B&B Tuesday Update 5/29/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/29/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Enemy brothers Ridge and nick stand face to face with jail bars between them. Nick spouts his hate and insults at the rat brother, Ridge. Ridge returns his sentiment but tells Nick he needs to tell him a story. Ridge explains that he knows Nick didn’t throw Shane over board of the Shady Marlin II and knows that Nick didn’t kill Shane. This gets Nick attention and he stays quiet to listen. Ridge goes on tells of Shane coming to the office, unstable and desperate feeling alone in the world, leading him to pull a gun on himself. Ridge rushed to stop causing a struggle and the gun went off. Ridge gives Nick all the details. He tells of how he disposed of the body from the building in the garment bag and in desperation and unknowing as to what to do he remembered visiting Phoebe on the Marlin II earlier in the afternoon. Ridge admits to taking the boat out and using the anchor chain to send the body to the bottom of the ocean. Ridge swears no matter what did or has happened he never intended or even thought about framing Nick. It was all an accident, using the hair fibers as an example. Knowing Shane was dead Ridge had to take one last look, so he opened the bag to make sure Shane was dead and must have snagged a bit of Shane’s hair, but there was never intent for Nick to take the blame. Nick spews his hate for Ridge who returns the same feelings.

Taylor begs lt. Baker to listen to her about ridge’s confession. Ready to leave the case closed Lt. Baker doesn’t feel there is anymore he can do. He does call the DA, judge, and Storm to listen to Taylor’s tale. They believe her and call for search warrants of Ridge’s office and for security tapes from both Forrester offices and parking garage. The tapes are acquired first and show Ridge leaving with a large item in a garment bag and placing it in his trunk. The other tape with footage of Nick and Shane’s fight in the elevator show Shane getting a bloody nose. Lt. Baker, the DA, judge, and Storm go to see Nick in his cell. They are surprised to see Ridge there. Ridge admits to everything before the surveillance tapes can be presented to press him for the truth. Nick stares at his brother in surprise. He can’t believe Ridge was so forth coming with the truth, that could set his arch enemy free. Lt. Baker apologizes to Nick and tells him he is free to leave. Ridge, on the other hand, is not free to go anywhere. Ridge is booked and placed in the same cell in a blue LA county jumpsuit.

Stephanie tries to lessen the blow to Eric who loves Ridge as his own son. Eric is infuriated accusing Stephanie of never changing and always lying. Eric is in disbelief that ridge would run and not come fourth with the truth. Stephanie tells Eric that the only reason they didn’t go to the police from the beginning is because of the warning Ridge was given at the verdict reading of the Grant Chamber’s trial. Remembering the words the judge used Eric calmed down and is anxious to go to the courthouse to do what he can for Ridge. Stephanie is going with Eric to the jail, he tells her. If Ridge is going to face the music she is going to go down with him.

When they get to the jail Stephanie is made to wait in the police station while Eric goes to speak with Ridge. Lt. Baker and Nick are disgusted at what she as a mother did to her son and an innocent man. Eric tells Ridge that he will do whatever he can to help get Ridge out of this. Ridge is ashamed of disappointing Eric and the people his dishonesty caused people he loves. Eric comforts Ridge by telling him he knows that Ridge could never be a criminal but Stephanie is another story.

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