B&B Thursday Update 5/17/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/17/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge is still moping around Stephanie’s house debating whether or not he should go to Paris as Stephanie is pushing for. Ridge believes now that Nick has made Taylor believe in Ridge’s guilt, Nick can now convince the police of the same. Stephanie emphasizes if Ridge will just get out of town , they will have nothing to worry about. Plus, she has already told Taylor he was in Paris and it will look like they are lying and Taylor will insist on speaking with Ridge if she learns he is still in LA.

Stephanie calls Nick, asking him to come over to speak face to face. She won’t say what about over the phone. When Nick arrives she confronts him about running around town accusing her and Ridge of misdeeds. The two argue back and forth about who is to blame, who is most likely to go after who, and so fourth. Just before Nick is ready to leave he turns to see ridge on the staircase with a packed bag. “I thought you were in Paris” Ridge defends his business as being his business. Someone knocks at the door.

Stephanie, almost gloating, asks Ridge with a sly grin on her face. “Are you expecting anyone, honey?” Ridge stands in silence as Stephanie opens the door. It’s the police! Stephanie points across the room at Nick, “There he is officers!” The police go to Nick and place him under arrest. Nick fights demanding to know what the charges are. Violating a restraining order he is told. Ridge stares in disbelief, he cannot believe the lengths Stephanie is willing to go to, to ensure Nick goes to prison. After Nick is carted out Ridge stands numb and silent. Stephanie is pleased with herself and throws her arms around Ridge, happy that she has won in the war against Nick.

Just after Nick left his home for Stephanie’s Taylor accepts papers that are being served on Nick. It’s too late! Taylor is disappointed in her old friend but not surprised when she reads the content of the documents. It’s a restraining order.

Ashley has been struggling with the memories of Ridge and Stephanie’s behavior in the time since Shane disappeared and the loud noise she heard. After her talk with Nick Ashley is torn about her feelings and beliefs. Nick has left a message pleading with Ashley to please try and remember anything from the night Ridge stood her up. Ashley calls the only person she can trust in LA. Rick.

Rick is excited for Phoebe who is bouncing off the walls with excitement over going to Constantine’s studio to talk further about signing on to his new label. Rick drops by the lab after getting Ashley’s call. Phoebe steps out of the room to call Constantine and let him know they are on there way. Ashley tells Rick when they are alone “I think I know who killed Shane McGrath” Rick sends phoebe to Constantine’s without him after learning the severity of the matter. With Rick’s full attention Ashley elaborates sharing all the she remembers, has seen, and knows as fact. She tells about Nick’s visit, how at first she thought he was just angry and desperate but the more she adds things up she thinks ridge shot Shane. Ashley doesn’t know how to process the fact that Shane’s killer could be the man she is interested in beginning to date. Rick listens with a level head and after hearing all Ashley has to say he too believes Ridge’s guilt.

Phoebe is in awe as she watches Constantine in the sound booth working on a new song. Constantine is happy to see her. There contact and conversation borders on flirt. Constantine very much wants her approval on his new single. Phoebe likes it. He introduces Phoebe to all the studio staff who tell her how talented Constantine is and she is very lucky for him to take an interest in her. When they are alone Phoebe is curious about Constantine’s interest in her. He explains that he sees raw talent and buzz and that is what is needed to make it big in the business. Phoebe is flattered.

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