B&B Thursday Update 5/31/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/31/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Rick has finally made it to the honeymoon spot up the coast from LA that he has been dieing to spend a few days at. The patio doors are open revealing the ocean breeze and clear beautiful day. Rick is concerned to find Ashley missing from the bed and no note left behind. Rick starts to think that Ashley regrets last night. Ashley returns in workout clothes and explains it was just too nice to pass up a jog. Also she has ordered breakfast for them and it will be to the room any minute. She showers.

Breakfast has arrived but both are more interested in a little frolic in the bed before eating. Ashley thinks they should return to LA but Rick wants to stay at least for a few days. Ashley still believes that he and Phoebe aren’t completely over but Rick is adamant that he and the young Forrester are finished for good.

They eat breakfast in bed reading the newspaper like lovers. When they see the article about Ridge’s confession and arrest Rick jumps up out of bed to call Phoebe.

Phoebe waits with worry believing Rick will never forgive her for getting upset. Constantine calls after hearing about Ridge. He asks her if she needs a friend because she sounds really down. What Phoebe needs is Rick but she accepts his offer for him to come comfort her. Phoebe tells Constantine about her and Rick breaking up because Rick believed Ridge was guilty. Phoebe is relieved to get a call from Rick. He apologizes and offers his sympathy. Phoebe pleads that what she needs right now is him, she only wants him.

Nick and Taylor go for their first OB appointment and ultrasound. Bridget performs the examination and gives them a good report. Everything looks fine and healthy. Taylor and Nick playfully argue over the sex of the baby. Taylor admits with joy that when she first decided to try in vitro she only did it to make Nick happy but now that she is pregnant she is so happy and excited to be carrying THEIR baby.

Earlier when talking to a worried and frantic phoebe who is trying to find Rick Bridget begins to see some oddities in a medical report she is looking at. Could it be that Bridget is close to discovering the baby Taylor is carrying is from one of Brooke’s eggs?

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