be found when she needs him. And Phoebe doesn’t even know where he was the other night. She claims it was business. Yeah, Constantine is not buying that. She tells him she will forgive him, just say it – Rick doesn’t deserve her. He asks or states that she really doesn’t know how special she is. He wants to play something for her and when she hears it, he hopes she will understand.

Brooke tells Ridge that his mother has people looking for Shane’s car and for some note if there is one. And Taylor is meeting with Rick as they speak. He tells Christine he appreciates her coming all this way, but she may as well go home and just send them the bill as there is nothing she can do for him now. Brooke reminds him he needs a lawyer; he says he needs a miracle. Brooke wants to give Taylor a chance at Rick. Ridge extols that Rick was just there…and it’s done…..he told him…that he shot Grant!

Rick is astonished that Ridge is going around saying he shot people. How outrageous him claiming such a thing. He’s whacked out of his head….he needs help. Perhaps he had a stroke and is hallucinating. But, he can see where it would be very convenient….no prior offense, no murder charges….pretty slick, you have to hand it to the guy. Taylor says the incident with Grant happened a long time ago, but she thinks it is time to set the record straight.

Phoebe asks Constantine if this has something to do with Rick? If it’s negative she doesn’t want to hear. He gently tells her they will keep it positive. He tells her it’s something he wrote. He and the boys stayed up all night working on it and recording it. He pours his heart out that he really hopes she likes it, it’s about how special she is….and he knew it from the first time he met her…that she was the girl he was waiting for….she’s going to be a big star….and her star is going to shine. He plays her a video in which he performs “I’ve Been Waiting For a Girl Like You” (only she’s in it too). She’s touched and thinks it is beautiful. Really? Is that how he sees her? He says yeah, she’s going to be a really big star. They are going to do great things together, he has no doubt.

Ridge knows he has blown it. But Rick got in his face and provoked him…it wasn’t intentional, it just came out. Christine repeats, okay Rick knows. They can’t undo that. But how will this affect their strategy? Ridge says he didn’t take it very well.

Rick wonders if Ridge has told Taylor his little theory, or gone to the press? Slowly, she says she had hoped to prepare him for this….the mind can work in mysterious ways….severe trauma…..repressed memory……may take a few days, weeks, even years…..or never until there is a reason. Rick glances at her and says he thought they were talking about Ridge here. Don’t tell him she is buying into this garbage. He did NOT kill Grant Chambers? But the startled look on his face tells us he has his doubts and concerns.

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