B&B Wednesday Update 5/16/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/16/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

The stork has paid a visit to Taylor and Nick. Happiness won’t last long in this household and it isn’t because Nick may be carted off to jail. First let’s go back to where yesterday’s episode left off.

Lt. Baker is willing to hear Nick and Taylor out. Lt. Baker still believes he has the right man awaiting trial for killing Shane but listens anyway. Nick has a bad attitude almost demanding Lt. Baker see things his way. Taylor is calmer than her husband and shares what she knows about Ridge, Stephanie, and Shane. Taylor gives Lt. Baker facts, her personal knowledge of her former husband and mother-in-law’s behavior and professionally what she inferred from speaking with Stephanie. Lt. Baker just listens without commenting. He is however curious when Nick announces Ridge left for Paris today. Before elaborating Nick’s phone rings. Bridgett is confirming Taylor’s appointment for a blood test. Nick cuts the meeting short so they can get to the hospital.

Bridgett draws a vile of blood from Taylor and puts a rush on the test in the lab. Nick and Taylor wait in Bridgett’s office. When Bridgett places the vile of blood in the lab tech’s hands he asks “I have been meaning to ask you about the donor eggs?” Preoccupied, Bridgett cuts him off. “Yeah, we are just waiting to see if the implantation took.” the tech is confused as he reads the name on the vile of blood. Marone. (Don’t forget it was just a few weeks ago Brooke had her eggs checked out and the hospital still had her name as Marone!!!!)

Brooke drops by Nick’s office and is met by an overwhelmed Jackie. Jackie, as busy as she is, takes a moment to visit with her ex daughter-in-law. Jackie asks Brooke to come to work with her and Nick. Brooke can’t she explains. She loves Nick and can’t work with him and know he goes home to Taylor every night. Jackie begs her to reconsider.

The results are in! Bridgett is saddened and happy at the same time to tell Taylor and Nick they are going to be parents. Bridgett’s eyes tear a little as she watches the newly-weds celebrate in each other’s arms. Nick is so excited and must call someone to share the news. Nick calls Jackie. Jackie, forgetting Brooke is in the office with her, is overwhelmed with joy. Brooke listens in and is crushed to hear the news. Jackie pulls herself together for Brooke’s sake when she hangs up. Brooke’s eyes well up with tears. Brooke tells Jackie that she is happy for Nick but it should be her carrying his child. The news sinks in, Brooke whispers to herself that “if it was meant to be it would be her having Nick’s child” It’s over for good, she sees.

Eric and Rick share a nice conversation about the women that are closest to them in their lives and more importantly the women they love. Rick realizes talking to Eric how much he really loves Phoebe. Eric admits he still loves and most definitely misses Brooke so very much. Eric believes Brooke will come back to the family and business, she always does, she always does, he proclaims.

Constantine tells phoebe he saw the clip on the net and was hoping to be able to get in touch with her. Phoebe is flattered that he wanted to meet her in person. She is really flattered when he tells her he would like to sign her to his new record label. Constantine doesn’t seem very interested in Rick and Phoebe as a duet, Phoebe doesn’t pick up on that point. Constantine gives Phoebe his card and asks him to stop by. She can bring Rick if it makes her feel better. Phoebe tells CJ and they hug in celebration. Bouncing around thrilled that Constantine is interested in her Rick arrives. Rick isn’t as happy as his girlfriend and best friend are, he doesn’t jump to conclusions until he hears the whole story. Phoebe pulls him to a back room where she tells him about how Constantine found her and what he said. The joy is brimming over. Rick feels uneasy about the idea but he agrees to check it out when he sees how happy she is.

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