B&B Friday Update 6/8/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/8/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Rick awakes to find Bridget in the living room still in her clothes from the night before. She informs him that she didn’t sleep much. Was there one moment when she realized she was about to make a mistake? Rick points out that she doesn’t even know if there was a mistake, but if there was, it wasn’t her mistake. She differs because it was her idea that her mother donate her eggs for research. And now there is no way to know exactly what happened with those eggs. But what if she is right? What if the wrong eggs were fertilized? Oh my God, Taylor could be carrying Brooke’s and Nick’s baby! She’s still feeling very guilty when Taylor calls and wants to know if they can push back the appointment just a little as Nick wants to be there and needs to clear his schedule. Rick questions her if she’s really going to tell them? Bridget thinks they all deserve to know. Rick claims then their mother needs to know too.

Phoebe is surprised when she wakes up at Constantine's and finds she spent the night there on his couch. Protectively, he claims he didn’t have the heart to wake her. She doesn’t blame him, but thinks her mom must be freaking out. No, he took care of that too by text messaging her from Phoebe’s phone, saying she was staying with a friend. She thanks him and tells him how amazing he has been. He shoots the compliment right back….her life is complicated for sure, but she’s not crazy. He says she is great, just the girl he’s looking for. She remembers that is what he told her the first time he’d met her. He remarks he knows…..and he was right.

Taylor’s doorbell rings and it’s Stephanie who pushes her way past Taylor. Taylor tells her she hasn’t forgotten, she is researching some techniques and she did find some promising ones. But, there is no guarantee that Rick will remember shooting Grant Chambers. And even if he does, she reminds her that it may have no bearing at all on Ridge’s case. Stephanie says it does, but she realizes her part in the cover-up too and she will accept that responsibility. Taylor wonders if this is the part she is supposed to forgive and forget? She doesn’t think Stephanie realizes just how much she hurt her. Does Stephanie even care that her baby might grow up without a father? There are some mistakes you just can not go back and undo.

Bridget thanks Rick but says she feels like she needs a time machine, not a big plate full of French toast. He’s telling Bridget that he thinks she needs to look at the big picture, more people are going to be affected….. when….Brooke walks in. Pointblank she tells Bridget she really ought to take a break, she doesn’t look too well…what’s going on? Rick gives Bridget the high sign – why doesn’t she tell her mom what is going on?

Constantine sings a little bit but tells Phoebe he has the lyrics but needs some more tinkering on the music. Phoebe has some messages from her mom, but nothing from Rick. She makes the excuse that perhaps he called the house and found out she was staying with a friend. Constantine suggests they give her pipes a workout.

Stephanie confesses that she should have apologized for the other day, it was a total panic. Surely Taylor being a doctor, she could understand that. Taylor suggests she not go there. It was she who put Ridge on that plane to Paris. Stephanie asks how far would she go to protect Thomas and both of her girls? Taylor doesn’t think she would frame an innocent person for murder! Stephanie reminds her no one knows exactly what they will do in the moment. And she recalls how Taylor sacrificed her life to bring her twin girls into this world. Taylor says exactly – her point. Her life, not someone else’s. Stephanie ought to quit talking as she keeps sticking her foot in her mouth. Stephanie walks away and says Taylor is right. There is nothing more she can say in her defense. But, let her give her a little warning. She understand Brooke wants to go back to work at Forrester creations. Don’t let her do that. If this marriage means that much to her, then keep her away from her precious husband.

Brooke tells her kids that this may sound trivial, but she really wants to know what is going on in their lives. She asks if she might stay for breakfast and help mix up those eggs. LOL Rick says he thinks Bridget already has! Bridget shoots him a dirty look. Brooke shocks them when she says Nick wants to give her baby back. Huh? He wants her to come back and work at Forrester Creations and re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom Line. Rick can’t believe she wants to compete with Forrester Originals. She asks if that would bother him? He deadpans, then laughs – only if she beats him. Bridget tells Rick he’s crazy. Their mom can’t go to work for Nick. He is married to Taylor and they are going to have a baby. He doesn’t want to be part of that.

Taylor tells Stephanie she is not worried about Brooke. Stephanie assumes that is because Taylor thinks Nick loves her as much as she does him. That’s a view but without proof. Taylor claims she does have proof, but Stephanie doesn’t think it is the family that she is planning or the ring he gave her. There isn’t anything that he has given her that Brooke can’t take away. Taylor proclaims that Brooke can’t take away her baby. Stephanie wonders why she is being so naïve? She can take away the father! Taylor declares the only time she was naïve was when she trusted Stephanie, and she has learned since then. She is not naïve anymore. Stephanie chuckles, does Taylor honestly believe that Brooke has any intention of keeping her relationship with Nick strictly professional? Didn’t she learn anything from the Sydney thing? Didn’t Brooke come barging into the house, right into the bedroom and jumped on him? Taylor tells her to calm down, or Taylor is going to be sick. Stephanie waxes that if she thinks she is ill now, just wait until she lets that woman back into her corporation and into her marriage. Taylor warns her to just stop. Brooke is not a factor in her marriage to Nick….not one little bit.

Brooke says she doesn’t think Taylor having a baby is any reason for her to reject Nick’s offer. Rick quips yeah what does a baby have to do with it? Brooke answers she thinks it gives Taylor more confidence with her working with her husband. Bridget tries to discourage her, that is no reason for her to take the job. Brooke only says that she is considering it. And why would she put herself in the middle? If Nick is okay with it, and Taylor is too? She’s assured Taylor already that she needn’t be worried, she has nothing to be threatened by. Rick glares at Budge and asks isn’t there anything that she needs to tell her mom? Bridget fidgets and finally tells her mom that she loves her and gives her a big hug. Brooke looks at Rick quizzically and watches Bridget dash off.

Constantine works his magic at the boards while Phoebe sings. He thinks it was great, she’s not so sure. She misses singing with Rick. He assures her he’s worked with a million singers who have a lot more experience and they are ten years older, but she’s much better than all of them. She still feels she sounds better when she is singing with Rick. Constantine says he’d love to hear him, but obviously this is more important to her and it is to him. She corrects him, what is important to her is also important to Rick. Constantine says he hopes so, for her sake.

Taylor hands Bridget the lab work and says Bridget looks tense. Bridget has been remembering the possible mix-up and tells Taylor there is something she needs to know.

Constantine is giving Phoebe some friendly advice how to stand, how to handle the mike, just be natural, etc. Rick finds the address and knocks on the door, finds it open so pushes it in. No one seems to be there so he walks in further and looks around until he hears voices. He glances and sees Constantine with his hands on Phoebe’s shoulders. They are behind glass in the recording booth. He rushes in and asks what the hell is going on? He’s none to happy to hear she spent the night there. Constantine tries to explain that she was wiped out. Rick isn’t having that and wants nothing from him; he wants Phoebe to leave with him. Innocently she says he was just giving her some advice. Rick sizes up the situation and knows exactly what is happening. And he has some advice for him – back off! Both Phoebe and Constantine are incensed. Rick accuses him of having his hands all over her. He knows what he’s interested in, and it’s not her voice.

Taylor repeats what Bridget just said. She has something she wants to tell her? Does she want to wait for Nick? Happy to wait, Bridget says yes they should wait. Taylor says she is glad, there is something she wants to tell Bridget. Bridget braces herself for this. Taylor says she knows Nick has discussed Bridget’s role in all of this and she hadn’t wanted to bring it up before or be insensitive. But that is the way she feels and she feels so grateful for everything Bridget has done. Feeling even more guilty, Bridget tells her she shouldn’t be. Taylor goes on and on how she has known her since she was a little girl and Bridget always wanted to help others and that is exactly what she has done for her and Nick. It’s kind of ironic in a funny way. Brooke and she have always had a tenuous relationship, and now it is her daughter who is helping them. It’s not about her mother at all, but just herself and Bridget. There’s a new special bond between them and she’s become part of something very sacred. And she wants to thank her.

Almost crying, Bridget tries to break into a smile. Taylor hugs her and Bridget thinks, “Oh God, Taylor. I am so sorry. How am I supposed to tell you that you might be carrying my mother’s baby?”

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