B&B Friday Update 5/25/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/25/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

A nervous Stephanie frets while checking to see if Ridge is on the way. Brooke assures her everything will go as planned. The jet will be on time, Ridge will get off it and go directly to the courthouse and tell the judge everything he knows….that was the plan. Stephanie hedges at this point. What’s the point of him going there? Why don’t they just wait and see if Nick is acquitted? If he’s not, then no one has to go to jail and it’s a win-win situation. Brooke reminds her that Nick is an innocent man. Stephanie declares so is Ridge. Brooke tells her that is not their decision to make. Ridge has agreed to tell the truth and she is proud of him and so should Stephanie.

Storm finally gets Brooke on her cell and hopes she has got something out of Stephanie to bring to court to help Nick. Brooke says he will have to be patient, but things aren’t as bad as they look. She is on her way. Concerned, Stephanie realizes that Brooke is really going to turn her son in. Brooke admits that yes, if he doesn’t, she will. He’s been living in hell too long, they all have. It’s time the truth was told. Stephanie concedes that she knows Brooke is right, but she’s his mother and still wants to protect him. She doesn’t want him to go to prison. Or be away from her and his family. Brooke vows that she believes he will be okay no matter what happens. He’s strong and so is Stephanie.

Court convenes and Storm calls his first witness, Phoebe. She isn’t sure she would call it stalking but agrees that Shane was following her around to places he shouldn’t. She doesn’t think Shane followed her to the boat, but her father was there just long enough to check up on her. She can’t answer if her father saw Shane one last time that fateful night. She has to divulge that Nick had a problem with Shane and had physically thrown him out of her mother’s house.

Ridge tells the driver to not take him directly home, but to the L.A. Courthouse. Ashley is the next witness and is pretty evasive as to her cancelled date with Ridge and the loud sound she heard that night in the office. She is promptly discredited by Miss Tartaro for lying in her own dad’s case in which he went to prison and died there last year.

Stephanie makes one last effort to call Ridge and persuade him not to come to the courthouse. Why don’t they just wait, she thinks Nick will be acquitted? He states that Nick’s going free doesn’t change the facts. He took a man’s life and tried to cover it up and he needs to explain that to the court. She wonders if a clear conscience is worth twenty years in prison?

Nick takes the stand and explains how he didn’t like Shane. He was only trying to protect his step-daughter. He did not shoot him and dump his body in the bay. Tartaro tears his testimony to shreds getting him to admit that was his bloody shirt, the one with Shane’s blood on it and the one he wore out on the boat that night. She gives a resounding closing argument, asking the jury to find Dominick Marone guilty of murder.

While waiting in the hallway for deliberations, Rick approaches Phoebe. She berates him for hurting her. He knew how much she loved her father yet he tried to get Nick off by blaming her father. She accuses; if he really loved her he wouldn’t have done that. She claims she was ready to sacrifice everything to be with him, but no more, it’s over. Ashley watches this as Phoebe recoils from his touch.

With Stephanie telling Brooke that perhaps Ridge changed his mind and isn’t coming, he strolls in. The reporters are clamoring and cameras going off as Brooke and Ridge hug. She tells him she knows this will be difficult, but he’s doing the right thing and she will be with him every step of the way. The bailiff suddenly interrupts and says the verdict is in. Everyone is abuzz what this means, so quickly. Bridge and Jackie concur that it must mean the case was cut and dried, but which way?

The verdict is read – guilty for second degree murder. Gasps are heard all around and the judge orders Nick to be removed from the courtroom. As he stands up he spies Ridge in the back and angrily points a finger at him and calls him the guilty son of a bitch. And he should be a man and admit it!

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