B&B Monday Update 5/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/21/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ashley fantasizes about Rick interrupting her work on the new Forrester fragrance to seduce her. Ashley’s thoughts are disrupted when Phoebe busts through the door , angry. “My father won’t date you so now you accuse him of murder!” Phoebe continues to blast Ashley for spreading pathetic desperate rumors about Ridge’s involvement in Shane’s death. Ashley is annoyed and almost amused at phoebe childish protection of her father. Phoebe makes a pretty good case for herself, adding that not only is Ashley viciously spreading lies, why did she have to involve Rick. Ashley speaks down to Phoebe, defending what she knows and does not know about the case. Ashley denies any ill will involving Ridge and claims he and Stephanie are her friends. Ashley brings their heated conversation to an end when Storm calls her asking for her to come to the jail. Ashley is friendly and not put out at all ,agreeing to come right away.

Rick tries to play devil’s advocate at the jail with Nick and Storm telling them all that Ashley told him but trying to keep them focused on the truth and facts not theory from a fragrance scientists. Nick asks Rick to be his eyes at Forrester, because there has got to be something left behind in Ridge’s office that will prove that Ridge is the shooter. Physical evidence is what Rick is to look for. Rick slips into Ridge’s office when he returns to work from visiting the jail. Rick runs his palms along the walls looking for bullet fragments. After examining the walls in all directions he begins to hone in the Ridge’s desk. Rick is on the floor looking closely around the bottom of the desk Phoebe catches him, she is already worked up from her talk with Ashley. “I know what you are doing but I can’t believe you are doing it.”

Phoebe and Rick argue about who is the guilty party. Not wanting to defend her father anymore and believing in his innocence Phoebe cuts Rick off. “If you love me you will let this go.” Ashley recites her memories and observations of Ridge, Stephanie, and the events that took place around the time of Shane’s death and the weeks following. Ashley tries to stay objective and fair to both parties. Ashley doesn’t want to alienate her friends the Forresters but she doesn’t want an innocent man to go to prison. Storm receives a text message, he must leave, he is needed in chambers. The judge has moved the trial date up. Nick blows up in anger believing Stephanie is behind the trial date being changed.

Brooke asks of Stephanie “Did Ridge kill that boy?” No longer able to keep it to herself and believing that Brooke’s love for Ridge will keep her silent Stephanie confesses everything. Brooke listens appalled. Stephanie tells Brooke the entire truth about the suicide and disposal of the body. Brooke truly believes Stephanie and is sure that everyone else will understand Stephanie when all the facts are out. Brooke wants to contact Lt. Baker immediately. Stephanie does not see the logic. She claims Nick will never be convicted because all the evidence is circumstantial and if Ridge is connected to a weapons incident he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Why, Brooke may be wondering. Stephanie reminds her of the Grant Chambers episode and what the judge promised Ridge. Brooke owes it to Ridge to stay silent about what happened to Shane because Ridge was protecting her son and her all those years ago. Brooke is torn between the two loves of her life, but for once in her own life she sides with the truth rather than deceit. Brooke goes to the hall phone and dials the police station. Stephanie pleads with Brooke to please hang up and leave the matter alone while Brooke is on hold. Brooke whispers, “the truth must come out.”. Stephanie is desperate to protect her favorite child. She grads the phone cord, wraps it around Brooke’s neck, and pulls it tight.

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