B&B Wednesday Update 5/23/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/23/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Nick is one hour away from his trial beginning and Rick has turned up no new evidence and Brooke is M.I.A. Nick’s legal defense (Brooke’s brother) and his supporters wonder where Brooke is. The group tries to retrace Brooke’s last known steps and come up with only one solution. Brooke was last seen with Stephanie. Bridgett phones the ER’s in the area but no one matching Brooke’s description has been admitted. Worry really begins to set in when Donna arrives and informs everyone that Brooke never came home last night. She explains, she checked and Brooke’s bed was not slept in. Jackie decides to make a quick trip over to Stephanie’s house to see if she knows anything.

Eric is surprised to see Jackie who is very curious as to Brooke and Stephanie’s whereabouts. Eric defends his wife and son and is upset that Nick is running around telling everyone that Ridge killed Shane. Jackie doesn’t have time to discuss who is and who isn’t guilty she must locate Brooke and Stephanie. Stephanie is in Paris visiting Ridge Eric explains and he has no idea where Brooke is. Jackie asks about Brooke’s car. There is no sign of Brooke at the house. Jackie returns to the courthouse no closer to proving Nick to be innocent or locating Brooke. The trial begins with Storm asking for a postponement. Storm and the DA argue the relevance back and forth for the judge but he makes up his mind to proceed when Nick stands up screaming his innocence and Ridge’s guilt. Nick is ordered to sit down and stay quiet. The trial will continue.

Brooke awakens after sleeping on the couch. Stephanie dozes in a rocking chair. Brooke tries to tip-toe to the back door but Stephanie catches her. Brooke is stuck. Stephanie has taken the cell phones and car keys and hidden them. Stephanie tries to be a gracious host, making the best out of their time alone and secluded from the world but Brooke is anxious and wants to leave. Brooke remembers the day in the very same cabin when Grant Chambers confessed that he remembered who came to his office and shot him. It was Rick, not Ridge. Stephanie and Brooke argue back and fourth first about how long Stephanie plans to keep her there against her will then about the same issue they were fighting about at Stephanie’s house. Brooke pushes for them to go to the police to save Nick from prison but Stephanie truly believes Nick will be acquitted and no one will ever have to pay for a troubled young man’s desire to kill himself. After rehashing the same points again and again Brooke concedes. The truth must come out but she will stay quiet for a couple of days. After all she doesn’t want to see ridge in prison no more than she wants to see Nick there.

Now that she and Stephanie have agreed on how to handle what they know about Ridge’s involvement Brooke wants to return to Beverly Hills. Stephanie is reluctant but agrees they can go home after Brooke promises to stay quiet. With that decided they go to their rooms to change. Brooke slips out and finds her keys. Brooke dashes for her car, that will not start. Trying and trying to get the engine to turn over Brooke is startled when a gun is fired in very close range of the vehicle. Stephanie is standing beside the driver’s side door with a shotgun. She calmly says “I don’t think so.”

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