B&B Thursday Update 6/7/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/7/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Rick tries to revive his sister that is passed out on the floor. Bridget comes to and is very disoriented. Bridget mumbles and rambles on in short clips about the details of what is bothering her. As she clears her head the best she can Bridget begins to confide in a very confused and concerned Rick. Rick listens. Bridget panics as she tales the tale of fertilized eggs getting mixed up. Every time she plays the events and facts through her mind Bridget becomes more certain that Taylor is carrying Brooke’s baby.

Phoebe tries to concentrate on a demo at Constantine’s studio but she complains that she just can’t get used to singing without Rick. Constantine is annoyed by her childish dependence on Rick but tells her she should call him. Phoebe is happy to, but doesn’t get the response she wants. “WHAT!?” Rick answers Phoebe sets in to her problems and her need to have him with her. Rick cuts her off claiming he can’t talk. Phoebe is down but defends Rick’s feelings for her when Constantine takes the opportunity to make a dig about Rick and how he treats Phoebe.

Phoebe is stressed and exhausted Constantine notices. He suggests that she lay down on his couch and nap rather than risk driving. Phoebe agrees and lays down. When she is in a nice slumber, Constantine sings a romantic song to her telling how he feels about her.

Nick asks Brooke to come back to Forrester and reinvent “Brooke’s Bedroom”. Brooke is surprised but hesitant to give Nick an answer. She tells him of Jackie’s offer when he was locked up. Nick tries to sell the idea to Brooke. She doesn’t turn him down as quickly as she did Jackie. Brooke agrees to give it some thought. Taylor returns to the living room after being in the restroom with morning sickness. Taylor smiles and is encouraging when Nick and Brooke tell Taylor of Nick’s proposal. Brooke advises Taylor to enjoy her pregnancy and lets herself out. With Brooke gone Taylor becomes upset with Nick for not discussing his proposal with her first.

Taylor gets past her anger quickly and is comforted by Nick. Brooke returns to the house a peers into the living room from the open front door and watches as Nick and Taylor cuddle in each other’s arms kissing and very happy with their new life together.

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