B&B Thursday Update 5/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/24/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

“Get out of the car!” Stephanie orders of Brooke, who doesn’t believe Stephanie will shoot her. Stephanie engages another shell and yells “You are threatening to send my son to prison!” Brooke gets out with hast and returns inside the cabin. Brooke accuses Stephanie of kidnapping and she will be going to prison also. Stephanie down plays the outburst outside claiming I only lost my temper a little bit, I didn’t shoot you did I? Brooke isn’t surprised and remembers and reminds Stephanie of the horrible and violent things Stephanie has done to her over the last twenty years. Great flashback footage aired to show Brooke’s memories. Getting worked up after remembering Stephanie’s attacks Brooke tells Stephanie she will not bully her anymore and the truth has got to come out and will come out. Brooke begs Stephanie to set her free.

Stephanie listens with patience but on the other hand Stephanie points out they have had some really great moments as well. Stephanie visits memory lane remembering the good times they shared as women and as a family and company. Again, flashback footage is shown. With that said the good and the bad Stephanie is proud of the legacy that will be the Forrester empire. Like it or not she tells Brooke, she and her children that Stephanie loves, are a part of the Forrester legacy and it can go on to be great. Or it will be the biggest scandal LA has seen and nothing more if Brooke tells the truth.

Brooke has come to the only solution that is the right thing to do. They must call Ridge and bring him back to tell the truth and she will go to the courts and tell them it was Ridge did not shoot Grant Chambers, it was Rick. Feeling defeated Stephanie knows Brooke is right and agrees. Stephanie hands Brooke the phone to call Ridge.

Ridge lies awake unable to sleep in Paris. He is haunted by his memories and continues to see visions of the night that Shane killed himself. Frustrated and feeling boxed in ridge is relieved to get the call from Brooke. She explains that she knows everything and he must come home and tell the truth. Ridge tells her that he wanted to tell the truth all along. He leaves immediately for LA. Stephanie has a heavy heart but knows they are doing the only logical and right thing. With tears in her eyes Stephanie tells Brooke it was never suppose to get that out of control and she just got so carried away and lost in herself. Brooke too, is teary eyed and is sympathetic wanting to comfort her enemy when Stephanie thanks her for knowing and doing the right thing. Brooke embraces her once sparring partner. “The truth will set us free.” Brooke declares.

Nick’s trial begins. The opening statements are short and to the point. The DA calls the harbor master as her first witness and plays the audio tape of Nick reporting his trip the night it is presumed Shane was killed. Second witness was Lt. Baker and the bloodstained shirt. The third witness was a surprise to all, Jackie. The DA asks about the day Shane arrived at the office and Nick physically threw him out. The trial isn’t looking so good for Nick.

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