B&B Tuesday Update 5/15/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/15/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Welcome to Bold and the Beautiful Constantine!!! Today’s episode introduced a new character by the name of Constantine, a music producer. The portrayer of Constantine has the same name as his character, he is a former American Idol contestant.

Constantine begins his day by surfing the net and discovering a very popular new clip of a young couple singing. Constantine feels they must be good considering there has been over 1000 hits and the clip has only been posted 12 hours. Watching it, he is captivated by the female. Constantine reads some comments that has been posted about the clip. One comment makes reference to the couple being “kissing cousins” . Now he is intrigued and researches who this super couple is and their story. Rick and Phoebe Forrester.

Rick and Phoebe talk about Nick’s interrogation of phoebe the day before. They are interrupted by an agitated Felicia. Felicia wants to know why they didn’t tell anyone about the video clip on the internet. What? Each asks, having no idea what Felicia is talking about. CJ quickly steps up to the plate and admits he posted the clip. Rick is irritated that he used them only to promote his coffee shop. CJ doesn’t see the harm. Rick doesn’t have time to talk about it now he has got to get to work. Phoebe stays ,drinking coffee. With little effort Constantine tracks Phoebe down at Insomnia. Phoebe recognizes Constantine as being a celebrated producer and is star struck. So impressed by what he saw on the web clip Constantine is somewhat star struck himself. Placing a hand over his chest as if she took his breathe away he tells her “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you.”

Nick has not slept, he paced the floor thinking over all the facts that he ,alone, has uncovered. Taylor is worried about his obsession with Ridge being the guilty party. Being open minded Taylor tells Nick if she talks to Ridge face to face she will know in an instant if he is lying or holding something back. Stephanie and Ridge exchange updates from the night before. Stephanie pretends not to be worried about anyone learning the truth. But, she goes on to advise, Stephanie thinks it will be best if Ridge leaves town until everything blows over. Ridge is afraid that his leaving LA will cast suspicion. Stephanie doesn’t believe this to be true if he were to go to Paris where they are opening a boutique. Ridge agrees to go.

Taylor pops by to speak with ridge but finds Stephanie instead. Stephanie holds back ridge’s location until she learns why Taylor would want to speak with Ridge. Taylor and Stephanie rehash the same conversation they had the night before. Taylor this time is armed with Nick’s theories. Taylor watches very closely Stephanie’ body language and analyzes every word Stephanie says. When Stephanie senses Taylor is getting too close to the truth she changes the subject laying blame and guilt on Nick. Nick meets with Storm, bouncing what he has come up with to clear his name of the legal eagle. Nick wants to confront the police with the poor work they have done in this investigation. Storm isn’t so keen on the idea of pointing out the departments short-comings. Storm talks Nick into backing down and not pursuing the police so aggressively ;pointing out if they anger the department they will stonewall Nick, if this case makes it to court. Nick agrees to calm but he still wants to tell them what he knows. Storm gives his client the okay. Nick calls Lt. Baker to the house.

Taylor is solemn when she returns to the house moving slowly with a distance in her thoughts. Taylor has come around to understanding and believing what Nick has been trying to tell her. Nick listens as she tells him the she doesn’t have anything concrete but she knows Ridge killed Shane and Stephanie knows something. The door bells rings. Nick has an attitude with Lt. Baker when he opens the door. Lt. Baker doesn’t want to hear it and tells Nick to save it for the judge and jury. Taylor steps in with tears in her eyes. “I know who killed Shane McGrath. It wasn’t my husband , it was my ex-husband. Ridge Forrester.”

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