B&B Friday Update 6/1/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/1/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Rick and Ashley are quick to get dressed and head back to LA on the Forrester jet, after reading about Ridge’s confession and arrest. Both are pleased with the time they spent together in Mexico but Ashley doesn’t have any expectations for the future. Rick ,however, does not want to forget about or regret what they had though he will be there for Phoebe. Ashley has her doubts that he is over Phoebe as he is acting and saying that he is. Rick tries to come on to her and extend their mini-vacation while in the air on their way home from Mexico.

Phoebe is glad to hear that Rick is on his way home but is still not secure until he arrives. Constantine tries to get her mind off of Rick and Ridge and talks her into going to his studio. When Phoebe opens the door to leave and agitated Felicia is on the other side. Felicia has been abandoned to deal with the media fallout all by herself and wants to know where Rick is. Phoebe shares what she knows. Felicia gets an eye full of Constantine and lets herself in to measure up the situation. Rick calls and asks that Phoebe and Felicia meet him at the office. Phoebe cancels her plans to go with Constantine to his apartment. Constantine is disappointed but projects a positive “I’m here for you attitude.” Felicia picks up on the come on vibes Constantine is throwing down on her brother’s girlfriend. Phoebe goes ahead to the office, very anxious to see Rick. Felicia asks Constantine to stay behind.

Felicia is some what attracted to the superstar but pretends to stand a firm ground calling him out on ill motive towards Phoebe. His intentions are strictly innocent and professional he tells her flirting back. If she doesn’t believe him she can tag along with Phoebe and Rick to the studio, and he gives her a slip of paper with the address. Felicia is drawn in though she is trying to be strong. After Constantine walks out she crumbles the paper disappointed in herself she gave him a second thought.

Phoebe wonders around Ridge’s office waiting on Rick to arrive. She tears up when she sees Ridge’s latest designs on his drafting table. Rick and Ashley busts through the office door trying to avoid the media storm outside the office. Ashley stands in the doorway watching as Phoebe runs into Rick’s welcoming arms. Rick holds Phoebe and kisses her gently on the head. Phoebe begs for his forgiveness and asks that he be there for her forever. “Forever.” Rick repeats back as a promise.

Brooke arrives at Nick’s office to check on him but is met by Taylor who is waiting for Nick while he is in a meeting. At first the conversation is kind and understanding but when Taylor breaks the news of Phoebe and Rick’s break up the tone turns to typical “Brooke and Taylor” Brooke is shocked but Taylor is relaxed about it and makes no secret that she hopes they stay broke up. Brooke cannot believe Taylor would say such a thing. Taylor explains her stand is for Phoebe’s immature emotions and readiness for an adult sexual relationship. Brooke doesn’t follow. Taylor’s comparison of Rick’s sexual needs and desires to those of his mother who has never hidden her sexual fondness offends Brooke. Taylor admits she likes and respects Rick but being raised by Brooke he had to share her same ideas about sex and that isn’t the best for Phoebe. Brooke storms out causing such a scene that office employees question whether they should call security. Taylor tells them there is no need.

Brooke returns demanding that Taylor take back what she said about Rick. Taylor stands by her feelings and thoughts on the matter giving Brooke the opportunity assume Taylor has only said such things because Taylor is still threatened by Brooke. Taylor is confidant in her relationship with Nick and has no issue with Brooke. When Brooke doesn’t let the matter go Taylor tells her point blank, “I just want to enjoy my pregnancy.” This is sobering for Brooke who turns sad. Brooke lets up and agrees, if she were in Taylor’s position she would be the happiest woman on Earth.

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