B&B Wednesday Update 5/30/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/30/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

The sun sets on LA and Taylor is proud to bring her new husband home to start their lives together. Nick has been quiet in the car and enters the house looking around. He is expecting Jackie and a lot of hoop-lah. He is relieved to see they are alone. Finally able to breathe a sigh of relief he takes Taylor and kisses her. Phoebe with her head hung low comes by to apologize for not believing in Nick’s innocence and being unable to see Ridge was in any way involved with Shane’s death. Taylor and Nick assure the young lady that all is forgiven with no hard feelings. That is not the issue weighing on Phoebe’s heart. She tells them of breaking up with Rick and now he will never forgive her, but she needs him more than ever right now. Taylor and Nick thinks she is just over reacting and Rick will surely understand the stress she was under. Though Taylor and Rick seem hopeful Phoebe is just uneasy. She sits alone in the living room staring at a photo of her and Rick on her cell phone, after leaving many messages.

Taylor and Nick retire upstairs after a long exhausting day. Nick watches Taylor get ready for bed and realizes he has a real home now. He tells Taylor he never knew how much he has been missing out on and how much he loves their home. They make love. “All the bad stuff is behind them now.” Nick says with confidence.

Rick and Ashley drink wine on the Forrester jet in disbelief that Nick was found guilty. They have not heard of Ridge’s confession and Nick being set free. Rick confides to Ashley that Phoebe broke up with him. Ashley thinks nothing of it, being a true friend tells him she’ll calm down and they will be back together in no time. No, Rick admits, they are over for good. Phoebe will never forgive him for trying to find dirt on her father but other than that he has realized he needs more out of a relationship. He goes on, he did love Phoebe but in it’s own special way. Ashley listens as he tells of his needs. Not just physically and intimately but intellectually, emotionally. Ashley starts to get the idea of where he is going. Ashley will not be a rebound for Rick. She still thinks he and Phoebe will reunite but Rick is certain they won’t. Ashley gets upset, raising her voice. She explains that he had his chance more than once since her arrival to LA to rekindle what they had in Paris. Rick admits he never stopped caring for her and all his old feelings for her were there whenever they were alone and that spark ignited.

Ashley refuses to have this conversation any further, telling him she feels sorry for him that Phoebe dumped him but that is all he is getting from her. Rick wants to cancel their meeting in New York and go somewhere fun. Ashley is frustrated he isn’t listening to her. Rick explains the passion he felt when they were together in Paris and that when she left he was crushed. He pulls her into his arms where they engage in a kiss passionate enough to be on the cover of a romance novel.

Phoebe leaves Rick a voicemail for Rick begging him to forgive her and come back to her because she needs him more than ever. Rick and Ashley are on the couch kissing and stripping each other’s close off.

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