B&B Monday Update 5/14/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/14/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ashley is in complete disbelief about the accusations Nick is throwing at her about Ridge. Ashley does not make it a secret she is practically disgusted at what Nick is insinuating. Nick continues to try and convince Ashley of his case. Ashley slowly reveals the facts as she knows them surrounding the events that night. She was to have a date with Ridge, but a business emergency came up and Stephanie covered for ridge; with Ashley. Not wanting to betray her friends and possible future love interest Ashley is not willingly forthcoming with information. The more Nick speaks with Ashley the more he sees he is on the right track and presses her harder. Ashley becomes frustrated but does realize when having to face it that what has occurred during the time she was suppose to go on her first date with Ridge to the current has been bizarre. Revealing a bit more, Ashley goes on to admit she never saw ridge or knew what the business emergency was. She does explain, Ridge told her the following day that he was still troubled over losing Brooke and was not ready to date yet. That is why he couldn’t face her the night before when she came knocking at his office and was sent away by Stephanie. Nick has enough information for now and leaves Ashley’s house. After he leaves she thinks to herself and remembers the mysterious sound she and Stephanie heard the night of the “date that didn’t happen” . In shock from the memory Ashley begins to think Nick may be right. Ashley struggles with the memory.

Stephanie continues to argue with Taylor who is certain of her husbands innocence but does not follow his train of thought that Ridge is the guilty party. The women argue going in circles. Taylor becomes frustrated and asks Stephanie to leave. Stephanie continues speaking not acknowledging Taylor’s request for Stephanie to vacate the premises. Taylor realizes that Stephanie knows Nick is innocent but hates him enough she wants to see him go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Stephanie doesn’t deny she wouldn’t like to see Nick pay for “all that he has done” Taylor is so upset with Stephanie who claims to be her friend. Taylor tells Stephanie one last time that she doesn’t need a friend like her and opens the door for Stephanie. Taylor’s phone rings and she answers, it’s Nick. With the door between them Stephanie listens as Taylor learns that Nick had a productive visit with Ashley. Stephanie goes straight to Ashley’s house. Ashley is annoyed and doesn’t invite Stephanie in. Stephanie lets herself in and acts as if she is concerned for Ashley and Abbey. Ashley is annoyed that Stephanie just wormed her way in unwelcome. Stephanie asks about what Nick asked. Ashley is vague and distant when telling Stephanie. Stephanie appears to be upbeat and to be looking out for Ashley’s best interest. Ashley takes Stephanie by surprise when she asks her about the noise they heard that night in the lab. Stephanie pretends she doesn’t remember but Ashley is persistent ,and then all of a sudden, Stephanie’s memory is jogged. Stephanie sticks with the original story that it must have been the freight elevator. The more Stephanie speaks the more Ashley becomes suspicious about what she really knows concerning Shane’s death. Stephanie closes the conversation with one last caution, she advises, if Nick shows up again Ashley should not let him in.

Ridge works in his office remembering the tragic events the day of Shane’s accidental death. Haunted he is startled when Phoebe hesitantly stops by to talk. Phoebe fears that Ridge will be upset by what she has to say. Ridge listens intently as phoebe explains how she was called to Nick’s house under false pretences as she believed them to be. Phoebe goes on to tell how Nick began forcefully questioning her about when she saw Shane and her encounters with Shane as well as Shane’s visits to the office and Ridge’s involvement in visits, the boat, confrontations with Shane. Phoebe claims she didn’t know where he was going with the questions but now fears he pried information from her that he will use to try and incriminate ridge. Phoebe confides she thinks she was the last person to see Shane alive. Really? Ridge asks. Phoebe confesses that after Ridge kicked Shane out of the office the afternoon of the phone call Shane showed up after Ridge left the office for a few moments. Ridge comforts her and tells her not to feel guilty about Shane or Nick.

Phoebe isn’t gone no time before Nick surprises Ridge at his office. Nick is just as surprised to see Ridge working at the late hour. Not showing his surprise Nick claims he is there to find physical evidence in Shane’s death “now that I know where the shooting took place” Ridge (for once) isn’t shaken by Nick’s insinuations . Ridge calls his bluff but is sure that Nick will be spending the rest of his life in prison.

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