B&B Monday Update 6/11/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/11/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor and Bridget hug. Taylor remarks that she is the one that is pregnant and should be emotional, so what is Bridget’s excuse? Bridget knows how much this baby means to Nick and Taylor and that is why what she has to tell her is so significant. Dr. Caron interrupts before she can say more. She admonishes Bridget and asks if there was another reason she met with Taylor. She can not reveal any possible mix-up with her mother’s eggs. Bridget disagrees. If there is the slightest chance, then Taylor and Nick have to be told.

Constantine tells Rick that he is making a mistake. Phoebe did spend the night and slept on the couch, but he did not touch her. Rick can not come in here and talk to him like that, so he wants him OUT!

Brooke drops by Ashley’s office. Politely she fishes for information. In fact she is pretty blunt. Before Ridge shot Shane, she states he and Ashley were getting pretty close. Ashley was interested, is she anymore? Ashley laughs – he’s in jail! It’s kind of hard to have a relationship under those circumstances. Brooke surmises that after all is said and done, Ridge will probably get off on probation. Will that make a difference to Ashley? Ashley is confused. Is Brooke defending Ridge? If Brooke thinks he is such a great guy, why did she leave him?

Nick and Taylor wile away the time by smooching up a storm. He wants to know if everything is okay? He just saw Bridget and she looked pretty intense. She reminds him she’s got three kids, she’s done this before so she’d know if something was wrong.

Dr. Caron and Bridget argue. It would be totally irresponsible for her to mention it now before there was any proof. Bridget barks back at her – that man in there was her ex-husband, and the lady her mentor, the reason she is a doctor. And there is a damn good chance that the baby she is carrying may be her half-sibling, so there is no way she can be objective.

Phoebe continues to fuss at Rick for interfering. She mentions she had asked him many times to come over and sing with her and he was too busy. So she came alone, and now he doesn’t like that either. Constantine doesn’t give them time alone and Rick tells him to butt out, this is none of his business. Constantine says as a matter of fact, if she signs a contract then she will be his business. Rick speaks for Phoebe – she’s way too busy with things in her life right now to launch a new career. Constantine tells him it’s Rick who hasn’t been listening, she wants this. Rick won’t listen to anymore and grabs Phoebe to go. Constantine tells her she can come back anytime, Rick can’t. Phoebe lingers long enough to make excuses – Rick is just very protective, very loyal. Constantine asks if she sure about that? Not a doubt in her mind.

Brooke assures Ashley she is doing everything possible to make sure Ridge is not convicted of murder charges. Ashley laughs again. She can’t believe this family. It’s really complicated, Brooke admits. Ashley says it sure is. Here she is trying to get him off for murder and set him up with a date the same day. Or is she fishing? Is she trying to figure out how Ashley feels about him so Brooke can go after him again?

Dr. Caron tells Bridget if she is asking permission for her to tell Taylor, she can’t. Bridget replies that she is not asking permission. She is a part of this case and she is not going into that room and pretend that she is not. And telling the truth is the most responsible thing she can think to do right now. Dr. Caron states emphatically that protocol has to be followed and through proper channels. There is an on-going investigation and until they get to the bottom of this, Bridget is NOT to say anything to anyone.

Outside in the car, Rick apologizes. This can not go on like this. She makes him look at her and asks if he trusts her? Yes, he replies, but he doesn’t trust Constantine, he was all over her. She reminds him that is just what her own father says about Rick. He admits he’s being a jerk, at least he’s over-reacting, but it’s her, she sees only the good in people and thinks they all just want to help her. She understands that with Constantine helping her, it’s not totally selfless, it could help his business too. Constantine is her friend, she likes working with him, but Rick is the man she loves and Constantine knows it. She is always raving about Rick and then he goes barging in and does this. She doesn’t get it!

Constantine hears a PDA going off and realizes it is Rick’s. He listens to the message. No names mentioned, “it’s me……..about last night……call me.” Constantine is amused. Rick was supposed to be with his sister last night, and this doesn’t sound like any sister!

Rick admits that Constantine is getting to him and he thinks to Phoebe too, even though he trusts her. But with guys like that, they don’t need any encouragement. She admits he might like her a little bit, but Rick is the only guy for her. She doesn’t want to argue about this, just go eat something. They have been out of sync and she wants to fix it. They agree to go back to the beach house since Bridget is not going to be there. Then he realizes he left his PDA back at Constantine’s and goes to get it.

Ashley eggs Brooke to just be honest with her. It’s hard to believe she is just there to sing Ridge’s praises. Brooke expresses that Ridge is a good man, he’s just going through a difficult time right now, and he needs a friend. Ashley chuckles, so as long as that is all it is “a friend?” Brooke admits that would be up to Ashley. Ashley tells her to come on, no matter what she ends up sharing with Ridge couldn’t possibly compare to what Brooke has shared with him. And assuming everything is over with Nick, she may not know her very well, but she doesn’t seem like a woman who would go through life without a “Plan B” maybe. Brooke tells her not to believe everything she hears about her and Ridge. And all her hopes with Nick went out the window when she heard Taylor was pregnant with his baby. He would never abandon the mother of his child.

Retrieving his PDA, Rick then confronts Constantine and tells him Phoebe is very special to him. He loves her and she loves him and he would do ANYTHING to protect her and he does not want her to be hurt. Constantine replies, “ah, trust me, Rick. I doubt I’m going to be the one that hurts Phoebe.” Phoebe’s words ring in his ears. If she only knew the doubts he has about Rick, and if she knew, she would too.

When Rick returns to the car, Phoebe scoots up close and holds his hand and tells him she loves him. And she is flattered that he was jealous, but he doesn’t have to be. She maintains they have been through too much and know each other too well to be suspicious. They aren’t like other couples and even if they were having problems, they wouldn’t do anything to hurt each other.

Constantine gloats – so it looks like Rick has another lady on the side, wonder who she could be? He punches a button and replays the message. Brooke shares that what she had with Nick was very special, like nothing she will share with anyone else. He was masculine, rugged, sometimes funny….and even in the worst of times a thread that bound them together. …until now…..so not this time. Sometime ago he asked her to have a baby and she said no. Now that baby has changed her life. The baby that Taylor is carrying is as significant to her own life as it is to Taylor’s.

Bridget tries to force a smile as both Taylor and Nick bombard her with questions. Is the baby okay? Did Dr. Caron’s tests find anything wrong? Bridget assures them all the tests came back negative – which is a positive thing. She closes the door, looks around to be sure she is not being overheard and then stammers that everything is alright and that is why telling her this is going to be even more difficult. They both swing around to look at her and want her to spill what she is trying to say to them. Bridget gulps and tears well up in her eyes, no words will come out.

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