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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/11/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie declares to a pensive Ridge that he did the right thing. He can’t believe that. He stood in front of all those reporters and blamed a man he knows didn’t commit the crime. Stephanie charges that Nick’s comeuppance has been a long, long time overdue. She whispers for him not to talk about this anymore as there are eyes and ears everywhere. She wants him to put all of this behind him and get on with his life. She starts to share an idea when Ashley walks in. Immediately Stephanie goes into the not-so-subtle date arranger mode. Ridge asks about dinner tonight and Ashley has to decline because of a sitter for Abby. Ridge happily offers for dinner to be brought to her place.

Nick opens the door to Phoebe and invites her in. He informs her that he wants her to fill in some blanks as he is creating a timeline for Shane McGrath leading up to his death. And Phoebe was the last one on the boat. Taylor reinforces that Phoebe did nothing wrong, Nick just wants some information. Phoebe establishes that she left everything the way it was and of course she did not try to drive that huge boat anywhere. Okay, Phoebe spent the night on the boat and then left at what time the next morning? She replies around ten and that her dad had stopped by briefly to check up on her to make sure Shane didn’t try to follow her again from Insomnia. Nick is surprised to learn that Insomnia wasn’t the last place she saw Shane. He was at Forrester Originals later to see her dad.

Ashley lets Abby open the door to Ridge. They hit it off as he quizzes her about her family and now living in L.A. Ashley remarks that it looks like he brought a ton of food and he quips if she can’t go to Café Russe, then it will come to her. It’s past Abby’s bedtime so she has to toddle off and is soon fast asleep. She tells Ridge that her daughter keeps her sane and sometimes they handle change better than adults do. Ashley relates that it was nice of Felicia to rent the place to her. Ridge remarks that it was also best for Felicia to move into one of the guest houses, more of a support system. She agrees it’s important to rely on your family. She thinks he means about Brooke when he says he had to rely on his mother recently….he says yeah Brooke and other things. They toast to their anticipated first date. She shares that this is more and more like home and she’s looking forward to a new start. Hmm, he wonders if it’s something she is looking for or something she is running from? Coyly, she says a little of both, she has lots of stories. Blatantly, he asks if it’s about Victor Newman or Brad Carlton? When she answers no, he tells her he knows there was someone in her life. She remembers her time with Rick and tells Ridge there was someone, but it is over. He confesses it is not easy to move on with your life, but sometimes that is exactly what you have to do in order to survive.

Phoebe shares all the information she can remember. How Shane showed up at Forrester Originals, looking different….something about his eyes. He didn’t even look like Shane. He was there to convince her dad for an account, but then he started talking about them and their future and that one day he’d be able to give her everything she deserved. She admits it freaked her out since no one was there, so she asked him to leave. He did and she had called Security to make sure he did not get back into the building. Nick asks about her father, was he still there? Phoebe thinks he was somewhere in the building, but he didn’t come back to his office and she just wanted to get out of there and she left. Nick wonders if there is any chance that Shane and her dad ran into each other. She sees where this is heading and is shocked that Nick would suggest her dad had some involvement in Shane’s death. Nick reflects that he knows this is not easy for them, but he thinks it is something they need to hear. He justifies it by saying the police are trying to blame him for something he did not do, and when he looks at the people who could have been involved, Phoebe’s dad is at the top of the list. She argues and he spits back that they don’t know what kind of man Shane was. He lived on the streets. Did he have a gun? If he ran into Forrester, there could have been a struggle. Phoebe begs him to stop saying that, he’s wrong. Taylor agrees, he has no proof. Nick argues that he’s not saying Ridge actually pulled the trigger on purpose. They don’t know what happened, and that’s something she needs to know. He laments that her dad doesn’t like him….and he would let him hang for something that he did!

As they enjoy their wine, Ashley shares with Ridge that one of Abby’s cutest things is that she wakes at the crack of dawn and runs to the window to watch the dolphins swim by. She’s had to stop her from running to the beach a few times. Ridge grins that he guesses there aren’t many dolphins in Wisconsin right now? She’s glad he is beginning to relax a little more. He was a little wound-up before, what with Rick and Phoebe and the breakup with Brooke and then the death of Shane McGrath. He suggests they just not talk about it. He takes the glass from her hand and sits it down, and says they don’t have to talk about anything. She leans over their lips meet in a sweet, tender kiss.

Taylor has flashes of previous conversations when Nick told both her and Brooke that he was being set up for murder. They know the players involved. Don’t they think this has Stephanie written all over it? The police want to hang him, but he’s not going to sit around and wait for them to do their job. He states that he is stepping in and going to find out who did this, and right now everything points to Forrester. Stephanie comes a’calling and interrupts her thoughts. Taylor tells her Nick is not there and asks if they can’t do this another time? Stephanie walks on in and replies no, it can’t wait. She knows she has not been that supportive of her relationship with Nick. She stood back because of her respect for Taylor. But, she can not do that now. She urges her to end this with Nick now, before she gets sucked in any deeper. Taylor defends Nick by saying things might not be going real great right now, but that’s going to change. This whole bogus arrest is going to be shown up for what it is and they will on planning their life. Stephanie accuses her of being the martyr again. Taylor corrects her that it is called love, being committed in a marriage, no matter what. And she may already be pregnant. Stephanie hopes not.

Nick’s phone call interrupts the kiss. Ridge asks her not to take it, but she thinks she has to. Nick asks her not to give him away, don’t tell Ridge if he is there. He needs to talk to her. She advises him to make an appointment for tomorrow morning. He maintains it has to be tonight. She tells him again that she is sorry, he’ll have to call her assistant in the morning. She hangs up. Ridge tells her that he probably needs to go, it’s getting kind of late. She thanks him for the dinner. He thanks her. There are a lot of things that he has botched in his life recently, but this is one he’d like to get right. They kiss again goodnight. He gives her a backward glance as he walks out the door.

Taylor has no idea why them having a child should concern Stephanie. She says it’s because Nick might be facing a prison sentence. Taylor remarks that the police are wrong, he didn’t kill anyone and Nick will prove that. Stephanie gloats then they will just have to trust the fairness of the judicial system. Taylor says she guesses they will. Nick is a smart man. He already has his own lead. Stephanie wants to hear it, but Taylor says she is not discussing this with her. Stephanie insists that Taylor tell her anyway when she says she won’t like it. She gulps that is ridiculous when Taylor tells her that Nick thinks Ridge is responsible in some way. Stephanie gets huffy. She wants to know what this lead is and where is Nick right now? Where did he go? Taylor asks her what is her problem? Is there something she is not telling Taylor?

Ashley starts to put the wine glasses and supper leftovers away when the doorbell rings. She thinks it might be Ridge returning, only to find Nick on the other side. She tries to shut the door in his face, but he blocks it saying he only needs ten minutes. She gives him five. He comes in, she leaves the door open. He conveys that despite the charges against him, he didn’t do it. She says okay, he didn’t do it. How can she help him? He’s trying to clear his name and he thinks he can trust her. She thinks that odd, he doesn’t even know her. He divulges that she works at Forrester Originals and they have no bad history with each other. And it was the last place Shane McGrath was seen alive. He gives his theory that he was in Forrester’s office that night. Phoebe did see him in the building and asked him to leave. So Nick is just trying to find out if anyone actually saw him leave the building. Ashley says she didn’t, if that is what he is wondering. He questions her, did she see anything at all around 7 o’clock? He needs her to think. But she replies she is sorry, she doesn’t think she can help. He then asks if she saw Ridge leave the building? She wonders what he is suggesting? He confesses, “the truth?” She’s stunned when he says he thinks Shane McGrath was killed by the man she was with tonight. “I think he was killed by Ridge Forrester."

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