B&B Tuesday Update 5/22/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/22/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie chokes Brooke with the phone cord, after she attempts to call Lt. Baker to tell what she knows about Shane McGrath’s death. Brooke breaks free. Stephanie and Brooke argue more about what the right thing to do is. Stephanie plays every card she can think of with out surrender. Brooke decides to call ridge to convince him to come back and do the right thing. This angers Stephanie. Brooke refuses to let Nick go to jail for a crime he did not commit. Stephanie turns the tables on Brooke laying any and all blame on her if she and ridge end up going to jail. Brooke is confused but Stephanie reminds her of the fall Ridge took with the court system to protect Brooke and Rick.

Stephanie floats between rational, angry, and sympathetic and begging with Brooke. Brooke has had enough and is going to tell the truth. With her hand on the door she stops dead in her tracks when Stephanie gives in, on one condition. Okay, Stephanie agrees they can go to the police but they owe it to ridge to speak with him first. Brooke agrees in all fairness and pulls out her phone to call Ridge in Paris. Stephanie has a slight confession, Ridge isn’t in Paris he is at Big Bear, but if they leave right away they can talk to him and get the entire mess over with. Brooke agrees and they together for Big Bear in Brooke’s car.

Rick and phoebe argue over Rick assisting in Nick’s defense to turn the tables on Ridge. Phoebe is beginning to think they aren’t meant for each other. Rick tries to reason with his young love. Rick claims his looking for evidence in Ridge’s office isn’t personal, he is simply trying to do the right thing. Phoebe pulls away from him and runs out of the room. Rick gets back to looking for anything to prove Shane was not killed on Nick’s boat. Rick is racked with guilt and sorrow when he sees a photo of her on ridge’s desk.

Phoebe goes to Constantine’s and tells him everything that is going on with her. He is very soothing and comforting, telling his protégé exactly what she wants to hear. Phoebe is reassured in an embrace by Constantine and a caressing touch of her hand.

Storm gets a message from the judge that he is needed in chambers because the trial is being moved up to tomorrow. Jackie and Nick can only hope Brooke and/or Rick turn up some kind of proof or new evidence. Storm warns them, at this point the outcome doesn’t look good.

The wind is whipping fiercely when Brooke and Stephanie arrive at Big Bear. Inside the cabin Brooke yells for Ridge but soon figures out the cabin is cold and dark. Ridge isn’t there and never has been. Stephanie locks the deadbolt and tells Brooke we can do this the hard way or the easy way.

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