B&B Tuesday Update 6/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/12/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick faces Bridget. She’s almost scaring him. She said the baby was fine; now what is wrong? Just get past the difficulty and just say it.

Brooke and Stephanie are visiting Ridge in jail. Stephanie remarks that if the jury knew……he says no, she didn’t coerce him, he made his own decisions. Christine Blair makes her entrance as Ridge’s attorney. Though he’s not so sure even the best attorney can help him now. Stephanie is worried that the media seems to think the D.A.’s office wants to make an example out of all of this. Christine is surprised to hear about any prior conviction as she thought Ridge had confessed to that Chamber’s shooting.

Bridget stammers that she should have never taken Nick and Taylor’s case. Before she can finish, Dr. Jack In the Box pops in and must see Dr. Forrester NOW. As Nick and Taylor look on with stricken faces, Dr. Caron marches Bridget down the hall and warns her for the hundredth time she can NOT tell them what she was about to. She is absolutely certain the correct eggs were in the lab that night. They argue because Bridget is insistent although she is not sure of the procedure itself. Dr. Caron realizes Nick used to be Bridget’s husband and she strongly urges her to examine her own motives of why she is wanting to undermine this happy marriage and pregnancy.

Stephanie sings Taylor’s praises and says she is an excellent psychiatrist, Rick will remember. Christine says that will make it much tougher for the D.A. to prove Murder One. Ms. Blair wonders if Shane was seeing a psychiatrist, anyone who could testify to his suicidal tendencies? Stephanie reveals that she might be able to help there. Even though Brooke states those records are confidential. Stephanie says she will do anything to help Ridge. Christine finds out Shane was living out of his car. Perhaps he left a note there, but the car was towed. She’ll have to check the police report. She asks one more question – did he kill Shane McGrath? No splitting hairs, he might have been responsible for the gun going off, but he did not kill Shane.

Bridget swears she has no hidden agenda. She knows how much Nick wants that child and she wants it for Nick and Taylor. Dr. Caron points out how important this is for Mrs. Marone to hear this might be Bridget’s mother’s eggs she is carrying. It could cause her to miscarry, not to mention it being the end of the IV program. Dr. Caron says there were inconsistencies, and they will keep looking into it, but she has to trust herself. There is no reason to halt the procedure.

Rick drops by to see Ridge. He tells him his father asked him to come and he couldn’t think of a reason not to. They weren’t exactly brothers, but they were something so he figures they better find a way to stand each other. Ridge says good, things haven’t always been bad between them. Rick snarls he’s glad Ridge remembers it that way, he doesn’t.

Taylor takes a phone call from Stephanie and tells her it’s none of her business where she is, but she will be there with Stephanie as soon as she can. She asks Nick if she can stay and talk to Bridget alone? Nick kisses her goodbye and tells Bridget that Taylor will fill him in later. Bridget feels guilty, Nick must be annoyed at her. Taylor assures her he’s not, she asked him to leave. A mistake has been made, and it’s Taylor’s. She feels like she has put her in an awkward position professionally. Bridget tells her no, she is glad she feels comfortable with her. And of course she cares. Taylor continues that he knows it was hard, losing Nicole…and she couldn’t stop blaming herself…and now she feels responsible for Taylor’s pregnancy and the risks involved and she doesn’t want to blame herself again if something goes wrong with this one. Is she right? Bridget agrees that they are so interconnected that yes she would feel responsible if anything happened.

Taylor lets her off the hook by saying she knew the risks, but if it makes Bridget feel any better she can get another doctor. Bridget nixes that, she would still feel some stake in this. She’d like to see it through if Nick and Taylor can put up with her. Taylor was hoping she would say that.

Rick tells Ridge the past can’t be changed, so why don’t they just figure out where it goes from here? Ridge says he’s glad Rick is there. They have an opportunity and if someone else had asked him first, then Rick would be wondering why Ridge didn’t first. Rick asks – approach for what? Ridge says to help him with his defense. Rick doesn’t think that is a good idea, but Ridge asks him to keep an open mind. He just might have more information than he knows. Rick fires back that he has way too much information gathered over many, many years…and he’s sorry none of it is good. So why don’t they just keep this visit nice and short and sweet? Ridge agrees they do not agree on how things should be with his daughter. Before that, when Rick was a kid, he was there for him and he needs to know Rick will be there for Ridge now. Rick quips – Ridge was there for him? Was he there for him when his mother cried herself to sleep over him night after night? My God, Ridge had shot one of her husbands. For years he thought his mother might be next. Was Ridge there for him then?

Bridget tells Dr. Caron everything is okay, she cleared the air with the Marone’s. There is no reason to panic over the technician’s faulty memory. No red flags and they will just have to believe the correct eggs were implanted. Dr. Caron says good and for Bridget to follow her. She introduces her to the chief of Staff, Dr. Mills, and to legal chief, Mr. Kahan. Dr. Mills brings up good reports on her being a fine doctor and then brings up this fertility case. Bridget assures him it is on the way to being resolved. Dr. Mills is more emphatic – not on the way, it IS resolved. He states he investigated it personally. The records are clear; the correct eggs were used. The memory may cloud, but records do not. When she argues that records may also be incorrect, he insists they can not be. She is just second guessing herself – classic error of the newly practicing physician. The kind of error you would not expect from this institution, and they must not let the Marone’s believe it could.

Taylor states that she always got the feeling that Shane was reigning something in, something explosive and frightening, but she didn’t suspect him of suicide. She knows Ridge and believes in him. And her feeling is that there was someone who strongly influenced Ridge to act against his own best interest. Christine emphasizes they will be checking but right now they have no proof of any failed suicidal intervention. All they have is Ridge’s word on why he panicked and dumped the body, and that’s not going to carry a lot of weight. Unless the jury can be shown how the Chamber’s shooting affected his thinking, and that he was wrongly convicted. She asks Taylor how long does she think it will take her to help Rick remember his part in all of this? She admits it could happen in the first session, or it might not ever happen at all. Over the years he has built up a lot of defenses. He wouldn’t want to believe he is capable of killing someone. To get those defenses down, she’d have to be sure he felt safe…and then he’d be very vulnerable. Christine says then potentially they are in for a long time. Brooke is worried about that. Taylor remarks that is why it should take place in stages, he’ll be in and out of denial. But she would be shoring up his confidence and his self-worth and that he is a good person who acted impulsively and made a mistake. Unfortunately, Stephanie says, she thinks the D.A. is going to push for a speedy trial. This thing with Rick has to come to a head and very quickly. Taylor nods no, he will be too vulnerable and she is not going to do that to him.

Rick is appalled, he is sure Ridge’s attorney will put him on the stand. What is he witness to? Besides his incredible indifference to every other human being on this Earth from his mom all the way down to Nick? And by the way, what he did to Nick was despicable. And what’s he supposed to say if they ask if Ridge is violent? “Yeah, he attacked me once and shot a man married to my mom, but hell he didn’t manage to kill us.” Ridge hedges, he did not shoot Grant Chambers. Rick goads him, oh now he’s thought about it and now he’s changing his mind. Then who did shoot Chambers? Did Nick do that too? Ridge answers calmly, "you did."

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