B&B Friday Update 5/18/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/18/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Being led to the police station, Nick protests that he is not guilty of shooting Shane McGrath. Baker tells him yeah, he’s innocent just like everyone else in this place. Nick laments that Baker is only taking Stephanie’s word for this. Baker replies that she filed a restraining order. Nick gets up close and personal in his face and tells him that she invited him over to her house because she is now panicking. She knows he is on to her and her dressmaker son. He calls Baker her little Gestapo. Baker retaliates by shoving him up against the wall and pinning his throat with his arm. He reminds Nick he’s been charged with murder and if he keeps mouthing off it will be back to lock up and no one to talk to except his cellmates. And those guys would love to hear his little stories.

Storm asks Baker why is he holding his client? Baker replies that Nicky-boy violated the restraining order filed against him, signed for by his wife. She pipes up that Nick had already left when she signed and didn’t even know what it was. Gruffly, he tells her to tell it to the judge. She protests that Stephanie called him to her house, she lured him there. Nick warns her to calm down, he knows Forrester killed McGrath and Stephanie is covering it up. They’re both guilty, and this restraining order proves it.

Phoebe and Brooke discuss it and Phoebe states that her dad did not kill Shane and whoever says that is a liar. Brooke agrees that she knows Ridge would never kill anybody. Phoebe says but Nick keeps saying he did. She knows it’s terrible that he’s in jail….and whoever killed Shane should be punished, send them away for good, but it’s wrong for Nick to blame her dad. Brooke follows Phoebe’s logic but reminds her that Shane was in a lot of trouble and maybe it did happen when he followed her to The Marlin and the blood got on Nick’s shirt. Phoebe asks her if here is anything she can do to keep Nick from spreading these lies? Brooke calls Storm and asks if he can come over. Since he’s at the jail with Nick, he doesn’t think it’s a good time, but ends up going when she says it is important, and about Nick. Nick tells him to go, find out what Brooke knows. They have got to get Stephanie to tip her hand somehow, and when she does, he’s going to make sure she hangs.

Stephanie remembers the last words that Nick uttered when he was drug out, about her going down. She lets in Ms. Tartaro, the assistant district attorney. She plays her best nice-nice and declares she likes a direct woman. It isn’t exactly a tea party but as they sip, Stephanie remarks that justice is funny….and she hopes she is not treading on improper ground here. She tells her it is about Nick Marone. He’s a violent man. He broke into her home and she had to have a restraining order against him. “This man has to be dealt with.”

Nick keeps yapping that the dressmaker is guilty. Taylor finds that hard to believe that he deliberately did it, but perhaps there was some sort of struggle and confrontation. She just can’t accept that either Ridge or Stephanie would do something like this. Nick says perhaps it was an accident, either way they have to confess. Taylor knows with Stephanie that isn’t going to happen. Suddenly he utters Rick Forrester’s name……Shane was killed at Forrester Originals and Rick has access. He insists Taylor call him, get him over here. He needs him to do some snooping around that building.

Phoebe bemoans to Rick that Nick won’t let go of this. She doesn’t think he killed Shane either, but she wants him to stop saying her dad did. Sheepishly, he says he doesn’t want to fight her about this, but he does want to reveal to her some facts. She blasts him for his thinking even when he tells her about the supposed date with Ashley and her dad didn’t show. And the noise that sounded like a gunshot. She refuses to listen to anymore.

Brooke admits Storm into her house and thanks him for coming so quickly. She says it’s about Nick. He has Phoebe very upset. She doesn’t think he killed Shane, but he has no right to go around saying Ridge did either. He tells her about Nick being arrested again for a restraining order. Why would Stephanie do that unless she was desperate? He tells her like it is. Nick’s bail has been revoked and Ridge is conveniently in Paris. As hard as it is for her to hear this since she has a son with Ridge, there is no doubt in his mind that Ridge killed Shane McGrath.

Phoebe demands that Rick stop saying these things “and I don’t want to hear you say it ever again.” His cell phone rings and it is Taylor asking him to please come down to the police station. Nick needs him. He looks at Phoebe and braces himself before saying okay.

Finding it hard to believe what Storm said, he leads Brooke through the scenario. No one knows exactly how it happened, but Ridge and his mother saw an opportunity to frame Nick and involve his boat. And Taylor has known Stephanie a long time and she believes this too. He urges Brooke to go see Stephanie. If there is anyone who can see through her, it’s Brooke. He’s trying to put together a case, but it’s shallow. If she could get a confession out of Stephanie, that would help Nick. That might be his only chance.

Ms. Tartaro tells Stephanie she can not discuss this case with her. Stephanie remarks that Storm is an excellent attorney and she doesn’t want to see Nick get off on some technicality and released on bail. She might be his next victim. She thinks he should come to trial as soon as possible. Tartaro reminds her that is up to the judge; she doesn’t make those decisions. Stephanie thanks her for listening to a ‘frightened’ citizen.

They will only let one visitor in at a time so Taylor offers Rick to go in to see Nick. He rushes into Room #18 and tells Nick, okay he is here, now what? Nick tells him to sit down. He’s going to put him in a tough spot, but he’s a little helpless stuck in here. Nick continues as Rick listens intently. Nick states that he thinks Forrester shot Shane at Forrester Originals, then carried the body to his boat. Forrester and his old lady are setting him up. Nick has people looking for witnesses down at the marina, but he doesn’t know if that will pan out. He states that Rick works there, he has access and he needs his help. And he trusts Rick. This leads Rick to admit to him what Ashley told him about the possible gunshot. Nick pounds the desk, he KNEW it, the son of a bitch shot Shane in the office and now Forrester’s old lady is framing him. He knows he’s putting Rick in a tough spot since Forrester is Phoebe’s old man, but that evidence is there, it’s in the office and he asks if he will help him?

Stephanie is on the voicemail to Ridge and tells him to call her when he gets to Paris and his room. She wants to make sure they are on the same page. Brooke walks in and confronts her – so Ridge really is in Paris? She is surprised he left without saying goodbye to R.J. Stephanie asks Brooke if she is more worried about her son or Nick? Brooke asks why did she have Nick arrested? She had invited him over then set him up. What is going on? Stephanie replies that Nick is a dangerous man and he shouldn’t be casting suspicions on innocent people. He should just be taking care of his own defense. Brooke says Nick isn’t capable of murder, but if Ridge did and it was an accident, she’d like to help? Stephanie bluffs by expressing to her that Ridge could never commit cold blooded murder. Brooke says she is not accusing Ridge, but how about Stephanie? Emphatically she says NO. And she was concerned about her safety thus the restraining order. Nick and Storm are lying….and if Brooke will excuse her, she knows her way out.

Brooke leaves slamming the door hard behind her. Stephanie heads straight for the phone and gets Ridge's voicemail again. She dictates that he is to stay where he is….trust her….as a matter of fact he’s not to even try to call her. She looks up and spies Brooke staring back in the mirror. Slowly Stephanie turns to face her. As Brooke moves closer, Stephanie is taken aback when Brooke asks, “did he do it? Did Ridge kill Shane McGrath?”

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