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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/28/07


Written By Dani
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Nick is led down the hall by the bailiff. Taylor is engaged in an angry conversation with Lt. Baker with her head bobbing back and forth like a chicken. She gets all worked up until Storm tell her to cool it, this will do no good. She thinks it is a travesty that this is happening when Ridge stood right there in the courtroom. Baker reminds her that Ridge wasn’t charged with a crime yet. Jackie laments that Stephanie also is the one who should be in jail for what she had done to her, but no she had to egg her on about Nick buying her company. Nick tries to calm both Taylor and his mother down; just take care of each other. They have to stay solid, steady, they have a child on the way.

Meanwhile, Brooke quizzes Ridge of why he didn’t tell the court what he said he would? Stephanie expounds that they need to think this through. Nick hasn’t been sentenced yet. Suppose he just gets a slap on the wrist, a suspended sentence or probation? Brooke is astonished and asks how? It was murder! If Ridge doesn’t tell Baker, she will have to. Stephanie pleads with Ridge. She wants him to do the right thing, but she doesn’t think spending the next twenty years in prison is the right thing. After all, he tried to keep this sad young man from killing himself. He should be commended for that. Brooke insists that an innocent man was convicted of murder, they have to right this. And she will listen to nothing Stephanie wants to spout about Nick maybe getting probation. She doesn’t see the harm in waiting. This is the same son of a bitch that slept with her daughter while they were married. What is this sympathy she has for him? And what’s the harm in waiting a day or two? Brooke points out that even one hour for Nick in prison is wrong. Ridge knows right from wrong, he should have been taught that. Ridge tells them both to stop. They have been like angels on his shoulder, but he doesn’t think any angels in paradise can help him now.

He asks about Phoebe. His daughter comes first. He used to know that and the reason all of this happened in the first place. Stephanie says again that she thinks he comes first now. He remarks that he knows that is the parent in her talking. Now he’s come around to tell the truth, and Nick is not going to spend one more night in jail. Worried, Stephanie says she has got to get an attorney over here right away. Brooke comments that Ridge has got to have his say, and maybe it won’t go as badly as Stephanie thinks it will. And he will protect Stephanie; she is sure he will. Stephanie doesn’t give a damn about that. She doesn’t want him to spend the next twenty years in prison. (Funny how she thinks Nick might get off with a slap on the wrist, but her boy will spend twenty years in the pokey.) Brooke says, “he’s back. The man that I know, the man that I loved, he’s back!”

Nick asks Baker if he and Taylor can have a minute alone, and it is granted. Storm offers to stay with Phoebe as he makes out the appeal. Taylor sits with Nick, but is so disappointed. She had this whole “welcome home” dinner planned. He vows they will have it at another time. Right now she has a more important job, sleeping, eating and taking her vitamins. That’s the most important thing, taking care of herself. They can’t do anything to him as long as she has that little baby growing inside herself. He smothers her with baby kisses and urges her to go into the office; she won’t want to see what he does next.

As he’s led down the hallway by the bailiff and Baker, they meet Ridge and they glare each other down. Ridge is told his daughter is in Baker’s office. Phoebe asks if her mom is okay? And can’t they forget this about her dad and just work on an appeal of getting Nick a lighter sentence? Ridge walks in and Phoebe anxiously greets him. On the other hand, Taylor tells him he is not wanted there right now. She tries to blow him off when he says it is important that he speak with her and Phoebe. Storm thinks that is not a bad idea and leaves them alone. Immediately Phoebe indicates that she knows all of this is her fault. Ridge assures her she isn’t to blame, he is. She bemoans the fact that she brought Shane into their lives when she really thought she was just helping someone less fortunate. She asks her dad why he really went to Paris? Can he tell them? Ashamed, Ridge says he doesn’t know why he does hardly anything these days. But, he does know that he was afraid and also ashamed. Phoebe points out that he won’t feel that now as anyone who wanted to blame him will stop now that Nick has been found guilty.

Ridge says he wants that too, and without getting into the why and what he was thinking, he wants to tell them both what he did. He WAS involved in shooting Shane. He dumped his body into Santa Monica Bay and allowed Nick to be accused of that and hoping he’d even go to prison for it.

Brooke urges Stephanie just to go home. She will find a lawyer sooner or later; she always does. Stephanie doesn’t think Brooke quite sees what she has done here getting Ridge to come back to this. Brooke tells her that Ridge will be fine, she can’t give him everything. No one should have everything! No, it’s not wrong to want to keep him safe, but her love is a little overwhelming. Nobody should be loved that way. She leaves by saying she is glad Stephanie never loved her.

Taylor wants to hurry and find Lt. Baker, but Ridge says they have time. He wants them to ask him any questions they have. Phoebe pleads with him not to just say this to help Taylor and Nick not having to go to jail. He didn’t shoot Shane. Ridge admits he doesn’t know who pulled the trigger. All he knows he was the one left standing. Phoebe asks if he came to attack him or bring a gun into the building? Ridge confesses he thought he came to attack him at first, but then he put the gun to his own head and didn’t want to live without Phoebe. He thinks he understands that better now. Ridge says whatever he did wasn’t very effective. He felt the gun in his hand when it went off, and Shane fell to the ground. It’s all besides the point now, but he’s so sorry for everything that happened. Yet he can’t explain why he didn’t go to the police and he just let Nick take the blame. He tells Phoebe it wasn’t wrong of her to show a little kindness to Shane, and she wasn’t the one who drove him over the edge, it was Ridge. And he saw what she saw in him those last few minutes. Maybe nothing could have been done, but Shane took advantage of her goodness, her trust. And if she can forgive one of them, at least forgive Shane. Phoebe cries that she still doesn’t understand why he let it go on so long and not tell the police. He goes through a lecture about going through life trying to be a decent person….doing for others when you can….little things happen….you don’t blame yourself, you just move on……this is her father, who loves her and this is the one true thing he has ever done…and no matter what happens he wants her to know how much he loves her….and Taylor to take care of the kids like he knows she will.

Brooke asks Stephanie if she needs a ride? Perhaps she shouldn’t try to drive. She nods no, she can’t just walk away with Ridge there. Brooke affirms that Ridge knows that and is why HE did the walking away. Stephanie quips that she knows Brooke holds her responsible for all of this. What universe does she live in? She just claps her little girl hands, cries her little girl tears, dusts herself off and picks herself up again and starts all over. She really has no idea. She’s really incapable of giving everything. “Because whatever you give, it always just comes right back to you like a little yo-yo.” Brooke dishes it out too. She tells Stephanie that her family lives in fear of her. And when they try to run away, she just hauls them right back into her universe. Except that she is not going to get Ridge back, not this time. He’s discovered that other people matter as much as she does….more than she does and that is what breaks her heart…..”I’m not going to cry any tears for you.”

Solitary in his jail cell, Nick looks up to find Ridge standing there. He tells him to be careful, he might get his clean clothes dirty. Ridge tells the jailer just ten minutes is all he needs. Nick quips this is it, unless he wants to trade places with him. He asks how was spring in Paris? Did he throw any bodies in the river? Ridge remarks that he’s really a piece of work. He can betray his own father and steal his company right out from under him. And basically used extortion to steal the Forrester’s. He terrorized his mother, bullies the clients to do what he wants, makes threats….it wasn’t the evidence that convicted him, the jury simply saw him!

Nick threatens that Ridge did it, and Nick can prove it. Ridge assumes if he could that he would have by now. He stares at him strangely and says he wants to make something very clear. He doesn’t owe him a thing. He’s no better than Ridge is, but he’s going to tell him exactly what happened, or he’s going to walk out of there. His choice. Nick tells him to get out. He’s heard his version before – how Nick shot Shane and dumped the body. Ridge taunts him – no, it wasn’t Nick, it was him. Nick jumps up and tells him to come back. Ridge repeats it, “Shane McGrath is dead because of me. You’re in here because of me. That’s right, Nick, I confess.”

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