B&B Tuesday Update 6/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/5/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Rick has some information about an exotic flower from Mexico that Ashley was interested in using for a fragrance. Ashley is hard at work in the lab but takes a break to ask how ridge is doing and if Brooke is handling the news well. Brooke is doing well, considering, Rick reports. Ashley is curious about what Brooke was like as a mom, especially what she was like when Rick was growing up. Rick tells the varied tales of Brooke as a mom, not forgetting the constant flow of men in and out of their home. Rick goes through the story of each man and every time she ping-ponged back and forth with Ridge. Ashley listens curious. “What about Grant Chambers?” Ashley asks. Rick gets quiet and doesn’t want to talk about that claiming some things are better left in the past.

Rick has had enough of Brooke memory lane and changes the subject, trying to explain how he feels about Ashley, Phoebe and what happened in Mexico. Ashley is cool, acting like she isn’t interested one way or another. She is almost dismissive about the whole subject and him. Eric calls the lab and asks to speak with her as soon as possible. Without hesitation Ashley agrees and prepares to go meet with the elder Forrester. Rick becomes upset that she could just walk away from him and what he was saying. Ashley tells him in a close whisper that there are no hard feelings and Mexico was mexico nothing more nothing less. It was more to both of them and they both know it but Ashley has decided to downplay her feelings about mexico and Rick. Rick grabs her from behind and asks her to please stop doing whatever it is she is doing. Almost begging he goes on, it’s driving me crazy he admits. Ashley turns with her come and get me eyes and claims I’m not doing anything, and leaves.

Rick’s sister isn’t doing much better than he is but Bridgett has much bigger worries than being torn between two lovers. Bridgett and her fellow doctors are in a panic to discover the truth and hope the mistake hasn’t been made that they believe was. Bridgett orders tests and investigations in a fury with tears in her eyes. The outcome of the gathered information isn’t good news for the new doctor. Before anything conclusive is returned Nick pops in after forgetting his jacket the day of the ultrasound. Bridgett is nervous and wants him to leave in a hurry. Nick expresses, and takes his time doing so, his gratitude and thanks for the care and concern Bridgett has taken with them.

With all the information gathered it is determined Brooke’s eggs did go to the fertility lab rather than the research lab and they cannot determine if Taylor’s implanted eggs are Brooke’s or the donor’s at this point in time. Bridgett’s eyes water, she knows she made a terrible mistake that could destroy the lives of the people she loves the most and an innocent baby. Taylor has been implanted with Brooke’s donor eggs.

Brooke speaks with Ridge promising to do what ever it takes to get him out or at least get the charges reduced. Brooke has faith and belief that Ridge is innocent and a truly good man that wouldn’t hurt anyone. Ridge just can’t have the faith in the truth that Brooke does. Ironic isn’t it, Brooke finally wants and believes in the truth. Brooke tells Ridge she has a plan. Ridge cannot believe the woman that wouldn’t marry him because she believed he was violent is his biggest supporter and believer in his innocence.

Taylor is suffering from extreme morning sickness and is not in the mood for company but Stephanie barges in, uninvited and unwelcome. Stephanie pays no attention to Taylor when she asks her to leave not only her house but her life, and to certainly stay out of the life of the baby. None of this is Stephanie’s concern, Ridge is. Stephanie begs Taylor to step up and help get Ridge’s charges reduced as the mother of Ridge’s children and as a professional. Before Taylor can oppose, Brooke lets herself into the already open door. Brooke doesn’t wait to catch up she immediately jumps on Stephanie’s bandwagon to help free Ridge. Taylor cannot believe they have the nerve to ask this of her, the wife of the man they were going to let take the fall for Ridge. Stephanie begs for any help, Brooke, however, has a plan and is quick to state her plan. Brooke is ready and willing to cast Rick to the wolves, just like the self-serving mother she has always been. Brooke wants to revisit the idea that Taylor work with Rick professionally to help him remember shooting Grant Chambers so that will not be held against Ridge. Taylor stands by her original opinion on doing such, it could damage Rick emotionally due to the trauma that he endured by repressing the memory. Brooke defends wanting to sell Rick out by stating the importance of bringing this out by saving Ridge from a life of prison, rather than just to make peace between the feuding men. Taylor is reluctant but agrees after putting up a half-hearted argument.

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