B&B Monday Update 6/4/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/4/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

A clean cut ridge is happy to see Brooke who has come to the jail to promise to do what ever she can to help him through his time in jail, the court system, and to his freedom. Ridge doesn’t believe it will be that easy but Brooke is very optimistic. She tells him of how RJ and Phoebe need him and how RJ needs to know his father. Ridge explains how he regrets not coming forward sooner but swears he never intended to frame Nick. Brooke believes him. Ridge replays the entire story and his personal struggle with knowing the truth and living with it. Brooke listens and is understanding and encouraging. Ridge just doesn’t see a way out, he is certain there will be prison time in his future, possibly for the rest of his life. Ridge revisits the Grant Chambers sentencing and verdict. Ridge doesn’t regret helping out Rick but is afraid it is going to come back to hurt him now. No matter what, Brooke promises she will make this right and make sure Ridge gets his freedom.

Phoebe and Rick continue to embrace and hold each other apologizing over and over for the things they said and hurting each other. Phoebe feels the worst and promises that nothing will ever come between them again. She just assumes because Rick is there and he has apologized that they are back together again. Rick tells her he will never do anything to hurt her again. They are going to be together forever, she tells him, confidant in what they share.

Rick goes to Ashley’s house. She knows what is going on. Rick apologizes to her and almost pretends what they shared in Mexico never happened. He tells Ashley that he and Phoebe need each other right now. Rick goes on to tell how hurt Phoebe is and he wants to there for her. Ashley brings up Mexico and refuses to let him sweep it under the rug as if it were nothing, just as she suspected he would do when he reunited with Phoebe. Ashley moves in close with her bedroom eyes shining in the moonlight and tells Rick she knows what they had, she knows the connection they both felt was real. But she understands how he feels about Phoebe. Rick breaks down, almost begging for Ashley to understand how her leaving Paris hurt him and finally with Phoebe he got over her.

Ashley tells him in a seductive whisper that the door is open if he wants to leave. Rick heads for the door but turns around and pulls Ashley into his arms laying a huge kiss on her. After one last kiss, Rick walks out to be with Phoebe.

Bridget sits at her desk ready to close the book on her mom’s medical file. A nurse comes in relieved to finally have cleared up the confusion with Brooke’s last name. Just before Bridget relinquishes the medical record to be filed away Bridget notices some inconsistencies. The nurse goes to investigate as Bridget looks closer at the file. It isn’t long before they have traced and tracked Brooke’s eggs for testing to the fertility clinic. The eggs were suppose to be frozen for some fertility testing in a few months but somehow were sent to the fertility lab. Low and behold not to Bridget’s pleasure, they were sent the same day Taylor’s donor eggs were to be fertilized. After a little closer look Brooke’s eggs can’t be found anywhere and there is a note in the file they have been implanted in a patient. Panic hits Bridget, she mistakenly implanted Brooke’s eggs into Taylor.

As Bridget realizes the horrible mistake that will destroy lives and marriages not to mention the life of the unborn child in Taylor’s belly, Nick is thrilled to present Taylor with a line of maternity clothes that he had Clark design. Taylor suffers through morning sickness that she is surprised she has, she wasn’t sick with her other children. In between getting sick Taylor and Nick moon over how happy they are with each other and their baby that is on the way.

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